"Sauron was only less evil than his master in that for long he served another and not himself."
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Vital statistics
Title Dark Lord of Sauron
Alias Unnoficial Titles
  • The Dark Lord

Original Name

  • Velkan Silivia
Race Romanian/Titan
Status Alive
Allegiance Malekor

Sauron or "Velkan Silivia, or The Great Evil" is the Dark Lord of Mordor, and one of the principle Lords of the Dark Chaos Lord Malekor, as well as the Lord and Patriarch of House Silivia. He is responsible for much of the darkness that now spreads throughout the world through the different evil acts he has caused throughout his life. He caused the Downfall of Numeron which ended the largest and most influencial Human Kingdom in history, and through his guidence the Orcs are spreading at an alarming rate. He also is in a control position with two Human Kingdoms (Umbar, The Easterlings Kingdom of Rhun) who have fallen to darkness. Finally his actions led to the birth of Nagash of which would eventually cause the creation of Vampires in the world, and the death of Jesus as he was nearing plans to conquer Africanas.

Sauron was created by the Dark Chaos God Malekor after he realized that in order for this plans on Earth to come to pass he would need someone with great strategic depth to his mind, and someone who was also a mortal in all the ways that mattered. The only son of the Evil God Malekor he was born in Croatia where he lived for many years as a believed Numenorian which was used to explain his long lifespan, and during this time he was generally a noble man, but Malekor would intervene and cause him to have terribly violent dreams which led to him seeing Malekor's other child in his sister Flemeth of whome told him of his birth. Following this interaction he slowly lost his mind as the knowledge of what he was began to become aware to him and this would lead to him form a group of dark mercenaries of whom he led as a sort of dark Mercenary army that went across the Empire of Numeron during their time on Atlantis. During the Downfall of Atlantis he would return to Europe where he came to live within the eastern Gondorian city of Osgiliath for many years leading a mercenary force of the same reputation as the one he led on Atlantis. Eventually discovered for his behavior he was exiled from Numeron, and came to wander in the wilds of Mordor where near death he was saved by Malekor of whom helped him build a mighty portal to Africanas where he would be told to corupt the Greenskins. Corupting the Orcs over time he would return them to Mordor and calling them Mordor Orcs, and using them Sauron would build the Empire of Mordor while at the same time converting many of the Numenorians into his alliance and causing the Downfall of Numeron. Following the Downfall of Numeron he would do many things of which his destruction of much of the Kingdom of Gondor would be the most well known but he was also responsible for the birth of his first and only son in Nagash of whome he gave commands to destroy the Man God Jesus of which would change the course of human history.

Sauron is not truly the ruler of his plans, and he is constantly given tasks by his true master in Malekor. Sauron is one of very few living men who knows what the final plan of Malekor is, and even he is probably been told lies, in order to follow the plan.


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Early History

I was born in Croatia. Lived my life peacefully with my parents until one day I started having these dreams. A women told me something about the dreams and I've been running from her truth ever since.

Sauron was born in the Romanian Slavic city of Palias in southern Croatia as Velkan Silivia of whom believed he was the son of two merchants. The truth was kept from him as in fact he was the son of Malekor a chaos god who had been thought destroyed during the First War with Chaos. In fact Malekor had survived and had sought out a male heir to himself, and after going through the different races as options he finally settled on the human race. After centuries of failed attempts which led to the death of hundreds of women in these failed attemtps and only Flemeth as a sort of success it would be Sauron that was finnally born inside Croatia. In Sauron Malekor imprinted all of his malice, hate, and power and then waited for the day that Sauron would come find him so that he could teach his son the meaning of what he was born for. During this time Malekor made his daughter Flemeth of whome had resulted from another of the birthing attempts to make sure she kept a watchful eye of Sauron, and so silently during his birth and for his early life he would be constantly shadowed by Flemeth the Dark Daughter of Malekor.

Falling in Love

Ethirien Gilrio and Sauron2
There love was pure. It was the thing that could have kept his dark soul from ever coming out.

Velkan would grow up in the peaceful live of the Romanians of Croatia and thus grew up with a gentle and honorable heart of which continued well into his teenage years when he first met the High Elf Ethirien Gilrio of whom visited the city of Palias with her father of whom was the Elven Lord of the High Elven Port of Tel Unerith near modern day Dol Amroth. Velkan would fall in love with Ethirien of whom also fell in love with him although her father hated Velkan as he was a Magi and senced great evil within Sauron of which had still yet to come to pass due to Sauron's continued rejection of turning evil. Growing into love together she would become pregnent with his child causing her father to exile her from Tel Unerith back to Ulthuan but he told Velkan that she had died and forbade him from ever entering the lands of the Elves with pain of death in order to further punish him. Trying desperately to find out what had happened to her it would be Velkan that tried to sneak into the city of Tel Unerith where he would be helped in this task by Flemeth of whom took on the form of the High Priestess of Palias. Flemeth would during this time begin the corruption of Velkan marking him with spells during his sleep as they traveled from Palias to Tel Unerith and it was on the night before their arrival in Tel Unerith when he would have the first nightmare. Starting that night he would begin to have terrible dreams nearly every night, and sometimes the dreams would spill into his day causing him to have extremely violent and evil thoughts. Entering the city of Tel Unerith he would be led to agents of Malekor in the city in the form of several Dark Elves of whom would tell him lies that Etherien was in fact dead but had been murdered by her father after becoming pregnant and wanting to run away with Velkan. Overcome with rage Velkan would with the pushing of Flemeth and the Dark Elves begin a War between Palias and Tel Unerith in order to get revenge on Ethirien's "murderer".

War with Tel Unerith

The forces of Tel Unerith had long relied upon their reputation as a member of the Atmer Empire to protect themselves but at this point there defenses were minimal especially considering the recent High Elven Civil War as well as the expansion of the Numenorians into Europe further weakening them of which all together led to the city of Tel Unerith having less then five hundred soldiers defending a city of some twenty five thousand. Velkan assisted by Flemeth who was playing the role of High Priestess of Palias would rally to Velkan some fifteen thousand soldiers and then also was able to rally a fleet from throughout the human merchants of Croatia of which allowed the human forces to surround Tel Unerith and cut off the port itself with its fleet. The Battle of Tel Unerith was quick as the lack of defenders led to the human army breaking within the city during the first attack and breaking inside agents of Malekor and Flemeth would instigate a large scale massacre of which Velkan would attempt to stop but was unable to of which became something he would blame himself for later.

Returning to the High Priestess

Following the destruction of Tel Unerith Velkan would return to Palias where he would attempt to return to normality but he was still troubled every night by increasingly violent and evil dreams of which begin to slip into happening when he was awake. After years of repressing this he finnally returned to the High Priestess and begged her to help him find out what was wrong with him, and she told him that he was filled with the demon Malekor. At first he thought the women to be insane telling him that he was possessed by a demon, but as time went on and the thoughts got worse and worse he came to want to know more. He went back to the High Priestess and when she was unable to tell him more he broke out into a fit of rage and after she begin to taunt him about the death of Etherien he would become unstoppable in his resistance to his darkness and brutally murdered her. Following the supposed murder of the High Priestess he would be forced to flee Palias and would flee northwest towards the supposed solitude of the Empire of Numeron colony in the form of Umbar. Remaining in Umbar for some time he would have many interactions with agents of Malekor of whom attempted to continue his push into darkness of which they had great success as Velkan by this point was desperate for company, and remaining in Umbar for some time he joined a Numenorian mercenary group working in the Umbar region.



Working out of Umbar he would join this Malekor aligned mercenary group as they committed atrocities on ports of northern Africanas of which was also an attempt to get Sauron used to northern Africanas where Malekor attempted to have him stay and begin his empire believing it was the easiest spot, but he constantly evaded this attempt driven by a desire to go to Ulthuan and hopefully find out more about the death of Etherien. Eventually this drive would lead to him leaving the Umbar mercenaries and travelling to Atlantis where he would become a mercenary in the service of Numenor, after finding no other work satisfactory to his silently growing blood lust. As a mercenary he began to personify the very evil he was hiding from, and before he even knew what was happening he became known as a brutal mercenary who you hired when you needed a really brutal mission done. He constantly was in his own mind about the kind of noble and honest person that he was and how proud of himself he was because he was able to overcome his evil birth and be a good person. These delusions continued even as he committed heinous acts against the people of Europe as over the course of these years he was responsible for more rapes, murders, massacres and killings then almost anyone else in Europe. So bad did he become that eventually even the increasingly morally bankrupt Numenor began to want him stopped. They attempted on numerous occasions to send men against him but each time he was aided by his benefactor in Malekor of whom begin once again visiting him, and it was these visits that caused the destruction of his delusional version of himself. As he gave into the words of his father he grew into the very person that his father had envisioned when he had went about creating Sauron. Malekor would transport him to the Fade of which was a place that very few humans had ever entered, and while he was their Malekor subjected him to what was in his own mind centuries of tests and tortures but in fact he was only their for seconds. In the last part of his training before he could become the true Lord of Melekor's Earth forces Sauron was forced to fight Morgoth in what everyone knew was a fight that he could not win but it was more about creating a sense of shame in the young man. Morgoth won the fight easily and instead of being killed as he though Sauron was released and given massive powers by his father to assist him.

Rise of Sauron

Rise of the Dark Lord
He rose to promince amid the ruins of the Numenorians. Hiding in their rotten corpse noone noticed as he corupted everything around him.
I met him once. He was in jail for butchering some town in western Africanas. I remember thinking that I was looking at a dead mean with the evidence against him. I guess I was wrong.
Fingolfin Feanor

With the knowledge of what he was, he now lost all traces of Velkan, and became what his evil father wished him to become in a tool of Evil. Changing his name to Sauron he wandered the Earth for hundreds honing his abilities attempting to find a way to become greater then his father. Travelling to far away Cathay he would hone his abilities for almost a hundred years before finally Malekor became enraged by the delays of Sauron and when he couldn't convinse Sauron himself Malekor sent his champion Morgoth down to Europe where he made Sauron understand that he needed to become greater now and to stop waiting for things. Returning to Europe he traveled to his ancient homeland of Palias where he would instigate a religious revolt in the city rallying the people of Palias to his side before moving north where he he discovered the Mountains of Mordor. Finally Sauron discovered the place that would become his fortress in the form of the fire wracked mountains of Mordor, and begin to set down roots in the land of which was controlled in part by the Empire of Numeron, but the Emperor of Numeron saw little economic possibility in Mordor and left it mainly in the control of a client state in the form of the Kingdom of Mordor. Arriving from the east into Mordor with his army of Palias he was able to trick the King of Mordor into allowing him in as a vassal of the Kingdom of Mordor and would settle in the lands of northern Mordor wherein he made great efforts to appear to be a loyal vassal, and with the freedom this provided he secretly had his forces build himself a great gateway deep in the mountains of Mount Doom, and from there he planned to teleport to the continent of Africanas. Before he could do this Sauron would begin the construction of the devices that would be responsible for the corruption and destruction of untold lives, and lands in the form of the Rings of Power.

Rings of Power

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Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them

One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

-Song of the Rings

Sauron understood that he needed a way into the minds of the Numenorians and so he devised the plan of creating devises that would corrupt individuals within the Numenorians and others into following him into darkness. Sauron understood the crafting of the devices but needed someone else to create them so that the world would take them and not believe they were being corrupted, At first he approached the Sindar Elves of the forests of Europe and in High Forest he was turned away, as he was in Athel Loren. He attempted to get the Dwarves to craft them but they barred him entrance. Finally Sauron had better luck with the Elven-smiths of Eregion to whom he presented under the alias of Annatar, an emissary from the High Elves. The Gwaith-i-Mírdain of Eregion were mostly High Elves and wished to have the same joys in their Kingdom as the Elves who had returned to Ulthuan had received, and with this in mind the Elves of Eregion started to make the Rings with knowledge gained from Annatar. The Rings were of various kinds: the lesser rings were only essays in the craft before it was full-grown. The Greater 16 were created, and the Elves of Eregion begin to send them throughout the world just as Sauron had convinced them to do, with some going to Elves, some going to Dwarves, and the ones meant for the humans were given to Annatar as a gift to him so that he could give them to the humans himself. When Annatar departed from Eregion, Celebrimbor Mirdrain went on to forge the Three Rings of the Elves using the knowledge he had gained from him, but without his involvement, and finished them around the time that Sauron begin crafting his own personal ring.
The One Ring

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The One Ring

The One Ring was created by the Dark Lord Sauron following his departure from Eregion in order to enlarge his own might by combining it with the power of the Elven smiths, and thus to give him control over the other Rings of Power, which had been made by Celebrimbor and his people with Sauron's assistance. Sauron forged the One Ring secretly in the fires of Mount Doom. His will was then inside a Ring that could control the other Rings. Thus, he was more powerful than ever before when he wore the Ring, but became much weaker when he lost it. Though it appeared to be made of simple gold, the Ring was virtually impervious to damage, and could only be destroyed by throwing it into the pit of the volcanic Mount Doom in which it had originally been forged. This Ring also basically meant that unless you destroyed the ring you could never truly kill Sauron because a piece of him was inside of the Ring and would never leave the world while the Ring still lived. With his means of corupting the humans of Europe in place he would decide on his next stage when he left Mordor through his portal into the lands of Africanas. When he arrived in Africanas he saw much of what he saw in Europe, in that Africanas too had Growing Kingdom of Humans and small groupings of other races. It was in the southwest of Africanas that he would discover the Orcs and with them he would find his foot soldiers.

Controlling the Orcs

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Ancient Orcs of Mordor
The Orcs were a docile people. They had kept to themselves in the west of Africanas without real incident. Seeing them again in Mordor it was horrifying see the cost of dealing with Sauron.
Fingolfin Feanor

The Orcs at this point were not even close to becoming the massively powerful creatures they would one day become, and they were still all completely Ferel Orcs as the High Orcs had not yet risen and caused the expansion of the Orcish Race. In these mindless creatures Sauron saw something that he didn't think the humans would ever be able to show them in the Orcs lack of morals or ethics and their simple mindless ability to follow simple commands to the letter. So in this primitive state it was simple for Suaron to gain their loyalty through a series of kind acts and uplifting members of their tribes into positions of power and then causing these uplifted Orcs to become obsessed with him. As his control over these Orcs grew he begin moving many of these Sauron loyalist Orcs towards his great portal in Africanas and from here he told them of the greatness of his Empire and they fell in love with this idea. With their control now a done deal he was able to transport large numbers of these ancient Feral Orcs back to Mordor where he hid them in the eastern canyons of the mountain range and slowly built them into his own personal army. 

Building Mordor
It wasn't always this bleak. There used to be light in Mordor.
Unknown Sribe

With his army expanding dramatically in number and organization Sauron would continue his corruption of the Numenorian client nation in the form of the Kingdom of Mordor of whom was ruled at the time by King Aedheld Nelya. Aedheld would reject Sauron's offering of a Ring of Power but dejected at first Sauron found a willing taker of the Ring of Power in the form of Aedheld's son Ulaire of whom took the Ring and was swiftly corrupted by Sauron. Using Ulaire he would take control of the Kingdom of Mordor causing a coup which wiped out the members of the Monarchy resistant to his rise, and with this in place he used Ulaire as a puppet on the throne of Mordor as he went about his real task which was to construct a capital from wherein he could conquer all of Mordor. With his holdings in eastern Mordor established Sauron begin setting them to work creating the massive fortress of Barad-Dur where he would create the centerpiece of the Empire he was building. The Mordor Orcs would grow quickly into a large army mainly in the canyons of the eastern parts of Mordor, and it was here that they begin to be noticed by the Empire of Numeron. Being noticed was exactly what Sauron wanted as he wanted to create a reason for the Numenorian expansion to stop moving eastward as he wanted time to grow, and at the same time he wanted to take control over Harad which would be difficult if they kept moving eastward. He used his massive powers and the untold thousands of Orcs now populating the Mordor region to quickly finish Barad-Dur and then with its creation he also created numerous fortresses, and towns throughout eastern Mordor which allowed for the creation of even more Mordor Orcs to the point that he knew he was ready for the Numenorians. He would begin by assaulting the Numenorian fortress of Tol-Durthang of which would be known by the Orcs as Durthang of which was the massive Numenorian fortress that was once meant to control the entire Mordor range but now simply blocked Sauron's advance westward. These attacks were shocking to the defenders of Tol-Durthang as until this point Sauron was still deemed to be a small player that controlled the Kingdom of Mordor but his control of the Orcs was something that none within the Numenorian government had come to fathom. Despite being outnumbered by a massive margin the Numenorian defenders were able to hold against the forces of Mordor but were weakened and thus called for assistance from the mainland.

Defence of Fingon Feanor

Following this call for assistance the Empire of Numeron would arrive with a large army nearly two years after the completion of Barad-Dur and when they arrived it was the powerful High Elf Fingon Feanor that would be leading the army of Numeron alongside the Prince of Gondor in the form of Tur-Ilderion Elessar, and his younger brother Tar-Teldrion Elessar from House Elessar. Alongside the two princes of House Elessar would silently be the princess of Gondor in the form Ar-Erella Elessar of whom dawned the equipment of a regular man at arms and joined her beloved brothers in joining the fight, and her Magi control was something that she believed would be of great assistance. The arrival of Fingon, and Ilderion's army would lead to the end of the siege of Tol-Durthang with the Orcs, and forces of Mordor retreating back from Tol-Durthang out of sight of the fortress awaiting the movement of the Numenorian army. Fingon joined by all seven of his sons and the army of the Numenorians massed this force at the fortress of Tol-Durthang and from here he was able to spy the edges of the giant fortress of Barad-Dur of which the creation of was the main reason for the arrival of he and his army. Fingon was an ancient High Elf as he had been born on Ulthuan before the coming of Chaos so he was still a little arrogant about the power of the High Elves and thus he was prepared to quickly beat this pathetic race that resisted them and then take control of Mordor for the Empire of Numeron of whom he now swore loyalty too. As his army moved towards Barad-Dur they underwent nearly constant assaults from large groups of a strange green skinned race they knew to be denizens of Africanas, and these attacks caused large casualties to his army and the closer they got the more numerous these forces became. Fingon Feanor would never reach Barad-Dur as his army would be wiped out when Sauron himself came to the front of the Numenorian army and joined by his sister Flemeth, and thousands of Orcs surrounded his army and they proceeded to wipe them out. During the massacre three of the Nazgul in the form of Adunaphel the Wroth, Ulaire Nelya, and IsilmoTwo of Fingon's sons were killed during the Battle and only a few dozen Numenorian survived the Battle including Fingon, and his five remaining sons, but also among the dead were the two princes of Gondor which was a major blow to House Elessar.
Ar-Erella Elessar Wide
Also during the massacre Erella Elessar would be captured after her Magi abilities were discovered by Flemeth and captured by Flemeth she was brought back to the Korcani Wilds where she would be tortured for years on end. Eventually her torture would end with her suicide and turning into a "Daughter of Flemeth" of which she became one of the earliest members of the Daughters of Flemeth. Fingon Feanor would remain in Tol-Durthang but forced his sons to return to Ulthuan while he remained for many years holding the fortress against the forces of Mordor, and during this time he would become completely discouraged by the turn of events as he would watch as Sauron destroyed the Empire of Numeron through the use of puppets and then a century late he watched as the successor Kingdom of Gondor abandoned Tol-Durthang for the more easily defended city of Minus Telif. With the abandonment of Tol-Durthang he would leave the Kingdom of Gondor and travel north where he created a farmstead in Denmark that he has lived in ever since not wishing to see his family after his failure. Also among those affected was Tari-Aurelian Titus of whom was captured during the fighting and was brought before the Dark Lord Sauron himself and while his low status was too low to offer him a ring of power Aurelian would be corrupted by the words of Sauron and became a Black Numenorian before returning to the ranks of his family in Gondor where he lied stating he had escaped and his overjoyed family did little to question him trusting him wholly.

A Son

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Since the loss of Ethirien and their daughter Sauron had wanted a heir to his throne, and most of all someone who wasn't completely subserviant to his master Malekor. In this way Sauron travelled Europe and attempted to spawn a child with many women, but each time the birth ended with disaster. Hundreds of women were brought from all across Europe by his servents in the hopes that one of them would allow for the creation of his heir but each time the result was a pregnancy that led to nothing more then the women's death. Beyond frustrated he turned to his sister Flemeth in his time of need and headed to her Korcani WIlds. It was only when he visited his old friend Flemeth that he was finally sucesful. The evil that inhabited the body of Flemeth allowed for the evil in Sauron to survive the birth, and in this way Flemeth gave birth to Sauron's son Nagash. With the child's birth something changed in Flemeth as she cared something for this child, but for Sauron this affected him little and he simply told her he was going to take the child now. When he said this she was asstounded and refused to allow him to take the child, and to that he laughed at her before nearly killing her with his awsome Magi powers. With Flemeth broken Sauron took their child and returned to Mordor where he named his heir Nagash, which meant in his ancestor's toung the chosen son.


Malekor the Lord of Deciept and Plots.

Training Nagash

With his young son growing the usually cruel and violent Sauron found what little emotion he had swelled when he saw him grow. Every day the two would talk of Magi, and each day Nagash would grow stronger and stronger and the two became closer and closer. During this time Sauron and Nagash spoke openly about the dark plans that they would do together as a masterful father and son pair, and they prepared the army of Mordor to assault to Empire of Numeron but before they could do this they were visited by their true parentage in Malekor.

"To see the fruits of my endless fucking of your pathetic race gives me great pride my children, but now is not the time for such trivialities. Nagash you are leaving Mordor for the east where I require your asisstence in a very important matter. Before you say a word Sauron my child remember that you are both nothing but tools in a game that you could not hope to understand so let your hatred of me fuel your rage because you both have very important work to do."


When Malekor arrived he told them that Nagash was leaving to go eastward where he would take control of the forces of Malekor in this region for the purpose of defeating the growing Empire of Nehekhara. Sauron was upset beyond belief that his child was being taken from him but there was nothing he could do so he allowed the rage to build up in him and waited for his command. Malekor commanded him to destroy the Empire of Numeron but showed him the power of the Numenorians which made Sauron understand that he couldn't defeat them conventionally and thus would have to go at it in a differnent way.

Downfall of Numeron

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The Fall of the Numeron Empire
This was the moment that was so destructive. So violent. So horrifying. It all of these things and so much more. It was so much that they started the calendar over.
Witch King 3

The Witch King was born in the massive Nemerian city of Tal Reagen which now is known as Lorderon. Braizen Highven IV. was the grandson of the much maligned Emperor Aleria Highven II. who many point to as the harbringer of the decline in Numeron. The line had survived but it was only Braizen's father Braizen Highven III. that had truly begun to restore some of the sanity to the Numenors. As a child Braizen was someone that many thought was going to be a good future ruler, and he loved history to the point that it was said he could name and describe the life of every Emperor in the long history of the Empire of Numeron. This boy would cease to exist after during his search for knowledge he and his gaurds were lured into a trap set by Sauron. Sauron would send a small party of his human servents to the area that Braizen was searching and in their possestion would be a Palantir that he had personally crafter just for Braizen's use. Sauron's servents would instigate a fight and during this fight the gaurds would kill the entire force of Sauron. As they searched the bodies for evidence of who these men could be, Braizen discovered the Palantir, and despite the warnings of his gaurd he took it into his possestion as they returned to his personal keep.

Witch King1


"I could have brought my massive armies to bear against the Empire of Numeron and died. I could have done that but I took the option of corupting the heir to the Empire and then having them simply kill themselves. That seemed to me to be the easier option of the two."


When he returned to his keep he spent years devling into the mysteries of the Palantir, and he came to find that the Palantir would silently speak to him and tell him secrets. At first these secrets were nothing more then where to find rare books, or artifacts but eventually these whispers came to tell him darker things. The control the Palantir came to have over him was incredible as it changed his personality quite noticeably, and led him down a path that would lead to many troubles for Europe. During his early life there he started to though became known for his personal excesses and this troubled the current Emperor who had wanted to give him the throne when he passed. Noone could undertand what had changed in the once noble young man but something dramatic had happened to him and despite the many attempts to get through to him he continued to go down a dark path. Eventually the current Emperor decided that Braizen was too arrogant and selfish to be the Emperor upon his death, so he made his nephew Johan Highven the heir apparent upon his death. To say this didn't sit well with Braizen was an understatement. During this time his rants and excesses became especially bad to the point that the Emperor warned him that he would be removed from the Empire if he didn't calm himself. Braizen at this point would return once more to the devise that had given hims so many anwsers the last time he had found it in the Palantir.

The Ring


This time when he spoke to the Palantir he told it how everyone now hated him, and he begged the Palantir for an anwser to why this was happening to him. The Palantir whispered to him the location that would give him the anwsers to everything in his life, and that if he went there the person he met there was the man that would change everything in his life for the better. Braizen immediatly went to the location without any of his gaurds, and when he arrived their he saw a man in black armor illuminated by a gleaming white light. The man introduced himself as Sauron, and told Braizen that the only way to fix what had happened was to take a ring from him and to wear it with complete trust. Braizen trusted this Sauron because the voice was the same as the Palantir and so he took the ring and put it on, and that was the moment that he was now completely in the hold of Sauron who now was able to talk to him as a true solder of his army.


The Spawn of Sauron

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"I found it quite amusing when he was forced to come to me yet again for help. For a Dark Lord he sure needed a lot of help."

Following the massive spree of executions, and the growth of a rebellion with Numeron the forces of Braizen begin marshalling all of their power to begin creating a creature of such power that they could destory any force the rebels could possibly muster against them. In order to do this Sauron leant his Magi power to the cosntruction of a creature that would come to be called the Spawn of Sauron. The creature wasn't completing quickly enough as they needed more Magi, and this annoyed Sauron to no end, as he realized he would need help in order to complete the project. In order to actually complete the project Sauron was forced to enlist the assistence of his old lover Flemeth of which brought him great shame but he accepted out of neccesity. The idea behind the Spawn of Sauron was to make a massive spider like creature that was unasailable by any convential force. Its creation would herald a victory due to the fact that no conventional force would have any hope of defeating that kind of creature.

Spawn of Sauron

The Spawn of Sauron

"I have never seen such wanten destruction. Where ever it moved it destroyed everything in its path. What hope was there for men when a creature as big as the mountains themselves turns against us."

The Spawn of Sauron changed the entire direction that the conflict had been going. With the spawn on the side of the Black Numenorians there was no possible way to confront them onto the field of battle. If you attempted to raise an army the spawn was simply impossible to defeat in a conventional manner. This meant that the war entered a phase in which would define the beggining of the war, in which the Spawn of Sauron simply roamed about Numenor and destroyed towns, cities, and armies seemingly at will. During this period the population of the Empire was dramatically reduced as entire cities were wiped out by the spawn, and no end was in sight.

The Battle of Tail Heagen

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The Battle of Tail Heagen was the final culimination of the actions of the horrible spawn of Sauron. The spawn of Sauron had attacked unabated throughout Numeron destroying towns that rebelled at will, and no army could possibly match its power. It was during this period of great stregnth for Braizen that he would fall into the trap that became known as the Battle of Tail Heagen. He stopped focusing on taking out the leadership, and places of rebellion and instead attempted to simply wipe out the Atlantian people, and in this moment the rebellion leadership devised themselves a plan built on the betrayal of one of the Dark Numenorians most important orders in the Istari, which was the Numenor Empire's Magi order, and the only Atlantians who were able to use Magi in the entire Empire.

Tevion Gronich

The Istari

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"Tevion Gronich died for everything in this continent, and the sad part is how many have even heard his name. He died saving the world, and yet the only name to survive is Sauron."

Tevion Gronich was the leader of the Istari during this period of the Downfall, and he was the sixth different leader as Braizen had been continuesly killing and replacing the leaders whenever the mood struck him. Tevion was loyal to his king despite the kings madness but he reached his end when the Spawn of Sauron begin simply killing people for no strategic reason beside genocide. As this genocide continued Tevion Gronich broke from the loyalists side of the war and took over half the Istari with him towards the massive rebel city of Tail Heagen. The Istari were opposed as they attempted to leave their massive temple, but by their betrayal had been so shocking and sudden that the Black Numenorians forces allowed most out of the city before the orders had made it down the chain of command that they should be stopped. These Istari would take casualities as they attempted to reach Tail Heagen and upon their arrival they would become shifted in their movements through the rise in Saruaman. Sarauman had a different way of thinking then Tevion and as they travelled their came to become a power struggle of sorts and many were shocked as Sarauman made remarks that suggested he wanted to violently take control of the loyalist movement if Tevion would not listen. In an act that would forever break their relationship Gandalf would side with Tevion and this caused the end of the internal struggle as Gandalf was held in great regard and noone dared to go against him.


Destroying the Spawn

"The World turned on its axis trying to either assist, or destroy the spell of man."

Now in Tail Heagen the Istari begin fashioning a massive spell which upon its completion would destory the spawn of Sauron. So much power was needed for the spell that every single Istari on the rebel side was involved in casting it, which brought on the notice of all the Istari on the dark side as well. With the eyes of the entire Empire now transfixed on Tail Heagen Braizen massed most of his army and marched on the massive city alongside the Spawn of Sauron. As the army marched for Tail Heagen basically the entire world. Every single Magi user. The Titans, and the Chaos Gods. Everyone became involved in either the casting of the spell or the attempt to stop the spell. It is said that so powerful was the Magi being conjured during the spell's incantation that the world itself shook for the entire time. Only one day away from Tail Heagen the spell was on the verge of casting but it just didn't have enough power to get it over the top. In this moment the Dark Numenorian Istari are said to have had many of their number slow their power and allow the spell to cast which caused the massive bolt of power to shoot from the moon all the way to Earth and completely eradicate the Spawn of Sauron along with much of the army of the Dark Numenorians. It is believed by most that their were significant elements within the Dark Numenorians who by this point understood that the Spawn of Sauron was only the beggining and that eventually Sauron would destroy everything.

Kael'Thuzad and Lorderon

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With the situation in Gondor more to his likeing he knew he needed some more pressure in order to truly bring the Kingdom to its knees.

He sent his emmisarries to the Kirin Tor, and when there they managed to get inside the library of the Kirin Tor and place inside a book made with all of his evil. Whoever discovered this book would lose themselves in its madness.

As his fate would have it Kael'Thuzad would find it and in that moment his fate was sealed.

First Lucernian Civil War

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Family Members



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The dark children of Malekor, they have blighted the world since the first day they drew breathe.

Flemeth and Sauron were born in the same village, when Sauron was a young man in Croatia. During his early life here he met a wise women of which he asked whether or not he was the evil man that his father told him he was. This wise women gave him the wrong anwser and years later he would return and still not get the anwser he wanted but this time he was overcome with rage and slew the wise women. This wise women was Flemeth. Although Sauron believed her dead in fact, she had faked her death in order to make him lose himself. It was her death that finally pushed Sauron over the edge, and made him accept the monster he was. Centuries went by and Flemeth grew her Kingdom, and so did Sauron. Eventually Flemeth approached Sauron and told him that he was a part of something bigger then just himself. Flemeth would become extremely influencial in the life of Sauron after she would mother a child with her wayward brother of whom they named Nagash, and while she had nothing to do with Nagash he was the most important piece in Sauron`s excistence.


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Nagash meant nothing to me. Nagash means everything to me. Trying to reconsile those different feelings has been the most difficult things I`v ever done without question.

Nagash was the completion to a process that Sauron had been attempting for the better part of his time in Mordor. Sauron wanted a heir to his throne, and most of all someone who wasn't completely subserviant to his master Malekor. In this way Sauron travelled Europe and attempted to spawn a child with many women, but each time the birth ended with disaster. It was only when he visited his old friend Flemeth that he was finally sucesful. The evil that inhabited the body of Flemeth allowed for the evil in Sauron to survive the birth, and in this way Flemeth gave birth to Sauron's son Nagash. Nagash and Sauron would be unquestiobably close for the years following his birth, and the usually extremely agressive Sauron became obsessed with assisting his son and thus Malekor would intervene leading to Nagash going to Lahmia.

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