House Fossoway of New Barrel
Reyne Fossoway
is the son of two members of House Fossoway of New Barrel making him a member of and the current Lord and Patriarch of House Fossoway of New Barrel.

Reyne Fossoway would take time away from the Order of the Green Dragon to return to lead House Fossoway of New Barrel during the Invasion of Westbridge where he watched as his son Oliver took control and was beyond proud of his son.


Early History

Frey Island

Walder Black Frey
"The Island of Frey was a place that everyone knew was rife with problems. The land was controlled with an iron fist, and from what little we knew we had gathered that the leadership in House Frey was extremely unpopular. To be invited to the island was something we hadn't expected, but for those of us chosen to go, there was a sence of both dread and excitement over what would happen."
-Richard Cypher

It was following the annexation of the Riverlands that the Kingdom of Frey would for the first time send a diplomat to meet with the Kingdom of Lucerne. Before this moment the Frey's had been clear in that while their island was open to trade they had no interest in the Order of the Green Dragon or anyone else coming to the island. This was honored, but when Walder "Black" Frey arrived in the Port of Stormwind the situation changed nearly completely. He said that the time for the growth in the relationship was now, and that he had been granted permission to extend the olive branch towards the Kingdom of Lucerne. Several important members arrived in the port including Eddard Starke, Charles Swan, and the king in William Lovie III. accompanied by Nicoli Machiavelli. The group would accept the offers of trade, but wanted in return the establisment of an embassy on the island to make sure that the relationship was maintaining itself as they wanted. Black Walder would suprisingly accept this offer and said that a piece of land within one of their larger cities would be given for the purpose of establising their own embassy. With the agreement in place Black Walder would leave the port and return to the island of Frey. Nicoli said that this was clearly a trap, but that at this moment they needed influence on the island and this may be the easiest way to do that. The plan became for the Order of the Green Dragon to establish a heavily fortified embassy within the city, and then for them to spread several smaller controlled areas throughout the island where more members of the Order would arrive and begin to the process of finding houses that could be loyal to them.

Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members


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