Reese Munitz
Reese Munitz
is the son of Walter, and Sharon Muntiz making the patriarch of House Munitz, and a very influencial figure in Dresdan. Reese has three siblings in the form of Hert, Tom, and Amelia of which his brother Hert was executed after Reese believed he was the sourse of a coup against his power base, while his sister Amelia died during birth, and her brother Tom has become important due to his marriage to his wife which has led to his daughter becoming the future Queen of Lorraine.

An extremely coniving man he has spent his entire life attempting to restle control over Dresdan, and he unlike most of his predecors has decided the only way to achieve this is with the destruction of the other two families. Reese Munitz is especially close to his oldest son Reese Munitz II. and this close relationship has caused him to move into some dangerous areas with House Munitz.


Early History

Reese Munitz was actually not born in Dresdan but instead was born in the city of Aldorf after his father feared for his mother's life and so sent her to the relative safety of the Empire city of Aldorf . Only 2 years after his birth his mother was killed in a suspicious accident that his paranoid father believes was the work of assasins sent by the rival families of Dresdan.

Reese then spent the majority of his early life in Aldorf, and only returned when the day came that he could wield a sword in his own defence. At this point his paranoid father allowed he and his siblings to return to the city.

The Game Begins

When Reece reentered his ancestoral homeland, he found that his paranoid father was in some ways correct about the scheming that went on in Dresdan. During his first two years in Dresdan there were three assasination attempts against him, and his first wife Glamilla was killed in the final attempt. Following this he began to exhibit many of the personality traits that had haunted his father in his waning years.

Five years into his return in Dresdan, his father died peacefully in his sleep. The growing paranoia in Reese Munitz told him that his older brother Hert was planning a coup against his succession to Lord. Even though this was completely not true Reece had his older brother quartered and then hung on the ancestoral cemetary of House Munitz.

Lord of Dresdan

Dresdan Market Massacre

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Reese Munitz II.

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