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The Relationships of Ezio Ederiz are those Relationships that are important to the Dragon Assassin Ezio Ederiz.

Best Friends

Benjamin Bradfoot

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Close Friends


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Adopted Children

While Ezio Ederiz would not engage in any real romantic relationship in his life following his arrival in Lucerne he come to over the years view several people as his children and acted tirelessly to keep them safe and help them.

William Lovie III.

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Edward Shephard

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Emmy Shephard

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Bill Lovie

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Your father was not worthy of being king. From the first moment I met him I knew there was something wrong with him, and it sadly only got worse with time. He had one redeeming quality though...He had led me to you. He gave me purpose where once there was nothing. I think him for that.
Ezio Ederiz

Ezio Ederiz and Bill Lovie would first meet when Ezio arrived in Lucerne on the command of his superior in the form of Sayden Ah-Salemi of whom had been hired by Bill Lovie to protect William Lovie III. Ezio upon arrival was not impressed with the king as he was proven correct in his briefing that the king was quite mad, but he was impressed with the young prince William Lovie III. of whom while showing signs of depression and narcissism he would also be shown to be extremely intelligent and kind with those around him.


Sayden Ah-Salemi

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Sean Lovie

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