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Shadow on the Mountain
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Preceded By End of Darkness
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Shadow on the Mountain is a background story that furthers the story of the life that the Shadow Council led before the End of Darkness began. The Shadow on the Mountain details many of the events that are vaguely described during the POV Characters of the End of Darkness, but it mainly deals with the events of the Shadow Council.

The POV Characters for the story are Hedrik Clegane III, Leven Martell, Franklin Brent, Tyrek Lannister, and Dylan Steinmare of which the motions of the story leave room for other characters such as Dylan Steinmare of whom also had a chapter of which detailed events that happened in his past.

The Shadow on the Mountain story takes place during the Valley of Lucerne story takes place and shows the events of the story through the POV of major characters of End of Darkness and beyond.

POV Characters

The POV Characters for the story are Hedrik Clegane III, Leven Martell, Franklin Brent, Tyrek Lannister, and Dylan Steinmare of which the motions of the story leave room for other characters such as Dylan Steinmare of whom also had a chapter of which detailed events that happened in his past.

POV Character Chapter
Hedrik Clegane III. 1, 6, 11, 16
Leven Martell 2, 7, 12, 17
Franklin Brent IV. 3, 8, 13, 18
Tyrek Lannister 4, 9, 14, 19
Dylan Steinmare 5, 10, 15, 20

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

POV Character : Hedrik Clegane III.

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and the chapter begins with Hedrik speaking to his father about the proposed betrothal of Hedrik and Accia Potenza of whom he admits to being his lover, but indicates that this love is one of friendship and he doesn't see it going further then friendship, and wanting his son to be happy but also wanting to honor the relationship that he has with House Potenza Rupert is reluctant to simply end the betrothal instead telling Hedrik that if he wants something different he needs to find a better match. Following this he is riding on the road with his sister at his side, and his lover Accia Potenza, and best friends Meinolf Ostriger, and Konstantin Gaimen while they follow behind his father of whom from his own personal thoughts seems to be very loyal towards but has a growing lack of respect for several of the lords around his father including most critically Vopiscus Lentini of whom he sees as a coward turning his father into a coward. Reaching the gates of Stillwood he watches his father and Vopiscus meet with Caius Norelli while ignoring the lord of House Stillwood in the form of Gregory Stillwood, and realizing the insult that is being made he approaches Gregory alongside Meinolf Ostriger and the two discuss with Gregory that Hedrik will speak with his father in regards to the insult. Despite calming it down its still Gregory that storms from the docks to return to Castle Stillwood leaving Perwyn, and Jeyne to speak with Hedrik about their next steps. The three decide that Jeyne will go and stay near their father to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash while Perwyn will go with Hedrik to speak with Rupert. Perwyn goes alongside Hedrik to speak with Rupert Clegane who has gone to the estate of House Norelli. Arriving at the estate it’s Perwyn’s friend Flavius Norelli that leads them inside. Meeting with Rupert, his lords, and Caius Norelli they learn that the reason for the snub was that Rupert was angry that the other wives were at the initial meeting. Learning from Caius they are told that Gregory had agreed to only bring his primary wife to the meeting and thus when all were present Rupert took this as an insult. The group agrees to not take any further action and since they will be leaving for the tournament its decided that they will cancel the planned dinner the next day and just restock the boats before leaving together. Perwyn leaves to and speak with his father about what has been discussed but Hedrik and Perwyn agree as he leaves to keep the lines of communication between them open no matter what their fathers do. Hedrik spends the rest of the night with his family who remain at the Norelli estate and then before going to bed he joins Accia in her room where the two sleep together. After finishing having sex its Accia that burns her arm while she helps him get dressed and Hedrik helps her by putting wet cloth on it. Staying with her for some time until she eventually falls asleep he tucks her in and falls asleep in her room. Hedrik is woken from his sleep by Accia who is crying as she shows him her now healed burn. Telling him that she fixed it just by looking at it and thinking about fixing it. Skeptical of this he tries to support her but when it becomes clear he doesn’t believe her she gets a dagger from his pack and cuts her arm. As she bleeds, he uses his blanket to control the bleeding and then goes to get help when she blocks the door and removes the blanket causing her arm to bleed onto the ground. Trying to stop her she begins once again staring at her arm and as he watches the cut begins to close itself and the bleeding stops. The chapter ends with Hedrik and his friends arriving at the port of Gulltown for the tournament and looking over at Accia he can see the fear in her eyes and realizes he has to do something quickly if he wants to keep her safe.

Chapter 2

POV Character : Leven Martell

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is leaving Gulltown with her friends for a picnic during the lead up to the wedding of Matilda. While riding to the mountain spot that they plan to have the picnic at its Leven, Aria, and Byron Arryn that are speaking. Byron is discussing the alliance he has formed with the team led by Harrold Hardyng for the coming melee, but for Leven she can barely focus as she watches with jealousy William and Rosalie. Leven thinks on her desire to be the one riding beside William, and she plans to tell him her feelings once they arrive at the picnic. Arriving at the picnic its Leven that tries to talk with William but is blocked by Dylan who tells Leven that he thinks Rosalie and William need some alone time. Leven storms off but is followed by Aria Arryn who consoles her friend telling Leven that she knows how Leven feels about William. After talking things over its Leven, and Aria that return to the main group where they find Draco Highmore searching for William. Jasper, and Dylan lie to Draco to give William his alone time, but in her jealousy its Leven that can’t do the same. When Draco follows the lies of Dylan and Jasper its Leven that follows him and reveals where William is. Leven returns to the group who doesn’t know that she revealed the truth, and she watches as Rosalie and William return. At first Leven is happy that she has done this but watching the two happily return she realizes she was too late. Her feelings are made even worse when Rosalie comes to her and hugs Leven revealing to her what happened before calling Leven her best friend. Leven sits with Aria and Rosalie for the rest of the picnic and listens as Rosalie tells the two of them how strong her feelings are for William. Aria looks to Leven with sadness but they both do there best to be happy for their friend. The arrival of peasants coming up the mountain path causes William to want to accompany these peasants back to their village and help them. As Leven and the group prepare to do this, they are stopped by Draco who tells them that the road behind the peasants is streaming with villagers, and they must return to Gulltown. William argues against this, but Draco promises him that he will make sure people are sent to help the villagers. Leven watches as William gives a large bag of coins to one of the villagers as they return to the road back to Gulltown. Returned to Gulltown its Leven and Jasper that accompany William as he attempts to meet with his father about what happened at the picnic. Arriving at the gate to Shephard Castle they are let inside by the guards but find Kieth Schwartz, blocking the courtyard with a handful of Jestife, and Schwartz men at arms as well as several knights. Speaking with Kieth its William that is blocked from seeing his father and as William attempts to force his way through its Kieth that commands the men at arms to restrain the three of them. A brief skirmish breaks out but the men at arms and knights can easily restrain the weaponless three. As they are held its Kieth that goes to William and tells him to never come to a conflict without weapons. The two argue briefly with the argument only ending with the arrival of Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle takes the three away telling them they must go to his sister who is preparing for her wedding and that this is beneath them on such a day. As they walk its Jasper that leaves them to return to the rest of the shadow council, but Leven stays at Williams side. As they walk, they talk about the picnic and the arrival of the peasants. William reveals his terror at being unable to help them and sensing his sadness its Leven that holds his hand as they walk. Arriving at the estate of House Scheck where Matilda is preparing its William that waits in the courtyard with Marcel Lovie while Leven goes inside the estate. Inside the estate she goes through the halls eventually reaching the room where Matilda is staying and surrounded by handmaids and servants, she almost cries at how beautiful Matilda looks. One of the girl’s helping Matilda is Rosalie and seeing this Leven thinks jealously that was why Rosalie didn’t accompany William to the castle. Watching Matilda get ready its Leven that feels out of place and becomes increasingly angry at Rosalie as she watches as she looks so at home in this environment. As she watches its Leven that thinks back to her childhood and her uncle stressing a need for good skill at war before her skills as a good lady. Spending hours helping Matilda its Leven that exits the preparations to go and spend time with William who she finds in the courtyard. Going to him the two have a conversation where Leven wants to tell him about her feelings for him, but the arrival of Rosalie ends their conversation and causes rage inside Leven. Rosalie takes William away as they must leave for the wedding, and this leaves Leven behind. Sitting on the bench she is approached by Aria Arryn and Aria comforts her on her feelings for William which Aria has already guessed at. The two speak for a time about this with Aria also revealing that she has feelings for William and unlike her jealousy towards Rosalie its Leven that feels nothing but love for Aria. Aria leaves to go back for the final preparations for the wedding and Leven follows her back into the estate. Returning to the estate she and Aria are stopped in their tracks by seeing William and the shadow council drinking in a hallway. While Aria keeps walking its Leven that goes to the boys as she feels a pull she cannot ignore towards William. Unable to control herself she goes to William and pulls him into a kiss. As they kiss its Jasper and Dylan that block the hallway. William pulls away from the kiss first, and the two share no words with Leven fleeing the scene in nervousness. Running down the halls she finds herself face to face with Catherine Bell who seeing the state of Leven takes her into a hug. Calming her down its Catherine that takes her into the room as the final preparations are being made for the wedding, and the whole time she holds Leven’s hand. The chapter ends with Leven stepping off the boat and onto the dock of Sunspear Hold, and with a tearful look eastward she thinks on William.

Chapter 3

POV Character : Franklin Brent IV.

Franklin Brent IV. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and his father are travelling through the southern lands of House Gleime making their way to Gleime Hold where they plan to take a boat to Hillsbrad. On the road they were joined by Ludolf, and Runhilda Bretmane and a party of House Bretmane men at arms who have also been summoned to Hillsbrad by Lord Genn Greymane. Arriving at Gleime Hold they meet with Lord Randolph Gleime who tells them his sons Arwin, and Manfred will be joining them on the trip to Hillsbrad. Taking a boat from Gleime Hold they head towards Hillsbrad. On the boat its Hillsbrad and Arwin that get to talking with the two bonding over a shared love of horses.

Chapter 4

POV Character : Tyrek Lannister

Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 5

POV Character : Dylan Steinmare

Dylan Steinmare is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is eating dinner with his family at Castle Steinmare where he is visiting before he leaves for Gulltown and the tournament there. Spending time with his family its father that takes him for a walk with just the two of them following dinner. During this walk his father tells him that he has been working at a betrothal between him and Mary Kilgor of the prominent House Kilgor. He is told by his father that he is to travel to Mirador Keep meeting with Lord John Kilgor. Following this meeting he will join the Kilgor party on the road to Gulltown and make a good impression with Mary Kilgor and her father.

Chapter 6

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he