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Robert Robbet is the son of Broel, and Tollesa Robbet making him a member of and the Lord and Patriarch of House Robbet until his death during the Second Tinterdale-Calleville War. Robert Robbet has three siblings in the form of Astaria, Margot, and Orella Robbet of which his sister Margot would take control of House Robbet following the sacking of Tinterdale and has led the family ever since, his sister Orella was captured in the same attack that killed Robert and was sold at Paris at the slaving rings, while his sister Astaria is a Magi of whom has remained one of the chief loyalists to her sister.

Following the death of Broel Robbet at the First Battle of Calleville Bridge it was the young Robert Robbet who having been prepared for this moment despite his youth that would take command of the war effort but in the aftermath of the First Battle of Calleville they had achieved great success and the First Tinterdale-Calleville War ended and peace reigned as Robert focused on consolidating his control of the lands west of the Calleville River. Robert Robbet would following the Battle at Calleville Bridge lead the army of Tinterdale back towards Tinterdale and during this retreat he would be forced to agree to raise the bridges and made his way inside Tinderland against everything he had ever planned in his time as leader. Robert Robbet would fight on the bridge into Tinterdale for several minutes holding off the rampaging Orcs as the defenders attempted to do what the bridge had not been designed to do in the quick lowering and raising of the bridge and during this he would be struck down by the Orcs leading to a near collapse of the defenders until Astaria Robbet took command and stopped the rout.




Early History

The Second Tinterdale-Calleville War

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The Second Tinterdale-Calleville War
You ever wonder how Tree Hill fell Franklin. You ever question how so many Orcs could just walk blindly across this kingdom and not a soul saw them. Maybe its time to start asking questions.
Margot Robbet Cover Front
We cannot allow our people to be sold as slaves. We stop this from happening. We get them back.
Robert Robbet

Margot Robbet wakes up and heads downstairs of the large tower which is her home and finding her brother Robert Robbet and sister Orella Robbet eating breakfast she sits and eats with them having a long conversation about their days. The discussion between the three goes into the current status of their conflict with the Orcs to their east, and as they discuss things it becomes clear that Robert her elder brother has come to a new idea. It is decided that Margot will be the one that leads the raid against the orc fortress based out of the ruins of the once large town of Calleville east of their home in order to release a large number of human prisoners there including their uncle, and in order to distract the Orcs her brother and sister would lead forces to feign attack on the fortress and bring the Orcs to chase them down.

Rescuing Calleville

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Margot Robbet Cover Amazing2
My brother is right when he says we can save this land. We can save this land from the monsters who have taken it from us. We can do this.
Margot Robbet

When the horns go off from the forces of Robert Robbet it is Margot Robbet who knows that the forces of her brother have instigated their distraction, and with this she makes her move ordering her forces towards the eastern part of Calleville. Approaching the ruins they see the army of the Orcs following the forces of her brother and realizing the plan is working they make their way through the eastern gate and into the ruins where as they move in stealth they are still shocked at the lack of any kind of defense. With most of the Orc forces having left the ruins to chase the forces of Robert Robbet the Knights of the Quill led by Margot are able to kill their way through the few remaining in the garrison but as they reach the slave camp near the center of the ruins a fight breaks out and the Orcs set off an alarm which will within time bring in relief from the Orc forces around the town. Realizing that they are running short on time Margot has her forces form a defensive position around the slaves while she and several others release the slaves, and this allows them to beat back the relief as they come and release the slaves. Margot With the last of the slaves released she has not seen her uncle and despite wanting to search more its Anne Rigal that tells her that a large force of Orcs are making their way from the north towards them, and she gives the order to retreat from the town. As their defenses are slowly overwhelmed they make their way out of the ruins and as they pass the eastern gate its Margot that destroys the lever and then running to the top of the gatehouse she lets the orcs get close before she and Anne use Anne's magi to fly from the gate to their forces who have now gained a breathing distance between them and the relief forces.

Moving Southward

Leading them southward they make their way at great speed towards the horses that they had left for themselves and the hundred plus horses allow them to break southward and escape the Orc forces that are following, and with this cheers break out from the force as they realize that they have succeeded. Reaching the riverbank they make numerous trips across using large barge boats allowing them and the horses to get to the western side, and after nearly two hours of this the entire force has made their way from east to west, and Margot decides against camping wanting to get back to Tinterdale and thus marches the force for hours towards Tinterdale.

I looked into the distance and saw smoke. Smoke meant to me that everything was gone. I didn't need to see bodies, or ruins to know everything had changed.
Margot Robbet
Moving Southward

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With the Orcs in the courtyard dead she sees the destruction ot the north-east gate and meeting with First Knight Florentin Vidal she learns the orcs have broken through and will be moving into the unprotected farmlands, and with this she immediately orders Florentin to take command of fully regaining control of the courtyard while she leads the Knights of the Quill against those Orcs who got through. Traveling through the ruined gate they fight through several Orcs but mainly follow a trail of destruction left behind by those Orcs as they made their way through the farmlands. Arriving at a walled farm estate she takes part in a fight there helping the defenders beat back the Orcs and then is forced to split her forces as the Orcs had moved in two groups after failing to quickly take the walled estate, and leaves the other group to the command of Second Knight Sylvaine Tourneur while she leads the other group in the direction of the other Orc force. Moving through more farms they find no bodies anymore and realizing they are catching up they move with all haste towards the next farm of her friends family in House Genin. Arriving at the farm they find the Orc force still fighting and smash into them killing the orcs who are at this point more conserned with gathering slaves then they are of actually killing people meaning most of the farmers still live. With the Orcs dead she sends her Third Knight Charlotte Deslys with thirty of the thirty five fighters in her group to join Sylvaine and make sure she made out alright in fighting the other group, and she remains behind to help those who had been captured. As she is moving from person to person she comes upon her friend Aurelie Genin of whom is dying but reveals to her that she had been fighting with Margot's brother at the bridge when they had been betrayed by House Girault of whom had lowered the bridge allowing the Orcs to follow them back to Tinterland. Horrified that they have been betrayed by there own she tries her best to hide this as her friend dies in front of her, and after saying goodbye she is forced to regain control as the people are beginning to panic, and quickly ordering people to complete tasks and gives them something to keep busy with while she returns to the bridge and makes sure the crisis is over.

Discovering the Damage

Returning to the bridge castle she meets with Florentin, and Florentin's Second Knight Christian Delcroix of whom take her to the bridge where they watch as the Orcs mutilate and string up the Tinterland dead on pikes while the horrified defenders are forced to watch, and a tear falls from Margot as she watches as they put her fallen brother Robert up on Pike, and she realizes that she is now Dutchess of Tinterland.

Family Members


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