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Return of Darkness
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Preceded By The Rise of Lucerne
Followed By Westros (Book)
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The Return of Darkness is the fourth story of the New World series, and continues the story line of the world and is one of the core stories inside the overall Valley of Lucerne Series. The story describes the situation for the Kingdom of Lucerne following the capture of vast lands and peoples the Valley of Lucerne but as it settles in for a peaceful time, its the forces of darkness that threaten to return and end this peace.

The Return of Darkness starts with the aftermath of the Invasion of Westbridge and the consequences that have come about for the region following its collapse to the Kingdom of Lucerne.

POV Characters

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POV Character Chapters
William Lovie III. 1
Lucas Scott 2
Jon Snow 3, 9
Alice Lovie 4, 12
Edward Cullen 5
Brooke Scott 6, 16
Hedrik Clegane III. 7
Leven Martell 8
Tyrek Lannister 10
Lucie Lovie 11
Hermione Granger 13
Franklin Brent IV. 14
Saiden Scarlet 15
Ezio Ederiz 22
Marcel Lovie II. Prologue

Births and Deaths

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Plot Summary

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Chapter 1

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 2

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he travels northward where he stops briefly at Westian and hears from Jack Shephard how disastrous the attack went with large sections of the town still on fire and three noble houses all but wiped out on the side of the defenders. He meets briefly with Elize Scorpian and Evin Scoprian of whom are holding a girl and carry her away, of whom was actually Maryl Gripper the lone survivor of House Gripper. Moving on from this with Morrigan they go to Westbridge where he meets with Edward Cullen in the large Lucernian camp south of the city. Meeting there Edwrd and Morrigan meet as equal members of the Order of the Blue Dragon and using her charisma she convinses him to introduce her to the King in William. During the walking to see William Edward lets slip to Lucas that Brooke is coming northward to see William, while Bella was remaining in Lucerne.

Chapter 3

Jon Snow is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he recieves word from his father and brother that the main leadership of House Starke will be remaining in Westbridge for some time and that Catelyn and many wives may come northward to visit them, but the younger children should remain behind with Jon as the road is not safe enough for children. Jon Snow during this chapter recieves a letter form Jeor Mormont at the southern wall of which details the fact that the Wildlings north of the wall are being brutalized and are forming forces trying to break through and get south for protection. Armies of Whites have been seen approaching the wall but each time they are pushed back by the defenders of the wall, but the most recent attack they suffered casualties as the White Walkers were able to get close enough to somehow summon dead back to life on the southern side of the wall.

At the end of the chapter he recieves word that the main Lannister force has returned and he goes to meet them at Lannistane where he will be the first to tell them what Joffrey Lannister has done.

Chapter 4

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter Alice greets William of whom has returned from Westbridge at the head of the main section of the Kingdom of Lucerne army. Alice and William argue heavily over the fact that rumors are beggining about Brooke Scott, and it will only be a matter of time until these rumors begin about her children. During this conservation he reveals to her his feelings for Brooke, and he admits to fathering both of her children. Alice during this conversation warns him that despite the earlier warning not to try and assassinate Bella she is once again becoming targeted by Brooke. Alice is told by her handmaiden Adela Aven that a letter has arrived for her from her old friend Seri-Relisia Terrick and opening the letter she reads that Relisia is on her way to Lucerne and plans to spend several days in the city visiting the Temples of Glaurung but hopes to see Alice and William. Alice at the end of the chapter reveals to Bella Swan that she is pregnent and tells Bella the truth that the baby is not Jaspers but Dylan's as she hasn't slept with Jasper in months, and on times where he thinks they are she has been drugging him and then lying about what happened.

Chapter 5

Edward Cullen is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he is approached by his cousin Gemma Cullen of whom shows him a letter she has recieved from Medivh one of the Lorderon Magi of the Kirin Tor. Edward speaks to William of whome tells him that he has permission to leave for this mission but must be very careful. Edward makes the plan of pretending it is a Dragonoph mission and thus has Taylor Swift mass a large group of Dragonoph priests and travel with them to Lorderon. While in Lucerne on the advise of Hilary he goes to see the Steinmare's of whom agree to the arrangement, but after being attacked by Dylan Steinmare over the death of Hostella Hale he doesn't tell them the threat they will find in Lorderon and instead makes them believe it is in fact a religious meeting. Travelling to Brill he is able to recruit Taylor Swift as she was already sent word by William of whom commanded her to follow Edward, and while this is happening she tells him about the romantic drama between herself and the Hirshe's and thus she is shocked when they are invited alongside her enemy in Anna Kednrick.

Chapter 6

Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she thinks back on her time in Westbridge with William and then back to reality. She spends more and more time with Morrigan of whom is revealed to be the one taking her to businesses that are known for poisons but Brooke doesn't know this and continues to go with Morrigan believing her friend.

Chapter 7

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he travels alongside the king and many others to the Port of Stormwind where they meet with several Frey's of whom wish to open up more communication between the two. Hedrik decides alongside William that he will travel alongside the Order of the Green Dragon to the Frey's Island, and William has Franklin Brent join them as well. Rachel Wood comes with him, and after he arrives on the Island of Frey he visits the Blue Forks which are going to be the site of the Lucernian embassies and he finds that the members of House Darenford are very hateful towards the Frey's for the death of Amerie Darenford and the fact that there was basically no apology for this event or understanding of why. Hedrik stays for several weeks as the Darenford's expand the embassy in the area, and then finally says goodbye when he is sure about their safety. Travelling backwards he meets Franklin Brent in the Orange Forks and the two speak briefly before Hedrik leaves to return to Lucerne and report back.

Chapter 8

Leven Martell is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter she travels to Tree Hill with William Lovie of whom is going to basically say goodbye to Brooke realizing that he can't be the cause of all this pain for his family. Arriving there she cannot help but be nearbye when William and Brooke speak and she is shocked when the two make love as he says goodbye to her. Leaving the city he begins crying to Leven and she holds him close to her realizing in that moment that any hope for another lover are gone for her and she accepts being alone but having William in this way.

Chapter 9

Jon Snow is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he is

Chapter 10

Tyrek Lannister is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he returns to Castamere with his family where they are rewarded with many terrible news. In the east Joffrey Lannister has turned on the Grand Lord of the eastern state and sacked their seat, while in Castamere Tommen Lannister was nearly murdered by assassins who having been tortured revealed they had been paid by Tywin Lannister. Following Jamie as he goes to confront his father he is the only one capable of stopping Jamie when he attempts to kill Tywin in front of Eddard Starke and several other high level nobles.

Chapter 11

Lucie Lovie is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter her mother leaves again but takes the chest with her thus making Lucie unable to look into it further, but she becomes extremely busy when she spends more time with Natalie Portmane, and Chris Hemsworth of whom are overjoyed when Natalie's brother (and silently Lucie's uncle) Jamie Hemsworth arrives in Fornost after a long trip north to see them. Visiting with Jamie she and he grow close, and despite knowing the risks of revealing her identity she gets more information from Jamie before he is forced to leave. At the end of the chapter her mother returns, and when she returns the chest to her room and goes to meet with Chris Lucie gets inside her room and using the key she stole off of Britney is able to get inside the chest. Finding all the letters she had sent to her father she is horrified by the lies her mother is telling her, and gathers all the letters before leaving her mother's room.

Chapter 12

Alice Lovie is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter and she travels alongside Michelle Trachtenburg and Robb Starke of whom accompany her into the Riverlands where she is to marry Seth Green in order to tie in more of the relationship. Alice discusses with her the relationship that she has kept so secret in Steven Lane and the pain she feels over not being able to be with him. Alice's pregnecy reaches the point that she is forced to admit it, and hiding beneath large clothing cannot hide it anymore, and thus she returns to Lucerne planning to tell William, but discovers on the way back that something terrible has happened and she needs to return with more haste.

Chapter 13

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she continues to wait in what appears to be the throne room of sorts for Bill Lovie, and while waiting she continues to see the near constant shrines to William Lovie III. of whom she knows to be the King of Lucerne. While waiting Mathias Peltier arrives and speaks briefly with Hermione telling her to be careful as she does not know what she is getting into in Orleans, but despite this warning she knows that she cannot listen to this and thus sits back down and continues to wait for Bill Lovie. After twenty or so minutes Mathias returns from the room and is followed behind by a man wearing a giant crown of whom she knows immediatly must be BIll Lovie and introducing herself he is soft spoken and agrees to meet with her, and she follows him into his personal chambers. After bringing her inside Bill excuses himself and tells her to make herself comfortable while he goes and gets the prince, and suprised as she had last heard the prince and Bill were fighting while the other prince was dead but she does not say anything and simply waits for his return. After some time Bill Lovie enters the room pulling along a giant toy of which has been dressed up to look like a human and as he enters he is talking to the toy calling it William, and this causes Hermione to second guess things realizing that Bill Lovie may be completely mad by this point. Putting down the toy at the table he goes about making food for the toy, but Hermione interupts causing a visable change in Bill Lovie of whom lashes out knocking down Hermione mistaking her for his daughter Alice Lovie of which Hermione makes a decision to play along with apologizing to Bill for whatever she has done to upset him.

Chapter 14

Franklin Brent is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he ramains for a long time in the Orange Forks where he comes to greatly respect Genna Lannister or Frey as she sometimes is called by the servents. Leaving the Orange Forks eventually he travels to the Trident where he meets some of the other Frey's and finds them detestable human beings, but also finds that on the surface they are very complimentary towards the Kingdom of Lucerne, and Hosteen even asks that Franklin send an apology to Robb Starke and the others Starkes as his pride makes him unable to do it himself. Franklin though finds himself very unblieving of the apology and when he does send the letter to Robb Starke he advises Robb that his meeting with the Frey's told him that they were very much holding a grudge against him and he should be very careful.

Chapter 15

Saiden Scarlet is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives with the main army of House Scarlet in Lorderon, where he joins the Order of the Red Dragon, and the forces of Lorderon in further fortifying the defences of the Bolten, Lorderon border. Saiden doesn't stay there long as he is forced to leave for the north where he joins the Starke's in the Council of Heathfall where they are able to get the leadership fo southern Thedas to agree to an alliance, while Dowenshire joins the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Chapter 16

Brooke Scott is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter she is visited by a dark man in shadow and noone else can see the man. The man emotionally tortures her to the point that she eventually accepts her death is unavoidable but believes that if one person could save her it would be William Lovie. Morrigan accompanies her to Lucerne where they arrive and storm into a meeting with William and several of his bannermen of which ends with the two making love before she runs out now knowing noone can save her. The chapter ends with The Dark Man finally goading her into suicide of which she follows through with when she jumps over the side of a cliff.

Chapter 17

William Lovie III. is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he is spending time with Leven Martell, and Alice when they are interupted by Jasper of whom brings in Jack Shephard of whom tells them that they found Brooke Scott dead at the bottom of a local waterfall. Nearly passing out when he hears this Leven takes him out of the room to keep the damage of how hurt he is from the others in the room and she holds him for several minutes before he asks her and Jasper of whom comes in while there hugging to go to Gulltown and find out what happened to Brooke. Heartbroken by the death of Brooke, but is unable to show it as his wife Bella is constantly around and he cares for her enough to not wish to hurt her, but in his rage over the death of Brooke he comes across Ambrena Heard of whom wishes to talk to him about Thomas and in that moment he sees Amber in Ambrena and overcome by emotions he begins kissing her and she doesn't stop him instead leading him further and the two sleep together. Ashamed that he slept with her he doesn't reveal this to her as she is clearly smitten with him and thus he lies to her saying that he wishes they could be together more often, and she agrees to keep this arrangement between them. He has sent away Leven and Jasper to try and find out what has happened and it isn't until Alice arrives back from the Riverlands that he finally breaks down with her.

Chapter 18

Leven Martell is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter she returns home to Lucerne with the information that noone knows what happened to her to cause her to jump off the cliff, but she is dead her body is found to prove it. William cannot obviously attend the funeral and this breaks his heart but Emmett goes in his stead to make sure her final goodbye is greeted by words from William.

Chapter 19

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he travels south with Emmett McCarty and several members of House Swan, and the Order of the Green Dragon to meet the emmisaries of the Roman Empire that are meeting in Tree Hill. Titus Pulo during this conversation will reveal that a few places in Italy have simply disapeared destroyed by some insidious force, and he worries that the age of Rome is ending.

Chapter 20

Edward Cullen is the POV CHaracter of this chapter he has arrived in the Port of Stormwind where he arranges with Candice Anthor to travel with her fleet as they were going to Lorderon in order to arrange a trade deal, and had been commanded to wait by William so that Edward could join her. Travelling with her, and her cousin in the fleet they grow to be friends over the boat ride, and then when they arrive in Lorderon with the members of his group of whom would meet with Medivh and discover how deeply Medivh believed the coruption of Arthas ran inside Lorderon. Edward would take part in the torture of a cultist of whom told him lies that he believed because he sensed no coruption on the man, and this led to him going to a house in Lorderon where they were ambushed by cultists and forced to see the brutalized dead of the tortured man. Medivh would leave him for the night telling him to return to Kirin Tor in several days, and while this was happening he was forced to deal with an irate group of whom were discovering that Edward had lied about the reason they were there, and at the end of the chapter Dylan raises his sword to strike down Edward.

Chapter 21

Lucie Lovie is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter Britney confronts Lucie on why she went into the chest, and when Lucie attacks her over what she has done Britney breaks down, and attempts to explain herself, but Lucie won't hear it and demands the letters be sent. When Britney agrees to have them sent Lucie tells her that shes going to give them to Natalie once she returns from Talheim because she knows Natalie won't lie to her about it. Lucie has her aunt Sif Hemsworth take her outside of Fornost with a small troop of soldiers where they eventually come to a waterfall where the two talk about the things in their life.

Chapter 22

Ezio Ederiz is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he is reported to by members of his Order of the Violet Dragon of information pertaining to the location of Bill Lovie. Dama Rossom begs to be placed onto this mission and this is accepted and she joins a group of others heading to find the location of Bill Lovie. This begins the short story Ruins. Ezio Ederiz would later hear reports of the change within the leadership of the Order of the Raven, and would become horrified of the state of this.

Chapter 23

Tyrek Lannister is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he accompanies Jamie Lannister to Rhunian where they must deal with the consequences of Joffrey Lannisters attack on the ruling house of the land. Joffrey is utterly unapologetic and Jamie is shocked at the changes he sees in his son, and leaves broken hearted at the loss of his son, and as they leave he says to Tyrek that he never really lost a son as he has gained Tyrek. Leaving for the road they meet Cersei of whom Jamie attempts to convinse not to see Joffrey in Kraegstill as he is lost to them, and Cersei tells him that she is pregnent with their child. Returning to Lannistane Tyrek is present when Jamie and Cersei are married, and he begins to question what his life is going to mean seeing his father for all intents so happy.

Chapter 24

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she attempts to take William`s mind off the debacle of Brooke`s death through taking him west to Berne for the marriage of their old friend Hanna Arryn. After the wedding he meets with several of the leaders of the city including Hanna but not including Byron Arryn of whom is noticeably absent from the proceedings. Aria Arryn was shown as the sort of Matriarch of the family as William learned that the people were quite disrespectful towards the Arch Lord Byron Arryn. Following an argument with Jasper it is Alice that goes to find Marcel and together the two stand on the balconies of the Arryn estates and discuss their relationship and how close the two have gotten over the years. As Alice goes to leave for bed Marcel gives her a gift and taking it back to her room she opens the gift discovering a tiny stone and beside the stone a note that detailed that the small stone was a magi device that allowed the two to communicate no matter how far apart they were and as she touches the stone which is attached to a necklace she feels Marcel's thoughts as if they are her own.

Chapter 25

Saiden Scarlet is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter Saiden leaves the fortress on a small boat alongside his son Taimen where the two are going to meet in the water between Lorderon and Bolten with members of House Cole of whom have reached out to them on their decision to perhaps turn away from the Kingdom of Bolten, and wishing to join the Kingdom of Lucerne once certain diplomacy is met. The arrival of Olivia Wilde a girl he had flirted with heavily while he was invading Fairmarket sends him somewhat into a twister of emotions as she flirts back with him, and tells him that his wife is old and will be unable to help him expand his family anymore. Saiden falls somewhat for this as it was something he had been thinking about even before she had told him that, and the two share a kiss while she tells him that she would give him many children if they were married.

Chapter 26

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he remains overcome with depression over the death of Brooke Scott, and has begun to suffer vivid dreams where he is climbing a mountain and when he reaches the top he meets with a dragon who continues in each dream to demand that he come and see him in the mountains. Leaving the argument with his sister and wife he goes to the Lucernian camp where he knows Ambrena will be and finding her he talks to her like she is Amber and despite both realizing this she plays along allowing William to call her Amber and eventually the two sleep together. While leaving Ambrena after sleeping with her he sees the tents that the Sindari Elves of Quel'Thalas are staying and travels to the tents accompanied by several members of his elite guard but only Leven Martell of his Shadow Council was still awake. Meeting with Alleria Windrunner and her husband Eldral Windrunner they discuss his sadness and with only Leven there he reveals more then he usually does and Alleria after hearing about this offers to take him to Quel'Thalas where he could use their Barrow Dens to enter the Elmerald Dream and visit a person who has died. Arriving at the Barrow Dens William is accompanied by Clintar Dreamwalker the Arch Druid of Quel'Thalas and walking with him down the seemingly endless cave system he discusses what William should expect and takes careful attention to make sure that William understands that he cannot stay there long. Speaking with Leven before entering the portal he tells her that he wishes that he didn't have to do this but he is haunted by the ghost of Brooke and needs to find a way past it or else he cannot ever move on and touching her cheek he kisses her on the forehead and a tears runs down her cheek as he steps inside the portal. Entering the portal he opens his eyes to find himself in the mountains and inside his mind he hears whispering and these whispers lead him towards an open grass field at the top of the mountain peak, and waiting here he sees a dragon in the sky and watching it he watches as the dragon flies towards him, and as it nears he sees that there is someone on its back. The dragon lands in front of him and the rider steps off revealing a large man with beautiful dragon scale armor and the man takes his helmet off and the two begin to talk. The man reveals himself to be William Lovie II. and the dragon now openly speaking to him in his mind is Klaranax and talking with them he learns about what happened to them after they were killed with this all but confirming that the Dragonoph version of the afterlife is correct, but the conversation quickly goes to the current events with William telling his Great Uncle what has happened since his death. William's Great Uncle tells him that nothing can be made safe until he makes things right with the White Dovah of lucerne and forces William to promice that when he returns he will make things right, and then Kl

Chapter 27

Leven Martell is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter she follows William into the forests of Quel'Thalas where she alongside Jasper Hale and a dozen knights are the ones that go inside the entrance to the Ban'ethil Barrow Dens. As William goes through the green portal that will take him into the Elmerald Dream it is Leven who is unable to not follow him and alongside Jasper the two go inside the portal, where they are accompanied by two Quel'Thalasian Elves with Leven having her hand grabbed by Alleria Windrunner who goes inside with her. Leaving Quel'Thalas the Lucernian force travels with William to Forks where he goes to meet with Charlie Swan about the growth in rhetoric between them and the Boltens. Along the way she takes him to the site of Brooke's death, and the two talk about things including how Leven is still without a child, and she very clearly says that if the child was not with him then she has no interest in having a child. During the chapter William reads Leven a letter sent from his sister Natalie of which says they need assistance and without much thought Marcel offers to rally forces and lead them to Arnor where he will assist them in defending themselves against the monsters of The Empire. Reluctant to send him away Marcel is vigorous to do this and William sanctions it while Marcel leaves following this to gather forces in the Valley for his quest to Arnor.

Chapter 28

Lucas Scott is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he travels to Ravenna where he meets with Titus Pullo of whom tells him that a massive army of Ratmen attacked Rome and were nearly succesful in destroying the city, but during the attack many important nobles were murdered, and Titus Pulo tells him he has made the decision to leave the Roman Empire and founds the Kingdom of Remos with Ravenna as the capital. Lucas Scott sends word northward where William sends back that they have heard of the fighting in Italy and will stand beside Titus Pullo and Ravenna. Lucas Scott returns to Tree Hill to find Peyton waiting at the gates for him, and she reveals to him that she is finally pregnent with their first child, and he proposes to Peyton of whom obviously accepts this proposal as she has been waiting for years.

Chapter 29

Hermione Granger is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter she continues the sharade with Bill Lovie about her being Alice Lovie and when one of his lords attempts to verbally tell him that she is not Alice during a meeting of the Circle of Magi he instantly kills the man making it clear that Hermione is Alice and noone will tell him any differently or do anything to her.

Chapter 30

Jon Snow is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he travels to the Port of Stormwind after naming Brann Starke acting Lord of Winterfell and Stormwind following being commanded by William Lovie III. to travel to Koenisburg in order to represent the Kingdom of Lucerne alongside Tyrion Lannister of whom was also being sent. As he leaves he has a long talk with Catelyn of whom apologizes for everything that has happened between them and calls him son, of which is the final thing that she says to him before he leaves for Koenisburg.

Chapter 31

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he stands in the council chambers alongside his father and brother and listens as the different lords speak of situations appearing throughout the lands of Bolten, all of them with an aura of fear towards the movements of Lucerne. After being given command he meets with his friends but despite looking at great length he is unable to find Justin Cole of whom he discusses with Landon and Randal that they wanted to get Justin out of the capital so that they can avoid him becoming a tool of Domeric's father against House Cole. Unable to find Justin they are forced to leave the Dreadfort and he boards a ship and leads the forces of Bolten in a massive assault on the forces of the White Knife, of whom following the marriage into the Kingdom of Lucerne have become increasingly leaning towards the Lucernians, and Domeric knows they have no choice but to completely end their independence and thus he leads the Bolten forces against them. Defeating their navy while its docked he lands in White Harbor and from there they quickly take control of the capital.

Chapter 32

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter he raises the forces of House Clegane and prepares to leave for Koenisburg. Travellign there with Rachel Wood he speaks with William through a Magi stone, and meets along the road with several of his vassals of whom are travelling with him for the vangaurd force that is travelling to Koenisburg. Hedrik Clegane greets the arrival of Marcel Lovie II. and his large force of troops of whom stop in Lole briefly to see Hedrik, and during this Marcel describes how proud he is to be given such an important mission, and Hedrik councils him to remain proud but also be safe on his quest. Hedrik leaves with his forces at the same time as Marcel Lovie II. and the two share the boat ride together talking of life and he becomes quite impressed with Marcel and the opinion is mutual. The two depart eachother at the Port of Stormwind where Marcel will leave for Fairmark with the majority of the forces of both groups planning to avoid going through the Trident with force thus ignoring the Frey issue, while Hedrik continues northward toward Koenisburg with his forces. .

Chapter 33

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is nearly killed by Dylan Steinmare of whom swings at him but the swing is blocked by Gemma Cullen, and after this he is taken away by Laera. Disgusted with himself Edward returns to Kirin Tor where he confronts the cultist of whom laughs at him and is completely not sorry but at least begins to reveal information once Edward turns angry and begins using Magi to torture him. Leaving the room after torturing the information out of the man he hears screams and walks in to find the man dead with Medivh having slit his throat. Following this he discovers that Taylor, and Laera have gotten themselves in trouble and returns to Lorderon where they besiege the Great Temple of Lorderon of which they discover is the headquarters of the Cultists. During the siege he is told by Candice Anthor that she was ambushed in the port and only Dylan, and Hedrin's involvement saved her life, and for this Edward attempts to apologize but Dylan arrives and insults him causing him to return to commanding the troops.

Chapter 34

Domeric Bolten is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets with the leadership of the White Knife of whom he witnesses swear there loyalty to the Kingdom of Bolten but several Manderlys voice their disaproval of this turn of events very loudly. Roose Bolten arrives with a large group of Bolten leadership in White Harbor and meeting together Domeric is named High Prince of Bolten and given control over the White Knife, but rejects the calls of the Karstarks and Urnets to start making examples of the White Knife rebels by executing members of the Manderly family. Unable to completely reject his fathers wishes his father and the rest of the Bolten leaderhip caste take with them back to the Dreadfort several members of House Manderly as well as other members of the White Knife aristocratic family. That night Domeric has dinner with his wife, son, and nearly ranks of House Manderly, and thorughout the dinner the table is quite honest with eachother as Domeric reveals to them that he wants them to be happy and will make every effort to make this happen.

Chapter 35

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she wakes in her room to the sounds of screaming, and getting quickly dressed the door slams open revealing Bill Lovie of whom grabs her and pulls her forward towards the throne room where he takes her to a corner of the room where he pulls a lever that had appeared to be a book revealing a large room behind the wall. Taking her inside the room he thanks her for pretending to be Alice for the last few weeks and that it made him happier that he had been in years, and then tells her that if she promices to speak to William on his behalf then he will giver her Mycstism. Agreeing to talk to William on his behalf he thanks her before conjuring a spell revealing the Mycstism book and then locks the door behind her leaving her only a small blue stone of which she knows from previous talks to be a teleportation rock which will take her to Berne. Grabbing the stone she is sucked into a vacum and when she opens her eyes she is within the throne room of Lucerne where a council meeting is going on.

Chapter 36

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he has a council meeting where he meets with Hedrik Clegane III., Jamie, and Tyrion Lannister and many other commanders using Magi stones, and he commands the forces of House Lannister, House Clegane, and House Starke to make for Koenisburg with all force. Commanding Jamie specifically to move towards Grandlen where he will move behind the Bolten armies and prepare to ambush them. Jamie will be forced to travel northward to Fairmarket as he will be leading an actual army while the others will be able to take the much shorter path in the form of the Port of Stormwind as the Frey`s will not stop a smaller number of ships. Following this council meeting William is alerted to the arrival of a small diplomatic force of whom detail that they are members of House Targaryan and led by Deneyres Targaryan the Targaryans detail there desire to have a strong relationship with Lucerne and William sees the return of the Targaryans of whom retain their dragon sigil as another sign that he needs to bring the dragons back to Lucerne. William Lovie would summon from the Order of the Dragon Taylor Swift of whom he knew through Edward Cullen, and he grilled her for the truth on what the Dragons were really doing in the mountains. Taylor Swift would reveal to him that only the most senior of the Order had ever actually seen a dragon, and that she would summon a man of whom could tell him the truth of what they were. When he went to the shadow Council and told them that he planned on going to the Lucernian Mountains and attempting to meet with the Dragons, and from this he would bring them back into the fold. At first the others were so shocked by what he had said that they didn't take it seriously but when he didn't laugh along with them they begin to understand the truth that he in fact wasn't joking. At first no one spoke or even moved but after minutes of silence Jasper got up from the table and begin to become very angry that William would even contemplate something so stupid. Following this he travels northward into the mountains in order to meet with the dragons he believes will help him just like they helped his ancestor William Lovie I. Traveling into the sky he is shocked when he meets with Brooke Scott and the chapter ends with there talking and her eventual beginning of him to continue his work and see her after.

Chapter 37

Alice Lovie

Chapter Details

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is sitting at the table when William brings up the idea of wanting to go and find dragons, and too shocked to even say anything she remains behind at the table even after William kisses her on the forehead and goes to bed. Staying in the room with Leven, Edward, and Emmett the four discuss what they can do going forward to stop this, and Edward shows support to William, Leven is like Edward reluctant to resist something that William wants to do, and Emmett as well agrees and unable to find support in stopping William from those three she goes to her room where she hopes to find Jasper and gain his assistance. After the argument of the Shadow Council Jasper went back to his room with Alice where he begin throwing things around the room which obviously brought about the attention of his fiance Alice Lovie. When Jasper told Alice about what was happening she immediately knew that she was partly to blame for this as she had told him during the trip back that he was as great as William Lovie, and that anything he had done would pale in comparison to what he would eventually be remembered for. Realizing this she immediately left the room with Jasper - who was shocked that Alice had just up and left - and went upstairs to William's room where she walked in on William and Bella in the middle of having sex. Seeing this was the first of what would become a growing problem for Alice as she begin to accept some simple truths in her life that she had never allowed herself to accept before. When Bella had removed herself from William and they were properly clothed she sat down on the edge of the bed and apologized to William for telling him what she had, and she begged him not to go through with the Dragon plan. Bella stood beside him, but she to wanted to know why William would be so absolutely reckless. Bella went through the lists of things that gave them an advantage in any upcoming conflict, and by this point Alice was tearing up but still attempting to help Bella by also saying all the positives of a future conflict with the Empire. William explained to the two of them that the situation was hopeless in the long run unless they did something drastic and he could only think of doing this. He had taken out cities, and annexed half of western Westros but he still was nothing more then a peanut in comparison to the power of the larger Empires in Europe. The three of them argued back and forth for some time and finally Ashley would appear at the door and she had a bad dream, and wanted them to get her a drink. Bella would leave to help Ashley with that, and when she did William reached for Alice and pulled her into a hug and whispered to her the words that force her to take his side of the coming debate. With the words said by William there was a sense of understanding between the siblings and she would help him to convince Bella of the reasoning's behind the decision, and despite wanting to believe that her husband could succeed where it seemed no one could Bella was not willing to accept his death and refused to agree but would support him. Bella would return carrying a sleeping Ashley of whom they laid in their bed, and then went out to the balcony. The three of them would talk, and this time Alice now supported him, and after basically being double teamed for many minutes William went inside to check on Ashley and Bella and Alice spoke, and Bella wondered what he could have said to her to make her agree to this. Alice refused to tell the truth, and instead simply made excuses for William and Bella left frustrated. Alice is at the top of the Sky Tower as William leaves the city and giving her a kiss on the forehead they part and Alice watches as William flies into the mountains and horrified that he may die but she is unable to truly break down as she has to host the Targaryans and she does this giving Deneyres Targaryan a tour of the city of Lucerne and she gets along well with Deneyres.


Lornax is the epilogie of the story, and during this chapter Lornax flies around the Lucerne Mountains explaining much about the Dragons of which he calls the Dovah, and eventually meets with his father of whom is sleeping in his cave full of dead humans he has killed in his grief over the death of William Lovie I., and his child. At the end of the chapter Lornax sences that something is happening and races with his brother to see what is causing his father to become so angry.

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Battle of Berne : The Battle of Berne