Phobus is a Third Generation Noble Titans created by the Old Ones in order to be the God of Fear a title of which he has held since his creation.

Phobus would be created during the Third Generation of the Titans and was the Titan child of Ares and Aphrodite, and throughout these early years he heavily assisted his father in the formation of the Twi'Lek and the maintenece of this early phase of the Titans on Earth. During the Titan Civil War Phobus would be beside his father Ares during the fighting, and took part in the Siege of Olympus and was one of the main commanders on the side of the Titans. Phobus would join many of his inner family when they went to Cathay and during this time Phobus would support his half brother Shangdu in the support of Yen Fang of whom he grew to have immense affection towards. Betrayed by Shangdu into being away from the capital during the ambush of Yen Fang it would be Phobus that led the forces of Cathay against the Chaos aligned forces of his half brother where he defeated Shangdu at the final battle of this conflict pushing Chaos out of Cathay.


Coming of the Old Ones

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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Rise of Yen Fang

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Family Members


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