House Galerius

Publius Galerius is the son of two members of House Galerius making him a member of House Galerius. Publius Galerius has three siblings in the form of Caeso, Flavia, and Sestia Galerius of which his son Caeso is the lord of House Galerius following the death of Cnaeus and unlike his other siblings he has maintained his loyalty to the Order of Jupiter, while Flavia would marry into an aristocratic family on Sardinia where House Galerius would flee to following the sacking of Rome, and finally Sestia would join her father in turning away from the Order of Jupiter but unlike her father was far more outspoken leading to her murder during the Sacking of Rome.

Publius Galerius would leave Rome following the confrontation between his father and Gaius and would be sent with Gaius as a means for his father to show loyalty to the more loyalist faction and also silently to protect his son of whom was his most beloved child. Cnaeus Galerius would attempt to flee Rome following his discovery that the Sacking of Rome was going to go ahead of time due to the intervention of Gaius Glabo but he would betrayed by his son Caeso of whom murdered him while he was boarding a boat before himself fleeing to Sardinia where House Galerius under Flavia Galerius had consolidated their power base.


Early History

Sacking of Rome

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