Sean Lovie's Takeover of Berne was an event that happened shortly after William Lovie III's Takeover of Lucerne and would lead to the extension of the Lucernian Civil War as the forces of the True Sons of Lucerne were allowed to gain a foothold but even this would end with the Battle of Berne.

Sean Lovie's Takeover of Berne would also lead to the total end of the relationship between the Kingdom of Lucerne and the Dwarves of Karak Izor of whom had their entire presence stationed in Berne and following the Arrival of the Stormblown the Dwarves were forcefully ejected from Berne with several killed which caused catastrophic damage to the once strong relationship. It was not until the work of William Lovie III. and his sister Alice Lovie that the relationship was repaired and this took many years of work before it was finally repaired.


The City of Berne had originally been the idea of James Lovie and he had begun contracts with the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Karak Izor to assist in its construction, but following his death this project would become a source of obsession for Jame's son the new king James Lovie II. of whom saw Berne as another site for the people of Lucerne to retreat into after the Orcs had taken control of the Valley. As the Valley of Lucerne burned with the fires of James Lovie II's madness it was the city of Berne that continued to move along in its construction, and this only would become derailed when William Lovie III's Takeover of Lucerne led to Sean Lovie arriving in Berne with a group of Circle of Magi led by Kieth Schwartz.


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The Takeover

Departure of Kieth Schwartz

The Killing of an Innocent

Killing of Edric of Krinner

A Brief Battle

Arrival of the Stormblown

Ejecting the Dwarves

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