Reimer Von Nadelman
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Reimer Von Nadelman is the son of Raden, and Jeltsen Nadelman making him a member of House Nadelman through his father and a member of House Stienstra through his mother.

Following Reimer completing the Silithian Ritual of strength he would travel back to Arenske and live with Georgina's family while he waited for his father to return from what he believed was a raiding mission in the south. While living with Georgina's family full time he and Georgina came to fall deeply in love and as there relationship became sexual she would discover that she was pregnant and with this news coming out the village had a celebration which would be interrupted by the arrival of a hundred heavily armed members of the Rhaetian Silithian Order. The soldiers would put the village under arrest and then reveal that they were there to lead Reimer in his Ritual of Sacrifice and led by his father he was given the command to execute his pregnant lover Georgina in order to pass the test and take another step down the road of the Silithian Order.




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