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Leven Martell's Relationships are those relationships that are important to Leven Martell.


William Lovie III.

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There was just something about him that draws you in. It was past the appearances and the standing life. It was just that you looked in his eyes and saw hope. Where so often life was filled with dispair and a feeling that nothing would work out. He managed to make you forget all your problems and just believe in something. I continued to believe in that feeling long after I realized it wasn't going to be us in the end.
Leven Martell

Leven Martell attended the Lucernian Academy and when she arrived there her sister was in her last year which meant the two close sisters were very similar when they both were at school together. This mean that for her first year Leven was a determined student and was constantly attempting to get better at fighting, and during the last months of her fist year in the academy she grew close to William Lovie, and Jasper Hale. This closeness at first was mainly with Jasper but after he became entranced by a number of other girls Leven and William became closer. She was drawn in by his kindness, and looks but eventually she came to be driven closer by a feeling she got when she was around him. She had never felt safer then when she was with him, and in her loneliness he gave her a constant reprieve. What started as the two simply training together in fencing became a sexual relationship that spilled into every fabric of their lives. Before long they were barely even fencing, as she was becoming more obsessed with the way that he made her feel, and for him her innocence and kindness made him forget a moment the person he was becoming.

She was intrigeuing and so innocent. She was just like Amber was in so many ways. A girl with a beautiful heart that I never even took a second to look at.
William Lovie III.

This was during the time when Britney Hemsworth was still in the picture and thus William was a very wild young man with little control over himself, and when he met Leven he was quickly able to seduce the buaetiful and intelligent but still naive young girl into his bed. During this period she was one of the main girls that he was with and she when her sister left she became even more emotionally involved with William, and this continued even during the chaotic days that came about when Britney Hemsworth lost the affection of William. Britney and Leven came to fight eachother on several occasions at school as the two girls fought over the affection of William who was at this point moving on to Amber Heard II. of whome he would become actually emotionally involved.

There had been so many moments where I thought we might happen, and it just never did. Moments of near kisses. Moments of near intimate encounters. All of it just seemed so far away that when he came to me I was barely ready for the real thing.
Leven Martell


Best Friends

Alys Vaith

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Leven had a kindness that struck me from the first time we met. It didn't matter if we weren't able to go horseback riding everyday anymore, she would still be my best friend till the end.
Alys Vaith

Leven Martell, and Alys Vaith first became friends when their parents arranged to have them paired together in order for the two young ladies to have companionship. The two came to bond heavily over a shared love for riding horses near Sunspear at first, and they did this without the okay of their parents of whom they had tricked and lied to believing that they were in love with lady like things like sewing and reading. It was when they were twelve that everything changed due to the fact that Alys heard about a tournament happening in Nortburg, and the two girls would convince their father through the assistence of Leven's uncle Oberyn that they should be allowed to go and watch it. Going together with Oberyn, and Wilheim Martell the two girls would fall in love with the environment of the tournament, and Oberyn would tell Leven, and Alys stories of the capital, and they fell in love with the capital as well. When they returned to Sunspear they were both able to convince their parents about the importance of going to the Lucernian academy, and this would come to fruition at the age of fourteen when they both went to the Lucernian Academy. Living together there for years Alys fell in love with Luca Rosby the heir to House Rosby, and at the same time Leven was falling deeply in love with William, and Alys openly was basically the only person that told Leven it might not be wise to get so romantically attached to the prince.

Corina Percy

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Desmera Bardwyn

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Quintus Pleminus

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Oberyn Martell II.

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Leven you need to look around you and see how beautiful all of this is. There are problems on this day, but your father goes to a better place now. He was my brother and I loved him more then nearly anyone, and I know in my heart that this is not the last time I shall see him. Know that once your time comes I believe we shall all be together again, and in that moment your father won't be burdened anymore by pain. He will know peace at last. He will know the world as he once did. Hold that close to you sweetheart.
Oberyn Martell to Leven Martell

Leven and Oberyn Martell were not especially close while she was young as he was constantly away, and when he did return home for his brief times she was in Lucerne at the Academy. Their relationship grew after his return for good during the days following the Journey, and during this time as her father got sicker and sicker, she came to look at her uncle as a father of sorts. Oberyn would knight her for her valor during the Journey, and together he joined her in swearing his oaths to the King of Lucerne as he was the new Grand Lord of House Martell as his brother Doran had secretly stepped down with only a select few knowing how close to death Doran truly was. Oberyn worked alongside Leven Martell to have his bastard daughters turned into a bastardy Knightly Order and this was the final element to the true growth of their relationship. Oberyn Martell would be convinsed by Leven to journey again and this led to Oberyn travelling to Bolten where he led the Martell forces into the attack on Karhold.

Close Friends

Alwine Heitmann

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Jasper Hale

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He always made me feel at home in the group even if from the outside I looked out of place. If he thought I was he never voiced any critism and for that I will always thank him.
Leven Martell