Pictland Burning
Pictland Burning
Spin Offs None
Chronological Order
Preceded By Lands of Albion
Followed By None
Narration POV Character, Unreliable
Pictland Burning is a story formed from the Lands of Albion story which deals with the situation in the Prutan Empire.

Pictland Burning has five POV Characters in the form of BrunEithrig Fisher, Gil-Dohmall Lahmfada, Ni-Rose Faden, Tiobaid Mor Lewis, and MurAilrig Kinnon of which Eithrig is the secret child of Cuchalain Lahmfada and is being menipulated by many parties in order to release Lahmfada from his prison, while Dohmall is a prince of Pruta and is forced to deal with an ever expanding crisis in Pruta, while Rose is a princess of northern Pruta and fights against the rebellion of Clan Mackray and then the demons that came with them, Tiobaid is the clan leader of Clan Lewis and rebels against Pruta during the civil war and then deals with the aftermath of this, and finally Ailrig is a sworn sword in Clan Kinnon where he deals with the growing rebellion in the western Islands of Pruta.

POV Characters

Character Chapters
BrunEithrig Fisher 1, 6
Gil-Dohmall Lahmfada 2, 7
Ni-Rose Faden 3, 8
Tiobaid Mor Lewis 4, 9
MurAilrig Kinnon 5, 10

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

BrunEithrig Fisher is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 2

Gil-Dohmall Lahmfada is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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