The Riverlands are a large region in western Westros which are created from thousands of islands that stretch throughout the land. Created from the destructive forces of one of the minor cities of the Empire of Numeron which suceeded in holding off the noble Numenorians and destroying the city and thereby creating thousands of islands which have become the home of the Brann, and Gothic Germanic tribes. The Riverlands are also a province within the Kingdom Of Lucerne and the province follows the historical bounderies of the region.

The Riverlands would be the second most badly damaged landscape during the aftermath of the Downfall of the Numeron with the Rhine expanding greatly and flooding the landscape of the Riverlands turning it into the river filled region that it is now. The Riverlands would begin to become dominated by the Brann as under the leadership of the Brannish warlord Harren Hoare of whom battled against the forces of Denmark in Germania for some time causing enough damage during his raids that he was given a vast amount of gold by the Teutons who filtered him to the south alongside a very large army of Brann, and they would eventually reach Westbridge where they stayed briefly before they were once again paid by the Westbridge Franks to go south where they entered the Riverlands.



The Riverlands are dominated by the watershed of the Trident River, so-called because of its three major tributaries - the Green Fork, the Blue Fork, and the Red Fork - which converge at Ruby Ford in the east. The Green Fork is the northernmost, running north-to-south almost up to the Neck near the entrance to the lands of Westbridge. The Green Fork is only traversable via the castle-bridge complex known as The Block which is ruled by House Blackwood. Thus, large armies attempting to move into or out of the North are faced with only two, predictable choices: travel along the Rhine River southward as it crosses the Ruby Ford to the east, or cross the Greek Fork at the Twins to the west, which requires paying an often steep toll to House Blackwood. The Blue Fork is south of the Green Fork, and terminates near Seagard. The Red Fork is the southernmost and winds its way through the heart of the Riverlands, between the Red Fork and the God's Eye lake further south. After it passes Riverrun castle, the capital of the Riverlands, the Red Fork passes further to the south and west until it reaches the borders of the Westerlands held by House Lannister.

The Riverlands have a true temperate climate with warm summers and moderately cold winters, which increase in severity north of the Neck. Rainfall is moderate and adequate providing for the fertility of the region.

On the whole, the Riverlands possess few natural defenses or borders. They are bordered to the west by the mountains of Lucerne, and to the east by the massive Rhine River. The extensive swamps of The Neck also form an effective natural barrier, but these are part of the Northern region and are usually not seen as a part of the Riverlands, therefore they are more of a defense against invasion from the Riverlands than the other way around. The southern border of the Riverlands is more or less formed by the upper reaches of the Blackwater River, but this is not a particular impediment to travel between the Riverlands and The Reach to the south.

Vale of Mallister

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Vale of Mallister

Peak of Mallister

The Vale
is located on the northern shore of the Riverlands, a tranquil land of rich black soil, wide slow-moving rivers, and hundreds of small lakes that shine like mirrors in the sun, protected on all sides by its largely impassable mountain range. The Vale tends to be slightly isolated from the rest of Riverlands, and most known of only the trading town of Burnestone. The Vale's harsh winters make travel only possible through the mountains during warmer years, and rebellious mountain clans make travel even more dangerous. The Vale can be reached through the High Road, which connects the Vale and the Riverlands, and is protected by the Bloody Gate.

Surdenfane was the first city founded in the Vale of Mallister and the current location of the palace of Mallister was the spot that the first members of House Mallister would make their home. Over time as the members of House Mallister grew powerful they turned Surdenfane into their own personal paradise where crime, poverty, and death were basically unheard of. This was accomplished through the brutal repression of criminals in the town of whom came to reside in the far more nefarious Vurdenfane west of Surdenfane, and the rivalry between these two towns has become legendary because of this fact. Surdenfane would become a member of the Kingdom of Lucerne following the alliance between House Mallister, and House Lovie, and under this agreement nothing has changed, but the coming changes may change the foundations of the entire Vale alongside Surdenfane.


Early History


Brann Invasion of the Riverlands

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The Brannish Invasion
This is the true end of the Empire of Numeron. After this no Numenorian European empire shall ever exist.
Fall of the Riverlands
The Brann were a force of nature. Perhaps the most violent consequence of the Great Migration.
Unknown Scribe

The Riverlands would begin to become dominated by the Brann as under the leadership of the Brannish warlord Harren Hoare of whom battled against the forces of Denmark in Germania for some time causing enough damage during his raids that he was given a vast amount of gold by the Teutons who filtered him to the south alongside a very large army, and people in the entirety of the Brannish People. Through the assistance of the State of Denmark they are fed and protected on the road out of the Imperial Empire of Germania reaching the area of Slovakia without incident. Upon reaching Slovakia and with the assistance of the Frankish forces of Westbridge they would be taken by boat to south of Westbridge where the racist Imperial forces wanted to sow chaos among the rising power of the Kingdom of Lorderon and they would stay briefly before they were once again paid by the Westbridge Franks to go south where they entered the Riverlands. Entering the Riverlands the Brannish under Harren Hoare would quickly declare war on the Atlantian Kingdom of Tiras of which while in disarray at the time still controlled the entire region of the Riverlands and was in serious talks with Lorderon, and Gondor to merge together forming an Empire. The initial fighting would be disastrous to the forces of Tiras of whom having never recovered from the Downfall of Numeron generations previous were crushed into three engagements losing control of all of northern Riverlands, and the center was near complete loss before the arrival of reinforcements from Lorderon. Several Gondorian Istari were present during this fighting including Saruman, and Gandalf of whom fought heroicly alongside his Tiras Elur in these early battles but they were unable to resist the Brannish forces and he watched as most of the Tiras Elur were wiped out severely weakening the Tiras forces. Harren Hoare would lead the Brann into a massive battle near what is now the lands of the Blackwoods and would crush a combined Tiras, and Lorderon army forcing there surrender and retreat from the Riverlands.

Exodus of the Atlantians

Numeron is dead Gandalf. Now you see that don't you.

Following the disasterous Atlantian defeat at the Battle of Blackwood they would be given a brief reprieve by the injury of Harren Hoare of whom would become bedridden for weeks and during this time his brother Harras took command of the Brann and negotiated with the Atlantians despite commands by his brother Harren to put the Atlantians to the torch. Harras was soft on the Atlantians due to falling in love with an Atlantian noble girl, and when Harren got better and tried to order the victorious Brann to kill the retreating Atlantians it would be Harras that murdered his brother becoming the leader of the Brann. During this exodus among the number that retreated from the Riverlands was Saruman of whom was emotionally devestated by the failure in the Riverlands and following this would basically give up his belief that Numeron could be rebuilt.

Kingdom of the Riverlands

Kingdom of Lucerne




Noble Houses of the Riverlands

Name Seat Power
House Tully Riverrun Arch Lord
House Blackwood Raventree
House Mallister Vale of Mallister
House Proudmoore Kul Tiras
House Handlin Atranta
House Mudd Vale of Mallister
House Bracken Stone Henge (Riverlands)
House Handlin Castle Handlin


Population Centers

Name Population Ethnic Breakdown Religious Breakdown Seat
Riverrun House Tully
Raventree House Blackwood
Surdenfane Gothic Valemen
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