Shattered Hand Clan
The Shattered Hand clan is a large orc clan led by the twisted Kargath Bladefist, these orcs make their home among the Spires of Arak. These former slaves have been drawn together through a macabre joy of pain both self-inflicted and imposed upon others. It is through this pain that they believe they gather strength, and their reputation as relentless and dirty fighters is well-earned. The Shattered Hand Clan are led by Kargath Bladefist of whom rules with an ironfist, and is extremely violent as seen through every experiance the outside world has had with him.

The Shattered Hand Clan was founded alongside thousands of other Clans at the "Ceremony of Emblem" where the High Orcs would initiate many Low Orcs to lead Clans in the invasion of Hispania, and Europe eventually.

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