Roose Bolten

Roose Bolten is the son of Kyle, and Mena Bolten making him the patriarch of House Bolten, as well as the Lord of Dreadfort, and the King of the Kingdom of Bolten. Roose Bolten has three siblings in the form of Kyle, Dickon, and Betha of which his sister Betha Bolten who died while giving birth to her third child, and his two older brothers were brash young knights raised to work together for a future rulership of Bolten but became violently obsessed with the other's death and eventually both died after they poisoned their practise blades before fighting a mock duel. Roose was married to Barbrey Ryswell and together the two have two children in Ramsey, and Domeric Bolten of which Ramsey Bolten is the current heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Bolten, as well as the patriarchy of House Bolten, while Domeric is a truly great knight that would be perfect in almost every other kingdom but in Bolten he finds himself at odds with the ideology of the Kingdom of Bolten, and his family.

Roose Bolten was born into the relatively evil, but also supremely powerful House Bolten, and in his early years he was groomed as a perfect knight much in the way he groomed young Domeric. His training in this was different then his two older brothers of whom were raised to lead the Kingdom while he was raised to be an important cog in the kingdom but not the entirety of it. This changed with the death of his uncle whom had a huge effect on him, and following this Roose Bolten begin to the approach of having him self leeched which he believes cures him of all illnesses, but along with this he has become quite detatched emotionally, and he very rarely becomes angry, sad, or anything for that matter. This has slowly meant that he has become increasinly hawkish in his behavior towards those around him as he growingly does not understand the emotions of others. His main relationships have remained but he is a much more distant leader then much of the other leaders of the region, and he leads through fear more then love in most ways. Recetly he would move his forces towards aggresive conflict with the Kingdom of Lucerne when he ordered them to take control of the two allies of Lucerne in the form of Koenisburg, and Jeutenburg. While he was planning this he was watching with great fear as his son Ramsey would continuesly try and murder his heir in the form of Domeric Bolten, and only his constant efforts would keep Domeric alive in a house that was more and more moving towards Ramsey's way of thinking. Following the death of Domeric Bolten during the siege of Hornwood whatever remained of Roose Bolten died, and he locked himself and his hostages within the walls of Dreadfort where he silently prepared for the destruction of his house. Unknown to him his bastard son Ramsey would travel to Mordor where during this trip he enlisted the help of the Iron Islands, and Mordor and by the time he returned Roose was no longer willing to even resist despite the fact that he knew that Ramsey was going to kill him.


Roose is patient with a cold cunning, possessing a skill for strategy and a calculating nature. His body is "soft hairless". He is of average size and is "not handsome but not quite plain", with his only noticeable feature being his eerie eyes, which are as pale and strange as two white moons, to Jaime they are paler than stone, darker than milk. His skin is pasty white, most likely due to the leechings. His voice is spider soft.

His face was clean shaved, smooth skinned, ordinary, not handsome but not quite plain . Though Roose had been in battles, he bore no scars. Though well past forty, he was as yet unwrinkled, with scarce a line to tell of the passage of time. His lips were so thin that when he pressed them together they seem to vanish altogether.
There was an agelessness to about him, a stillness; on Roose Bolton’s face, rage and joy looked much the same. All he and Ramsay had in common were their eyes. His eyes are ice. Reek wondered if he ever cried. If so, do the tears feel cold upon his cheeks?
Once, a boy called Theon Greyjoy had enjoyed tweaking Bolton as they sat at council with Robb Stark, mocking his soft voice and making japes about leeches. He must have been mad. This is no man to jape with. You had only to look at Bolton to know that he had more cruelty in his pinky toe than all the Freys combined.


Early History

He was changed so utterly following the death of his uncle, that if you knew him before you would not have even recegnized the Roose Bolten that emerged years later after all that leeching."
-Unknown Man of Bolten

Roose Bolten was born into the relatively evil, but also supremely powerful House Bolten, and in his early years he was groomed as a perfect knight much in the way he groomed young Domeric. This changed with the death of his uncle whom had a huge effect on him, and following this Roose Bolten begin to the approach of having him self leeched which he believes cures him of all illnesses, but along with this he has become quite detatched emotionally, and he very rarely becomes angry, sad, or anything for that matter. This has slowly meant that he has become increasinly hawkish in his behavior towards those around him as he growingly does not understand the emotions of others.


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King of Bolten


The Harp

War of the Harp

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While travelling between Dreadfort, and Karhold Roose Bolten and his gaurds were stopped by a single man who stood in the road blocking their path. The gaurds threatened him with death, and he moved, but the disrespect was too much for Roose Bolten who bolted off his horse and ran at the man. As he was about to kill the man the mysterious man told him that if they went to Pontus then they would gain perhaps the most powerful object in the entire region called the "Harp". The Harp was a legendary item of unimagineable power which could if used by someone with enough Dragon's blood be used to litterly call dragons to its sound.

Unfortunatly for House Bolten, and the Kingdom of Bolten they were not the only ones offered this deal as the mysterious man was a servent of Malekor, and was attempting to cause the destruction of Westros through the destruction of Pontus, which would weaken the entire region. Following his meeting with House Targaryan he used other servents to offer the same deal to the leadership of Harrenhall, Iron Islands, Kingdom of Bolten, and the Easterlings. With all these parties now obsessed with the hope of getting the "Harp" from Pontus the armies of these nations headed towards Pontus.

The Near War

Meeting at the Dreadfort

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The Bolten Decision
I thought if I supported you, then you would stop. I thought you could be bargained with Ramsey. I was so wrong. I should have never supported you. I should have supported my only true son.
Rodrik Cassel
I wanted him to stop. I spoke to him with all the love I had in me for my brother, and yet all it did was make him believe I wanted him dead. What was there left for me when he refused reason.
Domeric Bolten

Domeric Bolten would travel to Hornwood so that he could attend a tournament they were holding there, and also so that he could see Halys Hornwood and his family of whom he knew very well and loved as his own family. Arriving there Halys would tell him that he had sent some of his men to follow Ramsey Bolten around, and from this had discovered that Ramsey had a small keep north of the Dreadfort and would use it to capture, chase, and then rape and kill women. Learning this as well as the plans that Ramsey was beggining to form alongside the power he was gaining Domeric would return to the Dreadfort with Halys, and several of the Hornwood vassals. Domeric and his party would meet Rodrik Cassel a little west of Hornwood where he was awaiting more boats for transport for himself and his vassals, and from Rodrik they learned that followed Domeric leaving the Dreadfort Ramsey had called a meeting of the Kingdom of Bolten, and Rodrik was already running late.

When we met Rodrik Cassel on the road it was a chance meeting. We weren't moving at a very high speed, and had we not of we would have taken the land route instead of the boat with him, and we would have missed the meeting.
Domeric Bolten

Taking a ride with the Cassel force Domeric and the Hornwood forces would reach the Dreadfort days before they would if they had been marching, and would arrive just hours before the meetings were to begin. Domeric would have a long talk with Josh Cole of whom warns Domeric that the Karstark's and the Urnet's are solidly behind Ramsey and that he and his forces will not follow Domeric into a conflict they cannot win. Hearing of the Karstark's joining with Ramsey Domeric meets with Halys Hornwood but finds he has come with a sickness and can barely move forcing Daryn Hornwood to join the meeting as the head of House Hornwood. Arriving at the meeting Ramsey, and Mallador Locke would taunt Daryn over the sickness of his father and would carefully make it known that they were the reason behind the sickness. The arrival of Trevor Hayford would stall the argument and they all entered the Dreadfort Keep where the meeting took place.

Domeric Bolten Cover
Ramsey was chaos, while Domeric was order. It will forever be the great shame of this land that we allowed chaos to grow. We all stood and watched as Domeric resisted, and was struck down. We all sat and we all watched as Chaos was allow to do that. We should be ashamed.
Daryn Hornwood

Entering the meeting the assembled noblemen would hear a speach from Roose Bolten which to the shock of many inside the room was praising towards Ramsey, and slightly insulting towards Domeric. This speach did much to turn many of those who might have followed Domeric, and turned them towards listening to Ramsey instead. Following this Rickard Karstark spoke of growing attacks by Dragonoph fanatics sent by the Kingdom of Lucerne against the western border of the Karstark lands, and Domeric would stand during this and tell the assembled that these attacks were not happening. Ramsey would attack Domerics honor and call him a liar who was secretly in the pay for the Lucernians which noone believed but turned the attention away from the lie about the Lucernian attacks on the Karstarks. Daryn Hornwood did his best to speak on the side of Domeric but was shouted down by the Locke's and Urnets of whom laughed at Daryn and rediculed his lands, and his weakened father. As things broke down and it became clear that Ramsey was going to have the war he wanted, Domeric would look across at Josh Cole and saw him smiling sadly at him, and as the meeting ended Domeric went after Josh Cole and spoke with him alongside Daryn Hornwood. Josh Cole told Domeric once again that the Cole's were not willing to die for some wasted war that the insane Ramsey Bolten wanted, and that Josh Cole was not going to do it, and Domeric realizing this could mean turning to the Lucernians, or staying neutral attempted to persaude him, but despite respecting Domeric there was no agreement from Josh.

I could litteraly feel the moment when hope died. He stood and he told everyone there a giant lie, and they all believed him. I knew the truth, and I knew what would happen if we did this. I knew their numbers. I knew their quality. I knew a lot about the Kingdom of Lucerne, and I knew that we were not a match for them. Not now.
Domeric Bolten

Domeric in that moment knew things were darkening in Bolten, and warned Daryn to take his father and their vassals and return to Hornwood and prepare the army because he would need them when the time came. Doing this Domeric was left alone and went to see his father of whom would be in his throne room with Rickard Karstark. Speaking with the two of them Domeric got the sence that neither agreed with Ramsey, but couldn't get them to tell him why they had sided with him, but Roose did tell Domeric that he needed to follow Ramsey this time, or else. When he resisted this Roose would command it as his king, and knowing the honor bound Domeric would follow this he left the room with the horrifying thought of having to follow Ramsey and his madness.

Conflict with Lucerne

The Siege of Hornwood

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Death of Roose Bolten

Roose Bolten Wide
It was the final move for Ramsey. He had always wanted to be alone in this family, and he would finally have his wish.
Roose Bolten

Following his succesful trip to the Iron Islands and then Mordor Ramsey would return to the port of Dreadfort with the knowledge that he had won the power of two massive armies, and the survival of his rule might now be possible. Deciding that his father was no longer worthy of living he would brag nearly the last few days of the trip that he was going to murder his father, and since most of "Ramsey's Bastards" were loyal to Roose they would send a raven ahead of the ship which told Roose that Ramsey planned to kill him, and asking Roose what they should do. Realizing that he could easily stop the assasination he would instead send no word back, and ordered House Marsh and their vassals to not resist his landing. 

Sandor Dregane Large2
Everyone in this entire kingdom knew exactly the person that Ramsey was. So while some may be just hateful towards Roose it is a clear distinction. Roose while twisted in the mind wants a genuinly peaceful realm. Ramsey while twisted in the mind cares nothing for the kingdom and just wants to see things burn for no reason more then watching everything die.
Daryn Hornwood

At this point with Ramsey entering the port, and along with his men making their way towards the Dreadfort it was Roose that begin to plot the final moments of what he knew to be his life. Roose firstly met with his kingsgard and one by one moved them away from him so that they would not die trying to protect him when Ramsey arrived. Three of the five kingsgard he placted this way by sending them southward to Castle Horgut where they would defend the castle alongside the commanders there. The other two in the form of Sandor Dregane, and Urren Sliten he would send to find Misha Bolten in order to get her out of the city. Wondering where they would go after that Roose told them that they were to go to Hayford and surrender themselves to the Lucernians, and from their swear oaths to Lucerne as protectors of Misha. It was around this point that Ramsey was within a few hours of the city, and thus Roose visited several nobles in the city, and commanded them to leave as well sending many on specific routes that would lead them to be captured by the Lucernian forces. In his final hours waiting for Roose to get to the city he would do these things before he finally sat alone in his throne room having dismissed all of his gaurds and sent away everyone loyal to him.

The Act

What he did in his final moments cannot make good what he had done before he came to his moral understanding but...but atleast he attempted to make his life somewhat less of a travesty.
Daryn Hornwood

Ramsey entered the city to no celebration, and besides the opening of gates, and the stomping of his men beside him the entire city was filled with the sounds of nothing but fear and silence. Ramsey would enter the keep where he found all the gates, and doors ungarded and was in this moment discusted by what he believed was the complete failure in his father. Entering the throne room of his father he would confront him, and make it very clear from the first moment he entered that Roose was going to die. Roose begged him to make him understand why Domeric had to die, and that infuriated Ramsey who couldn't take that Domeric was till being mentioned while in his own mind he had just went on a trip that would save Bolten. Warning his father to stop speaking of Domeric unless he wished to die sooner, his father would move closer grap him by the shoulders and say that his time was over and now he was ready to see his true son again. Upon hearing that Ramsey would murder him, and so filled with rage was he that he obliterated much of his body leaving nothing but tattered remains. Ramsey from this point would crown himself and parade throughout the Dreadfort with his Bastards controlling the resistence that might have been created in the city. As this was going on Sandor Dregane, and Urren Sliten would be forced to hide as they had yet to find Misha Bolten, and because of this they were nearly caught by brigands now swarming to join Ramsey's court. Ramsey at this point attempted to find the Roose loyalists in the city, but discovered that the day he was arriving his father had sent away hundreds of nobles, while sending away his own kingsgard. Naming five of his bastards to the kingsgard he would return to the throne room, and begin ruling over the kingdom he had now stolen from his brother, and then his father.

Family Members


Rodrik Ryswell

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Rodrik Ryswell
I gave him my sister. I gave my third son his name. I married my daughter to his bastard son. I did all of those things because in my heart I believed him a man of substance. I was wrong, and I got so many people killed.
Rodrik Ryswell

Roose Bolten, and Rodrik Ryswell would come to know eachother when Rodrik joined Rickard Karstark, and Yohn Urnet in becoming the "Honored Guests of House Bolten" of which was basically the position of the noble sons of high ranking Lords in Bolten. During this time Roose, and Rodrik grew to become close friends, and alongside the other major lords they formed a friendship that would eventually they all knew would become a leadership sect within the Kingdom of Bolten. After Rodrik became the Lord of House Ryswell he left the Dreadfort but he would marry his sister off to Roose in a marriage that would further tie the friends together. Rodrik watched from afar as his friend has a child with his sister in the form of his nephew Domeric Bolten, and Rodrik came to love Domeric as another son. The death of Barbrey Ryswell would weaken them somewhat but in short succesion Rodrik married his eldest daughter Bethany off to Ramsey Bolten the bastard of Roose, and then named his third son Roose after his friend. When Rodrik learned of the murder of his eldest daughter by Ramsey he was outraged beyond control, and alongside his second son Rickard he would travel to the Dreadfort and demand the punishment of Ramsey Bolten.

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