The Rise of the German Pantheon was an event which occured following the First War with Chaos when the forces of Odin moved into the area of Germania and gave rise to The German Pantheon as well as the Empire of Germania.

The Rise of the German Pantheon would cause immense change in the continent of Europe as prior to this the continent was dominated by the Trollocs, Woses, and for the humans the most numerous group was the Franks but the Eternity War and the First War with Chaos devestated the Trolloc, and Woses and left the continent to become dominated by Germans in the central, and north.



Following the Thunderlands Civil War it was Tamfana who was tasked by her father in designing a plan for the domination of the Germans in Europe, and in this planning she traveled to germania where much of the German people had become situated. Taal and Ulric would be building their power base in central Germania when the arrival of a daughter of Odin in the form of Tamfana led to an alliance and the start of what would become the German Pantheon and together the three would expand the Kigndom of Middenland.


Expansion into Harad

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As the German Pantheon was expanding its control of Germania it was the children of Taal in the form of Edeltraud, and Marthurd that would create their own group of Germans who they called the Sueve and they took this group southeast of Austria fighting a war known as the Sueve Invasion of Harad against the native Luthwillians. Following the defeat of the Luthwillians the Sueve formed the Empire of Harad named after the child of Edeltraud and Marthurd who had formed a romantic relationship ruling over the land as king and queen.


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