The Relationships of Ellen Page are those relationships of importance to Ellen Page.


Michael Cera

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I was a broken person beyond which anyone should have accepted. But he did. He saw my flaws and didn't look away Taylor. His love is the kind of love that you need to find. And if you've found it Taylor then that is all that matters. I wouldn't give up Michael for anything in this world.
Ellen Page

Michael Cera and Ellen Page first met when Michael travelled to the Great Temple of Lucerne on the request of William Lovie III. She would be placed in charge of teaching him Dragonoph, and as they read and and she taught him its ways he was increasingly impressed with this girl. Unlike the other ladies he had met in his life he begin to fall in love with her, and she was at this point just recovering from the brutal rape and imprisonment by Sean Lovie, and Michael was the first person that she told about the event in its entirety, and although neither realizes who did it he was there for her in a way she had never had before then.


Taylor Swift

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 Arwine Blount

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Laurane Blount

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Sean Lovie

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Sean Lovie - New
Look me in the eyes girl. I'v broken more girls then you could ever imagine, so when you look at me with though strong eyes remember that. Look at me and remember that in this very room I will destroy you. I will take everything from you. I will do all that until the moment comes that you give me what I fucking want.
Sean Lovie

Sean Lovie and Ellen Page first came to meet when Sean Lovie saw her while she was visiting the Kings Keep with her family, and he was enamored by the innocent look of her face. Stalking her for days he finally caught her when she went south of Lucerne to a vineyard with two guards. Killing the two guards he would kidnap her and take her to a forest cave he had turned into his homebase, and there proceeded to torture her for hours. Preparing to kill her he found her eyes without fear and her saying Dragonoph prayers and all of this made him hate her to the point that he he planned to break her. Showing her two other girls in the form of Roslin Reyne, and Sophia Faraday he forced her to watch as he broke the two girls and eventually killed them but despite weeks of torture she never surrendered. It was at this point that he returned to Lucerne overcome with rage and lust and nearly raped Alice leading to his near death at the hands of William. Ellen managed to escape using a weapon that Sean had left on the ground in his rage filled exit of the cave, and returning to Lucerne she told noone of the attack, but begin preparing for her own defence when she started training in swordplay with several Dragonoph Knights of which one of in the form of Michael Cera would become a close friend.

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