Previous Conflict Arnor War
Second Arnor War
Massacre at Yien
Location Arnor
Start of Conflict Placeholder
End of Conflict Placeholder
Result Valerian Victory
  • Disolution of Kingdom of Arnor
  • Annexation of Arnor
  • Start of the Exodus of Arnor
  • Start of the Arnorian Holocaust
Alliance Against Arnor Alliance in Defence of Arnor Arthas Menathil's Army
Empire of Valeria

State of Austria

Kingdom of Arnor

Kingdom of Lucerne

Cult of the Damned

Order of Ebonblade

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The Second Arnor War was a massive conflict between at the beggining the forces of Arnor against the Empire of Valeria, but as time went on and Valeria ravaged the western half of Arnor and killed the heir to Arnor, the forces of The Empire would invade and capture the remaining lands in eastern Arnor. The Second Arnor War would be the direct result of the forces of Chaos intervening in Valeria and corupting Kevin Zegars of whom would be the architect of the intital assault working in consort if not directly with Priam Troy of Austria whos life goal had been to eliminate the Kingdom of Arnor.

The Second Arnor War would be covered heavily during several stories most notably Broken Chains, and The Fall of Arnor, but it is also covered in the Children of Sigmar, and the story Westros (Book).

The Second Arnor War would instigate a massive migration of people as the Atlantian/Numenorian population that dominated the lands of Western, and Eastern Arnor would emigrate on mass from Arnor with nearly the entire population fleeing southward, with smaller populations fleeing to the independent surviving element of Arnor in the form of Tallheim.

The Second Arnor War would polically change the fabric of Central Europe as the Imperium of Germania province of Austria nearly doubled in size while the Valerian Empire also increased dramatically in size, while a foundational power of the region in Arnor was outright eliminated from the power sphere.


The Arnorian Holocaust would begin in its planning phase in conversations between Elector Count Priam Troy and his concubine Malflovia and during these initial plans the overall thought was to force the emigration of all Arnorians of Numenorian/Atlantian blood during the conquest of Arnor and any who remained would be killed.

Valerian Involvment

The next phase of the planning came when the Empire of Valeria under the now chaos aligned leadership of Kevin Zegers approached the Austrian leadership desiring an alliance and a shared goal of attacking Arnor and then splitting it between the two of them, and it was also during this negotiation that the two sides discussed the idea of killing the Arnorian People.


Valerian Invasion of Arnor

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Battle of Loust
"It was the calm before the storm. Learning Kevin had taken control of his brother's throne was something I think each one of us understood immediatly. He was a dangerous man. He was beyond our reach. There wasn't a thing anyone could offer him that would make him turn away from the path he was on. He had to die. He had to fall."
-Chris Hemsworth

Following the succesful coup of Kein Zegars against his brother Scotty Zegars the Empire of Valeria had become a hotbed of chaos activity that was only resisted by his sister Leighton of whom was leading the Free Army of Valeria against the chaos forces of her brother. Kein would draw hundreds of chaos knights to him from all across central Europe, all of whom brought with them hundreds upon thousands of cultists of which swelled his forces in Valeria to the point he begin plotting his next move. Of the five kingdoms that made up of the Valerian Empire there was only one that was out of his control, and this should have meant he felt secure but instead he became paranoid and feareful of rebellion against him. Believing he was never going to be respected and loved until he had gotten his revenge Kevin would begin open hostilities against the already overstretched forces of Arnor. Brining with him an army of his forces he begin wiping out small villages and farms all across western Arnor, and from these acts he would instigate the army of Loust into fighting him on the field of battle.

Massacre of Yein

Massacre at Yien
"I had seen this Kevin Zegars once before when were besieging the city of Munchen. He hid behind the walls as his people died, and I swore back then that I would make him pay for all the lives that were lost. He didn't know what he was dealing with when he came to our land."
-Arnet Hartas

Loust was led by the experianced commander Dur-Arnet Hartas of whom led some twenty thousand troops onto the field against the army of Kevin Zegars of whom had some where around four thousand but many thousand were cultists and ill equipped. The two forces met near the village of Yein, and Arnet would deploy his forces in a standard defensive posture and waited for the forces of Kevin to come to him. Kevin though was now anwsering to a higher voice, and the night before the battle hundreds of captured farmers, and villagers were sacrifised to Slanaash, and this led to the summoning of dozens of monsterous demons, and thousands of smaller demons. These demons moved at the front of the army, and the forces of Arnor awoke to horns alerting them to the coming attack. The demons hit the army of Arnet with a ferocity that was unseen amongst mortals, and fear struck them as they fought monstors from their nightmares. The demons ran rampant killing dozens of Arnor soldiers for very one of them that fell, and then what little moral remained in the Arnor forces collapsed when N'kari a keeper of Secrets massacred the entire command regiment of the army and ripped Arnet to pieces. What little remained of the army attempted to retreat but the majority of the army was massacred trying to retreat by the mortal forces led by Kevin of whom had moved in behind the army to complete the destruction.


Destruction of Loust
"I spoke to a god now. She spoke the most beuatiful words to me. Like a melody I couldn't ever stop listening to the songs of her voice. Never in my life had I known such perfection."
-Kevin Zegars

Word filtered back to eastern Arnor about the invasion through the words of the few survivors of the massacre, and through this they came to understand the consequences of what was going on. The men who returned spoke stories of demons, and monsters amongst the enemy, but this was taken as madness by the leadership of Loust so they never sent this information eastward towards Fornost. Jonas by this point was clinging to life, and thus Chris Hemsworth took control of the situation and decided very quickly that he would lead a large force west to deal with the monsters. Chris would raise some sixty thousand troops of whom he gathered within two weeks and was marching on Loust with all speed. Another army from Frostmore was assembled, but it was forced away from the conflict by the harassment of Lord Harshion the most senior Lord of Kevin's forces. Lord Harshion would cpature hundreds of people north of Frostmore in raids, and send them back to Fort Valeria in chains where they awaited a fate worse then death. Whenever Frostmore attempted to engage him he simply vanished into the forests, and escaped the chase. While he was raising the army, and marching the forces of Kevin had besieged the city of Loust of whom was completely cut off from assistence. Kevin by this point had swelled his army to some ten thousand mortals, and nearly twenty thousand demons. His demonic army swelled as he massacred all the villages, and farms east of Loust that had thought themselves safe from the threat. So by the time that Chris was assembled the forces of Kevin numbered nearly fifty thousand of many different kinds of troops. The Demonic army maintained the siege of Loust while Kevin and his mortal forces ran around the Loust province killing and plundering the entire area in the name of Slanaash.

Battle of Loust

CHRIS Hemsworth Fighting
"His death would echo across the land for all to hear. The supposed honorable knight lay dead, with his blood smeared across the land he loved so much. Let no man ever again speak his name in anything but laughter. Let no man ever again question my power."
-Kevin Zegars

When he arrives at the besieged town of Loust he is horrified to see a massive army of Chaos demons surrounding the city instead of the Valerians that he assumed were attacking the city. Chris would fight a pitched battle now called the Battle of Loust where he and Kevin Zegars fought on the southern outskirts of the city. As Chris led his forces into the Battle he was forced to deal with the two different armies of Valeria and he chose to attack the demons first believing them the greater threat. After making early success against the demons, his lines begin to crumble as the army of Kevin smashed into them, and Chris was forced to move against the smaller army of Kevin while the main force continued to fight the demons off the walls. As the melee continued once again the tide turned when N'kari the Greater Demon defeated Chris's second in command in a duel, and routed his squad of cavalry. Causing a panic the retreat of his cavalry and the seemingly invinsible nature of the demon meant the infantry around the fight begin reatreating causing near mass panic. Chris attempted to sway the retreat but quickly discovered his army in near full retreat.

Chris Hemsworth Captured
"Brave until the end. He deserved a batter fate then dying to that coward."
-Liam Hemsworth

Despite the battle being lost he moved his royal gaurd forward and went towards the position of Kevin Zegars hoping to end the war in one fight. Kevin had moved into a ruined farmhouse, and Chris and his gaurd crashed their way into the farm killing their way through the gaurds of Kevin. Kevin seeing Chris entering the house laughed before turning around showing Chris the now nearly demonic form of Kevin. Realizing in that moment his mistake, Chris still attempted to fight Kevin but was quickly overwhelmed by the mutated version of Kevin Zegars.  Chris was taken hold of by the remaining knights of Kevin and brought to kneel before Kevin, where Kevin forced terrible images of Natalie and her coming death into Chris's mind.  As he screamed in agony Kevin used his demonic gifts to destroy Chris's mind, and as this continued Chris slumped to the floor in pain but Kevin released him before he died. Revelling in the pain he was causing Chris he grew overconfidant and didn't notice one of Chris's gaurds lay nearly dead near Chris's broken form. Realizing the fate that awaited his master, the gaurdsmen threw a sword to Chris who jumped towards Kevin stabbing him through the chest. As he pushed the sword deeper trying to finish Kevin he felt the sword go limp in his hands as he felt the sword pierce his heart and looked down to see Kevin had stabbed him with his own sword. Chris fought to stay alive hoping to see Kevin die, but was shocked when Kevin simply pulled the sword from his chest, and his wound healed nearly in front of Chris's eyes. Chris's death shocked Arnor, and the demorilized army of Arnor could do nothing to help as Loust was sacked and completely wiped out by Kevin and his chaos forces. Chris's body was cut into hundreds of pieces and sent to Fornost as a final insult to the honorable heir to Arnor.

Call for help

Fall of Fornost

Second Arnor War - Siege of Fornost Map

The defence of Talheim had been one of the few places where the assault of The Empire had been resisted in any form.

Magheim had been sacked. Krost was completed surrounded alongside Talheim. Fornost stood alone, and if it fell this all came crashing down. There was no future for Arnor once Fornost went down.
Natalie Portmane

Marcel Lovie II. would lead the army of the Kingdom of Lucerne into the Second Arnor War as the vangaurd of the larger force that was being gathered by William Lovie III. Travelling through the lands of the Kingdom of Stor they used the tunnels of the Dwarves of Dun Garek in order to reach the besieged land, and they were joined by several hundred Dwarves of whom remained behind in Frostmore instead of heading to Fornost. Marcel Lovie II. would arrive to find the city completely surrounded by the forces of Austria and in this way he moved into the surrounding forest and awaited darkness.

There were so many soldiers surrounding the city, and for a moment I felt like William Lovie II. who had saved the city on the back of a dragon.
Marcel Lovie II.

Using the night as an ally he was able to get very close to the Empire army before they knew what was happening, and ambushing them while most of the army was either asleep or facing the wrong direction a brutal melee ensued. Marcel and Fredrick Clegane would cut their way through the army of the Empire with their personal elite gaurd and find the command structure of the army and Marcel defeated Driam taking him prisoner. With the defeat of Driam Troy the rest of the forces begin surrending, and Marcel would quickly send the prisoners southward towards Frostmore while he took Driam Troy into Fornost where his additional forces allowed Fornost to hold against the siegers all around them. 

Natalie Portmane Action1
I had hoped that Driam Troy's capture would bring them to the table, but despite him being a hostage they refused to even respond to diplmocay. It became clear easily enough that the Empire was not interested in Arnor surviving in any form.
Marcel Lovie II.

With the capture of Driam Troy Marcel and the other commanders attempted to use diplomacy to push The Empire back, but discovered none of their attempts were met by even communication. Realizing there would be no end to this fight and it would be fought to the last drop of blood Sif Hemsworth, and Marcel would come to the conclusion that they needed to hold at Frostmore where the defences were greater. Due to this plan Marcel would be influencial in keeping the royal family of House Hemsworth alive after he made them aware of the fact that the Empire forces had made threats of what would happen if they captured the members of House Hemsworth. The siege of Fornost would become even more dire and potentially disasterous when the illusive Priam Troy would arrive with a larger army and a clear thought of defeating Fornost through whatever means neccessary. With the knowldge that the city was going to fall he would lead his forces and some of the defending Arnor forces out of the doomed city and prepare to move to Frostmore where they would make their last stand. Marcel would do his best to console his cousin Natalie but was unable to convinse her to hide, and because of this he was forced to sadly say goodbye to his cousin who was so brave, and took Britney, and Lucie Lovie with him out of the city and southward towards Frostmore. Inside Fornost the defenders led by Sif Hemsworth remained resolute in dying in defence of the city, and they held the walls to the last man as the siegers led by Priam Troy broke through the walls in several areas. Charging through the gaps in the walls the defenders would initially attempt to hold the gaps, but overwhelming numbers forced them to retreat back to the keeps that lay within the city, and defend themselves from there. Falling one by one the keeps and strongpoints were no match for the unending armies of Austria, and thus the final stand was made at the Royal Fornost Palace.

She was ready to die. Her life was a hollow shell now she told me, and I never knew what had saddened her to the point that she was ready to die. I took her son with me because she was a brave soul, and that kind of spirit needs to be protected as best you can.
Marcel Lovie II.

Priam Troy stood with the army for the first time demanding for Driam Troy's return but Sif Hemsworth laughed at him from the walls lying that Driam was dead, and that only his body would be discovered by the Teutons. Priam instead of ordering the storming of the keep would bring forth catapults and ordered dead cows fired into the palace grounds and did this the entire day causing disease to spread amongs the Atlantians. As the Palace grounds were bombarded with disease the rest of the city was pacified and the many nobles unable to retreat southward were taken into their control, including several members of House Hemsworth. As the defenders of the palace died in their dozens Priam begin firing burning oil into the palace and so few were the gaurds that they were unable to combat the fire and it spread horribly throughout killing the remainder of the defenders. Sif Hemsworth and a handful of defenders opened the Palace gates and attempted to meet their end in honorable combat, but Priam Troy would fire on them with archers, and crossbowmen killing them before this could happen.

Battle of Frostmore

Britney turns away

Britney Hemsworth Hot3
I saw who my mother really was in that moment. She spent her entire life telling me how dearly she loved my father, and yet here was her chance to save my father's cousin and she wouldn't even raise a finger. It would have taken nothing to help him, and yet she did nothing.
Lucie Lovie

As the army of Marcel Lovie retreated southward it was still filled with several thousand troops of the Order of the Black Numenorians led by Britney Hemsworth, and it would be this force that would dramatically change the outcome of the Battle of Frostmore. As they approached Frostmore she would be alerted by one her agents using one of the Magi Stones of Lucerne that the region of Lorderon had gone up in flame after discovering that Arthas Menathil was a chaos servent and was heading north with an army now no longer aligned with Lucerne. Realizing that no reinforcements were incoming she knew the fate of Arnor was sealed, but she also knew she needed time to get away, and thus she ordered her forces to sneak eastward during the night as they camped. Not alerting Marcel to the betrayal of Arthas Marcel was shocked in the morning when a quarter of his army was gone, but had no choice but to continue on to Frostmore. Britney took the entirety of her force as well as draining some of the defences of Frostmore and travelled eastward before travelling southward into Dun Garek where she and Lucie bid goodbye to Arnor and made their way southward to new horizons.

Last stand of Marcel Lovie

Marcel Lovie1
word from Dun Garek told me that noone was coming, and in that moment I knew what William would have wanted. He would have wanted me to retreat the army and save as many lives as possible. But as I looked around at the honorable people of Arnor I couldn't abandon them. So we fought, and so we died.
Marcel Lovie II.

As Marcel planned the defences of Frostmore alongside others he was horrified when the banners of the Empire of Valeria begin appearing on the western front, while The Empire's banners also begin appearing on the northern side of the fortress. Marcel upon all of these changes would make top priorty be the surival of as many of the Arnorian people as he could and they flooded southward into Dun Garek in increasing numbers as Frostmore turned into the last bastion of Arnor outside of Talheim. As the southern exit from Frostmore begin to be shut by the Valerians the remaining people inside Frostmore were forced to accept that they may be doomed, and Marcel did his best to quell the fear in the city, but it was as fear hit them that the Valerians struck against the western walls. The Valerians struck with hundreds of cultists, and more terrifying a few thousand demons struck the western walls and broke the moral of the defenders until Fredrick Clegane rallied them when he killed a larger demon. As the defenders rallied Fredick was struck by a black arrow killing him just as Marcel Lovie arrived to congratulate him on his turning of the tide. The defenders wanted to break and pull back but Marcel fought side by side on the western wall and held it for a time.

It shocked me to learn that so many troops had already gotten through the Dun Garek passe, and I was elated by the news of Arthas's arrival.
Marcel Lovie II.

Marcel would arrange his forces into Frostmore following this because he was sent ravens by Arthas Menathil that his forces were incoming, and that he should remain there as the entire Lucernian army was only days away. As Frostmore was surrounded Marcel was confused as to where the relief was, but remained rresolute in following what he had been told, and for this reason he didn't retreat from Frostmore. The Valerians finally broke inside the walls, and he was told that The Empire forces had disaspeared from the north heading northward, and thus renewed that perhaps they were retreating in fear of the coming Lucerne army he fought with new passion in the defence of the city. As the city fell he defended the keep to the last, and was defeated in single combat by a Valerian man who had wings sprouting from his body and was just barely alive as he watched the forces of Valeria pull back. Marcel would wake up and find Arthas standing over him, but Arthas had completely given in to Chaos and would kill Marcel before desecrating his body and leaving the city.



Ethnic Impact

The Second Arnor would instigate a massive migration of people as the Atlantian/Numenorian population that dominated the lands of Western, and Eastern Arnor would emigrate on mass from Arnor with nearly the entire population fleeing southward, with smaller populations fleeing to the independent surviving element of Arnor in the form of Tallheim.

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