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Polliver Grouillin is the son of Gohan, and Selensia Gouillin of which makes him a member of and the current Patriarch of House Grouillin. Polliver would come to be married to 

Polliver Grouillin would be out of his families estate when the forces of House Malfoy came to destroy his family, and the Malfoys had difficulty finding him leading to his survival. Polliver following the destruction of his families control in Westbridge would manage to escape with his wife and two children out of the city through the assistence of loyalist elements at the northern gatehouse, and moved his family to Heathfall.


Early History

Destruction of House Grouillin

Polliver Grouillin would be out of his families estate when the forces of House Malfoy came to destroy his family, and the Malfoys had difficulty finding him leading to his survival.


Polliver following the destruction of his families control in Westbridge would manage to escape with his wife and two children out of the city through the assistence of loyalist elements at the northern gatehouse, and moved his family to Heathfall.

Invasion of Westbridge

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Infiltration of Westbridge
This was a completely different way to fight a war. We had practiced it in Fairmarket, and to a certain extent again in the Riverlands, but it wasn't until Westbridge that I fully understood the scope of what we had learned.

Infiltration of Westbridge

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Wars had become two sides slugging at eachother and ninety percent of the time both sides took a lot of casualties while the side that won was the side that had more men. I wanted to make war a strategy, and to that end I was going to work tirelessly to make sure I killed as many possible while losing the least possible.
William Lovie III.

Before the actual invasion could be started, and two weeks before the forces of Lucerne begin marching northwards towards the land of House Malfoy, William Lovie got together with the Order of the Violet Dragon in order to change the way they were going to fight wars. William understood that the high walls, and formidable defenders meant that an attack would be met with heavy casualties and in order to continue expanding there was no way he could afford taking the casualites that would occur in a straight up siege. In order to bybass this he and the Order of the Violet dragon planned to use an incredibly high amount (the entire order) in order to assasinate key defenders that were not wanted after the siege, as well as to sabotage several sections of the defences as well. The plan called for also the infiltration of elements of the Order of the Green Dragon into the city for the purpose of cultivating relationships with those they might want in leadership positions after the battle.

Dran Arryn was responsible for turning the lands of his realm against the Malfoy's and was a backbone of the northern assault.

It was an entirely knew way of fighting wars, and one had to be completely on board of the style or you risked having your foot half in half out.
Ezio Ederiz

As the armies of Lucerne massed in the valley the Order of the Violet Dragon moved northward in their entire strength and silently over the course of a few days infiltrated the city of Westbridge. The Order already had sympathizers in the city as House Malfoy was extremely unpopular in Westbridge and as such it wasn't hard to find people that were loyal. With roughly a month before the army of Lucerne was to arrive the forces of the Order of the Violet Dragon went about changing schedules for the defenders so as to weaken sections of the wall. Those who it was planned to survive the conflict were basically given vacations on the day of the conflict so that they would not be caught up in the conflict. As well as this they begin setting up a rather sophisticated, and well equipped rebel army north of the city that was to be used by the Order of the Blue Dragon in order to facilitate their distraction north of the city. This force was headed by the realm of Heathfall which was led by the exile of Lucerne in the form of Dran Arryn. This force numbered in its thousands and would basically form the entirety of the northern assault alongside the Order of the Blue Dragon. Working alongside this army though was the army of Dowenshire of whom also was assisting thus bringing their numbers actually quite high. With the plan in place for the invasion of Westbridge, Edward and his wife Emmy were ordered to assail the northern watch and weaken its defences in preparation for what would be the nearly solo assault by the Order of the Blue Dragon. In order to do this they went about finding who was in command there and what the weakeness es of these commanders were. They discovered that Luke Labeouf was one of them and he was on the list of people that needed to be protected from harm. The other two commanders were painful failures which despite the best efforts of Luke he couldn't get rid of. The first man was lured in by Emmy Shephard and she killed him in the street making it look like a robbery. The second man was more difficult as he was constantly accompanied by a group of three hentchmen and they couldn't have anyone alerted to what was happening. With this in mind they began setting Luke up for protection.

Hiding Luke Labeouf
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During the lead up to the invasion of Westbridge Luke remained in charge of the northern gate of Westbridge, and it was during this time that he came to meet a man named Edward Shephard who met him over the course of every night at the local tavern. Each time they met this Edward man told Luke about the beauty of his home in Lucerne and the two grew closer as Edward's wife Emmy Shephard grew close to Luke's wife Stacey. This foursome friendship had happened quickly and on the day of the invasion Luke was suprised to find he had the time off for that day and since he was free Emma and Stacey made plans for the four of them. The plan was to take a boat onto the river and fish which all four enjoyed doing.

As the four reached far enough away from Westbridge Emmy, and Edward used potions to stun Stacey, and Luke and this caused Luke and Stacey to be uncontious floating in the boat during the course of the Invasion of Westbridge.

The Third Man
Movements of Morrigan
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Being the slave of a monster doesn't leave you much hope for doing good things with your life. It was maybe two months before William was to launch the Invasion of Westbridge when my whip called me. Flemeth told me that I should go to Bill Lovie and do whatever he wanted of me, and from what she was saying she wanted me to have Bill Lovie warn the Malfoys and lead to the destruction of William's plans. Little did I know Brooke that Bill Lovie wanted me instead to help his son.

With only a few months to go before William Lovie III. would lead the army of Lucerne into its massive suprise attaack on the city of Westbridge it would be Flemeth that called upon Morrigan and commanded that she go to Orleans and get orders from Bill Lovie. Flemeth heavily hinted that her belief was that Bill Lovie could be convinced to command Morrigan to travel to Westbridge and warn the defenders and while the Lucernian army was being destroyed at Westbridge Bill Lovie could lead an army of Orcs through the western pass and destroy the Valley of Lucerne. Morrigan instead would arrive at Orleans to find Bill Lovie commanding her to go to Westbridge and kill a group of Magi called the Vipers of whom he explained were a secret group within the Deatheaters of whom remained in Westbridge and would allow for Lord Voldermorte to return to the city. Not believing her ears she would quickly take these commands and after speaking to Bill Lovie about how William was she would make her way to Westbridge using her griffon, of which allowed her to reach Westbridge a few weeks before the Lucernian invasion of the city was to begin.

I forced the first man to tell me where the target was. Once I found this Viper I tortured him to find where the second Viper was. I watched the second man for nearly two weeks before finally killing him while William attacked the gates.

Morrigan would arrive in Westbridge and immediately go to find the first Deatheater she could in the form of a low level Deatheater of whom had been left behind by the Order of the Violet Dragon due to his drinking problem and lack of any real abilities in Magi. Seducing him at the tavern she took to what she said was her place, but in fact was nothing more then an abandoned house she had placed charms on to make it so no sound got out. Questioning him revealed the location of the first Viper, and despite telling him that she would let him go if he revealed who the Viper was she would kill him leaving his body in the house without a second thought. The Viper was revealed to be taking on the role of a servant in the House Malfoy estate and thus Morrigan would manipulate the head of the servants of House Malfoy into giving her a job with the servants as well and in this role she would discover he slept in the basement. Not waiting for night she would go into the basement finding him praying out loud to Lord Voldermorte and without even a word to him she knocked him on the back of the head putting him unconscious. Waking up twice more and having Morrigan knocking him out each time finally night would come and she dragged him to the shore of the House Malfoy estate where she put him into a small boat and rowed them out into the water. Summoning mist to her side and once again placing noise suppression charms about the boat she would torture him for two days on board the boat until finally he gave up the location of the other Viper still in the city of whom she discovered was playing the part of a guardsmen at the main gatehouse.

Final Moments

Invasion of Westbridge

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Invasion of Westbridge
The Fall of Westbridge would shake the entire continent to its core.
Benjamin Ordos.jpg
This would be the first time that William my king and best friend told me I was so important that I needed to be on my own. I didn`t take it as an insult because it didn`t seem like anything but a sign of how much he needed me.
Edward Cullen

As the Invasion of Westbridge was being planned it was always clear that one of the largest and most daring of the sections of the Invasion of Westbridge was the fact that a large part of the overall invasion relied on the attack on the northern section of the city of Westbridge by the Order of the Blue Dragon. The Order of the Blue Dragon had built itself to a level where it now had four hundred trained Magi of which were all grouped into sections of the Order each with specific goals in mind. Unlike the rest of the Army attacking Westbridge the Order of the Blue Dragon left for Westbridge the day after William ordered their part of the invasion. A small group of Conjuration Magi left quickly and when they arrived a week later they summoned a portal from which the entire Order of the Blue Dragon managed to make themselves through as the portals of Magi allowed those with the ability to touch the Fade to enter through them. The fact that they were so far ahead of the rest of the force meant that they had more time to prepare themselves for the coming attack.

Milord Cullen our scouting has been an amazing success. The northern defenses are weaker then we could have ever hoped due to the manipulation of the Violet Dragons. With the forces of Heathfall and the other Thedian rebels we can take the defenses with ease.
Benjamin Ordos

While the Azure Lords planned things out they had the Illusion Lord in the form of Benjamin Ordos scout out the inside of the northern Gate alongside the members of his Illusion Faction. Over the course of several days the Illusion Magi were able to scout out the entire northern section and from this they were able to discover the large weaknesses that existed in its defenses. Where there were strong points they pushed this information towards the Order of the Violet Dragon who were then able to silently remove certain guards from duty through killing, or capturing them and hiding them in secret locations.

The Other Dark Lord

Lord Voldermorte.jpg
I was in Hogwarts in the days before that monster destroyed the city. He was power beyond which we can truly comprehend. We cannot overstate the fact that if he is here he could possibly win the battle on his own. If he arrives we may lose. Our failure would doom thousands of our people to death. Failure is not an option.
Edward Cullen

Voldermorte had already been heavily talked about by high command but the main problem was that everyone just said that he needed to be driven away and that was fine and good but the problem of actually getting him away from the region north of the city was the difficult part. It was learned from the Order of the Green Dragon of whom had spies within Voldermortes ranks that the Dark Lord enjoyed staying north of the city where he continuously used his Magi powers to pester the ally of Hogwarts in the Kingdom of Dowenshire. This meant that he was not actually inside Westbridge but at that range he would be close enough that he would be able to reach Westbridge in a matter of less then a day which would not give the Order of the Blue Dragon enough time to secure the northern Gate in case something went wrong. In order to drive him away from this place it was devised that the Order of the Blue Dragon would work alongside the Order of the Green Dragon, and the rebels that had been founded by the Order of the Violet Dragon in order to push information to Tom Malfoy that Hogwarts was planning on creating an alliance with several of the regions small kingdoms in order to destroy

Morrigan Corupts

Morrigan Large1.jpg
It took her telling me to make me see what she had been doing. I had thought she had just wanted to travel northward so she could be with me, but the truth was much darker. Her goals were filled with lies, and thats all I see when I look at her now.
Lucas Scott

Following the capture of Westbridge it was Morrigan that made her way northward from Tree Hill and waited north of where Lucas was camped waiting for him to travel northward as she knew he would. Morrigan would find herself crying on the road waiting for Lucas, as she had been commanded to infiltrate the Lucernian camp and get close to William Lovie III. where she would then kill him. She did not want to do this, but her control over herself was still weak as the coruption had only been somewhat drained by Odin, and thus she believed she would be forced to do this act no matter what she actually wanted to do. Lucas had been placed in an inferior role to his brother now that the siege was over, and he attempted to help with meetings but he was told he was uneeded, and thus he was basically just gaurding the camp east of the town. When he grew tired of garrisoning Westian he would take a small troop of soldiers and make his way northward where he located Morrigan along the road waiting for him. She would join him, and used her Magi to make him convinsed as to why she was coming northward, and why she was waiting for him. Morrigan would speak to him during this trip northward about the happenings in Tree Hill, and she would openly lie to him when he asked her how his sister was doing.  Arriving at the Lucernian main army camp south of Westbrige she would pull him towards where she could feel Edward Cullen was, as she enacted the next step of her plan.

She was holding my hand, and then like lighting it was gone. Her hand bolted from mine the moment we got into range of Edward Cullen. I hated him in that moment, as I thought she was interested in him romantically. I should have warned him, but my jelousy made me childish
Lucas Scott

Inside the camp Morrigan would quickly find Edward, and she used the coruption she had been using against Lucas to make Lucas convinse Edward to spend time with Morrigan. For Lucas he had no idea why he was doing what he was doing, but he was helpless to stop the words that flowed from his mouth. Leaving behind a nearly comotose Lucas Scott Morrigan would walk with Edward of whom she attempted to persuade to get him to take her to meet with William. Edward himself powerful in Magi he was found himself feeling the desire to listen to her, and would take her into Westbridge proper, all the while the two being followed closely by Lucas. Edward was able to easily bypass all the checks and other gaurds that stood before the king, and got to his location in the main keep of Westbridge where he was finally stopped by Jasper Hale, and Leven Martell.

House Lovie.jpg
The Rise of Lucerne
I saw the destruction of the world, and knew I had to stop it. There was nothing left to do but become bigger then everyone else. The Empire was never going to be the beacon the world needed it to be. Westros was on fire. The Bretonians had reached for the stars and been burned. And the old shadow of Numeron was fading far too quickly. It was left to us in Lucerne to change the fate of all those who wished to reject darkness. We were the last hope for a world who had long since given up on believing.

I could just see Edwards back, but everything about his stance told me that the moment he saw Jasper he had grown weak. The golden armor of Jasper made him look angelic, but the look on his face when he saw Edward was more demonic. The two were supposed to be best friends, and thus seeing him looking at Edward with such distain wasn`t something I expected.

``What brings you here Edward.`` There was such Malice in his voice that the reason behind it must be bad. You don`t speak with that level of hate, unless the true reasoning for it is something beyond just a simple argumement.

``Jasper please. The King wishes for you and Edward to remain civil, please do not make this uncomfortable for our guest.`` She said the guest part as a question wanting Morrigan to anwser who she was.

``I am Morrigan of the Order of the Blue Dragon, and my friend Edward here was taking me to meet the King.`` Jasper clearly didn`t like this and stopped looking at Morrigan and turned towards Edward.

``I`m sorry Leven but how am I to remain calm in his presence when he brings strangers to see the king. I am sorry Lady Morrigan but I know nothing of you, and here you stand prepared to meet the King of the Valley.`` Edward remained unmoving, and I felt bad for him as I watched him. The Edward I had met earlier had been like the Edward I had met when he was with the army that had relieved us in Tree Hill, and just like then he was confident, and personable. He wasn`t this weakened man that I saw now with shoulders slumped looking asleep while standing.

``Lord Hale it has been a dream of mine since the kings heroic saving of Tree Hill to meet him. I promice you that I mean you no harm.`` Jasper didn`t smile just sort of stopped moving for a moment. He looked briefly pale as he stood motionless, and Leven looked at him wondering just like I was why he was standing so still, and then before Leven could say anything he shook his head and became remade.

``I believe...I know you say that milady but there are lots of things that many people would say to try and get close to the king. That is why we do not let random people meet him at random times. If you wish to see him then make arrangements to do it when we have returned to Lucerne. But now it is...``Jasper telling Morrigan to leave was interupted by the tent opening to reveal William in soft black armor. Nothing like the golden dragon armor that he had worn into battle this armor was clearly meant as a sort of stylized protection while he was not in battle.

``Edward it is great to see you.`` He smiled at his friend for a moment waiting for him to speak but when he didn`t William went to speak again but was interupted by Morrigan.

``Your grace it is...your grace it is an honor to finally meet you in person.`` William looked away from the still silent Edward and rested his hand on Morrigan`s shoulder.

``Please milady rise. You are Morrigan of the Blue Dragon I have heard through the thin walls of this room.`` He looked over at Jasper clearly proving that he had heard the argueing between the two, and Jasper smiled briefly before returning to his stoic face of no emotion.

``I had not meant to cause this level of problems my grace, I had just always wished to meet you in person and thank you for all you had done for the people of Tree Hill, and if I may say. All the things you did for me when you saved Tree Hill.``

``You were in Tree Hill during the siege.`` I didn`t blame him for not knowing every soul he had saved in that city. The ruins of Tree Hill were just so large, that it hid the fact that so many had been still inside all those years. All manner of people had fought there way together during that time, and Morrigan was just another shadow on the wall as the city burned around us all.

``I was your grace.`` She said it with a softness, and even from this far I felt her pain. Her family was non-excistent to me, but she had never mentioned losing anyone during the siege, or even having anyone. Her mystery became in this moment very real, and I wondered why I had never asked her before.

``A terrible thing that happened there, and I must apologize that it took me so long to undue the damage that should have never happened.``

``For a few minutes of your time all is forgiven your grace.`` He laughed along with Leven as she said it, and then despite the glares she was getting by Jasper he waved her in followed by Leven and then Morrigan followed in behind. After Jasper shut the door behind Morrigan I watched as he called two more gaurds to stand at the door, and then walked away followed behind by Edward of whom walked with more raised shoulders now.

Morrigan Gif Evil.gif

Morrigan, and the more hidden Lucas Scott would watch on as Edward was berated by Jasper Hale for his reasoning in bringing Morrigan there despite her unknown nature and the fact that she was a Magi. Edward had little explanation as he had been tricked using Magi to let her come, but Morrigan did her best to explain her reasoning making Jasper understand that she was a member of the Order of the Blue and just wanted to meet her king. Jasper was despite her attempts of Magi menipulation utterly unable to be corupted shocking Morrigan, and just as she was about to be sent away William came out and told Morrigan to come inside. Jasper pulled Edward aside, while Morrigan followed Leven and William into the old throne room of Westbridge. Lucas Scott would from this point on begin to hyperventilate, and fell through a window into a room nearbye where he would begin to have visions through the eyes of Morrigan. 

My King the time has come for us to finally meet. I have waited many years to see you, and now that I am hear the purpose for my originaly meeting escapes me. Its a funny thing meeting idols. Meeting people you admire. By the time you finally see them you forget what you wanted to say in the first place.

Morrigan now in the room alone with William, and Leven she begin to hear terrible whisperings in her mind from Flemeth of whom begin to try and conjure a dagger in her hand so that she could assasinate William. As the whisperings begin to get through to her she felt her hand forming a dagger, but as that begin to happen another voice begin whispering to her in the form of Odin of whom was able to push away the presence of Flemeth and free her from this mission and thus saving William. Without the coruption Morrigan became herself in that moment and spent the time getting to know her great great nephew. William would be captivated by her kindness, and Leven would also come to like her during this conversation, and William gave her an invitation to come stay with them at Lucerne and act as a sort of steward to them for the Order of the Blue.

Family Members


Dran Arryn

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