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Riverrun is the seat of House Tully, and the capital of the Riverlands, and the seat of the Arch Lord of the Riverlands. It is a large castle located in the central-western part of the Riverlands. It sits at the joining of a tributary to the Red Fork. In times of danger, sluice gates can be opened to flood a channel cut to the west of the castle, turning Riverrun into an island. Its walls rise sheer from the waters and its towers command the opposite shores, making assaulting it almost impossible without huge casualties. Riverrun has been the seat of House Tully for generation after generation, and this has stood despite the conquests, and destructions that have gone on in the Riverlands over the years, and for this reason the vast port of Riverrun is a special place to behold.

The city of Riverrun is dominated by the Brann of whom were the original founders of the city, but there are sizeable amounts of minority groups in the form of the Atlantians of whom fled the violence against them in the eastern realms eventually forming a sizeable group within Riverrun.

Riverrun was built as a capital for the Riverlands by the ancient members of House Tully who even while the Riverlands were controlled by a series of other houses held the castle, and thus controlled the island itself of Harroway. When House Tully took control of the Riverlands the island of Harroway the place where their control was highest became the central point of growth in the RIverlands and during this time Riverrun itself became especially large with a garrison of some 3,000 men at its lowest point. Following the annexation of the Riverlands into Lucerne the castle of Riverrun became the seat of the Lords of the Riverlands, and as such is a Lords town for the Lucernians.


Early History

House Tully

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The Riverlands joins Lucerne

Edmure Tully was headstrong in wanting to join with Lucerne.

The Tully`s were already blood, so I wasn`t surprised when they wanted to not shed any.
Eddard Starke

When it came to the Riverlands the main powerbrokers were the most powerful house in the form of House Tully, and the dominent southern house in House Blackwood. These two houses learned of the destruction of Fairmarket, and immediatly the Tully`s made the decision to join Lucerne whatever was offered to them. House Tully had already been more open to a joining of the two as they had blood ties to the Starke's through the maririage of Eddard, and Catelyn Starke of which Catelyn was a member of House Tully. House Blackwood would accept this as well, but many in the house wanted to resist for honor`s sake, but Brandyn Blackwood disagreed and invited the Lucernians to Raventree for a meeting. Unwilling to meet in a unknown venue as the Blackwood's had wanted such as Raventree, the meeting took place in Riverrun. Joining House Tully in their support of the Lucernians was also House Lancer, House Towers, and House Justman of which all would want to join Lucerne as they were on the southern side of the Riverlands and thus nearly on the border with Fairmarket. The meeting in Riverrun would count in all the major houses of the Riverlands, and major elements from Lucerne including Catherine Lovie of whom led the Lovie delegation. Alongside also would come House Proudmoore and several Kul Tiras houses of which had already joined the Kingdom of Lucerne, and they would join the Lucernian entourage and would greatly support the Lucernians as a prime example of how easily the joining would be.

Points of Interest


Riverrun is a strong three-sided castle, although not especially large. The castle is bordered on two sides by rivers, and on the west a third side fronts on a massive manmade ditch, in time of danger threatens sluice gates can be opened to fill a wide moat and leave the castle surrounded on all three sides by water, turning Riverrun into an island, leave it practically unassailable.

The castle has sandstone walls which rise sheer from the water, it's the battlements are crenelated and has arrow loops, The towers command the opposite shores. Inside located a the keep.Properly garrisoned, Riverrun can hold supplies for men and horses for as long as two years, A garrison of five hundred men is larger than Riverrun requires in most circumstances.

  • The Keep, The inner keep is triangular, like Riverrun itself, and the lord's solar is triangular as well with a stone balcony jutting eastwards. The solar can be reached by a spiral stairway.
  • The Great Hall, It's where the Large councils are held and the high seat of the Tullys sits. There is a private audience chamber above the Great Hall with a high seat for the lord and a bell to ring for servants.
  • Dungeons , The dungeons of Riverrun are windowless, It's doors are heavy and made of wood and iron.
  • Wheel Tower, The Wheel Tower, has a great waterwheel within it, which is turned by the Tumblestone whose waters go through it. It has Ivy climbs along side it, below it one makes a wide turn and ends up in churning waters. Eventually one can reach the Water Gate.
  • Water Gate, The Water Gate has a wide arch and a heavy iron portcullis, red with rust in its lower half. It is named so for being half in the water. One must use a boat to go through it. Many boats are tied up within the 'Water Gate', secured to iron rings in the walls and the 'water stair' leads from the lower bailey up to the Castle.
  • Godswood, The godswood is a bright and airy garden, with redwoods, flowers, nesting birds, and streams, at its center stands a slender, carved weirwood.Sept, The sept at Riverrun is a seven-sided sandstone building. It was built by Hoster Tully and set amidst the gardens that Minisa Whent, his wife cherished. Inside the images of the Seven Holies are painted on marble.


Ethnicity of Riverrun

The city of Riverrun is dominated by the Brann of whom were the original founders of the city, but there are sizeable amounts of minority groups in the form of the Atlantians of whom fled the violence against them in the eastern realms eventually forming a sizeable group within Riverrun.

Ethnicity Share of City
Brann 83%
Atlantians 11%
Germans 6%

Religion of Riverrun

Religion Share of City
R'hllor 85%


Christianity 5%

Houses of Riverrun

House Name Lord
House Tully Edmure Tully