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Raymond Suchet is the son of Edourd, and Micheline Suchet making him a member of and the long time lord and patriarch of House Suchet.

Raymond Suchet would join forces with the forces of James Lovie II. following the Berne Civil War where he had lost control of the city of Epitou to a rebel force led by his brother, and this would change the momentum of the war. With the Kingdom of Lucerne now on his side he would break the rebel forces at Epitou and retook control of the city killing his brother, and then following this victory he aligned himself further to James when he swore an oath of loyalty to James bringing Epitou into the Kingdom of Lucerne. Raymond Suchet would be forced to bring an increasing number of Orcs into the fold as he lost more and more control of Epitou to his sons rebel forces, and this led to the rise of Ugakk Bloodcrumpa who allowed into the Valley of Berne by Raymond beginning amassing thousands of Orcs to his ranks. Raymond Suchet would be placed in command of the defense of the Valley of Berne when it was clear the Kingdom of Lucerne was going to invade, and he spent months preparing the defenses including raising thousands of men to fighting ranks and bringing in thousands of Orcs from outside the Valley.




Early History

Invasion of Berne

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The Invasion of Berne
We have secured the Valley. It is now time to end this war.
Kieth Shwartz1
The Valley is ours in every way that matters. My brother is hiding in Berne, and until we root him out and bring justice to him, this war shall not end.
William Lovie III.

Return of Dylan Steinmare

I'm sorry for what I did to you Dylan. The blame lies with me. You were just trying to help me.
Alice Lovie

With the planning stage moving forward it was Alice Lovie who having been given time to really digest how she had reacted to Dylan Steinmare that would begin thinking of making things right.

Fall of Les Toulione

Battle of Chambery

The Battle of Chambery would become a disaster for the True Sons when a large portion of the defences led by the Knights of Chambery would change sides joining with Lucerne thus allowing the Lucernians to land their forces inside the city.

Battle of Le Bouchage

Battle of Les Aveniere

Blocking Berne

Battle of Epitou

Family Members


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