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Rickar Kortend is the son of Oliver, and Arda Kortend making him a member of and the current Lord and Patriarch of House Kortend. Rickar Kortend has two siblings in the form of Oliver, and Larra Kortend of which his brother Oliver is the castellan of Castle Korten and a very loyal member of House Kortend, while his sister Larra was married to a merchant of Castle Kortend and has lived in her families home all her life following the marriage. Rickar Kortend would come to marry Linda Merryjones of which was a marriage that brought the once distant House Merryjones and House Kortend together forming a major alliance of northern Lucerne.

Orton Merryjones would lead the forces of House Merryjones to the side of William Lovie III. during the events of the Journey and would go alongside his daughter Linda, and her husband Rickarr accompanied by a very sizeable force of House Merryjones and took part in the two major battles of the Journey and were at the side of William as he took control of Lucerne from Bill Lovie and was crowned king of the Valley.


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The Journey

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