Lucerne Wiki

A list of places to go when your looking for Sigils, House Banners, or Flags.

Request for original Sigils, and other types of flags can also be made quite easily on Devientart if you want to pay the real dollars for it.

  • The Wiki site also has a lot of country coats of arms which can be adjusted to use as a houses of choice.
  • John Jennetteart tumblr site has a ton of Game of Thrones House designs.
  • [5] a roleplay website with a lot of heraldry.
  • free copy and paste

Elven Flags

Devient Art


  • Not a lot of icons available but effective flag maker.[6]
  • Need your own images, but if you have an icon then your in business. [7]
  • Excellent maker. Costs money. [8]

Nippon Site

  • Sengoku Jidai Fandom


  • Zakynthos Island, Greece - Cool Island

Castle Generator