Noble Titans
Loyalty Thunderlands of Valhalla
Story Role
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Vital statistics
Generation 3
Role Former Title
  • Minor Goddess of the Mountains

Current Titles

  • The Third Shieldmaiden
Alias Placeholder
Status Alive
Titan Details
Form Taken Valkyrie
Created Races None
Father Odin
Mother Siggi
Siblings Placeholder
Internal Family
Spouse Placeholder
Children Placeholder

Roswita is a third generation Titan created the daughter of Odin, and Siggi and thus a member of the Titan Race and at her birth she was a Minor God of the Mountains but eventually became one of the Five Shield maidens of the Valkyrie.

While Siggi is the mother of the Valkyrie and it is through her that the Valkyrie as a race were created through her marriage with Odin it is Roswita that is perhaps the most active of the Valkyrie and is a trusted member of their leadership.

Roswita would be sent by Odin to France in order to assist the Franks of France in their Frankish Crusade and during this time she went up against Lisiana Eisenburg as well as Hercuso Vashenesh but was able to defeat both and watched the victory of the Franks of France and the changing of Europe by extension. Durova Kirur would be taken into the Valkeryies by Roswita of whom travelled to Rus on the command of her mother Siggi and father Odin in order to kill or capture Ivana Rurik, but found this unable to be accomplished and thus kidnapped Durova. Roswita would be sent to the Kingdom of Lucerne by Odin of whom had discovered the infiltration of the forces of Flemeth in the land and sent Roswita to use thier newly controlled Morrigan in their own mission of delaying the destruction of Tree Hill. Roswita would take on the persona of Caryl Todrinnel during the events of the Siege of Tree Hill and during this time would become a trusted confidant to Lucas Scott of whom she attempted to revitalize a belief in Glaurung and the Dragonoph religion of which had clearly diminished following everything that had happened.


Early History

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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Rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia

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The Siege of Tree Hill

Family Members


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