Previous Conflict The Grestife Affair
Siege of Brill (5126)
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Location Brill
Start of Conflict 5126
End of Conflict 5127
Result Kingdom of Lucerne Victory
  • House Swift rises as Arch Lord House
  • Near Destruction of House Jestife
Kingdom Of Lucerne True Sons of Lucerne


Kingdom of Lucerne True Sons of Lucerne

Circle of Magi

Kingdom of Lucerne True Sons of Lucerne
Kingdom of Lucerne True Sons of Lucerne
The Siege of Brill was a siege fought during the Lucernian Civil War between the loyalists of William Lovie III. who after rebels led by House Jestife took control of Brill put the city under siege.

Following the surrender of Brill by the rebels it was House Jestife that lay either dead, imprisoned or having fled and with their destruction as a house it was House Swift that would be named by William Lovie III. as the new acting lord of Brill in a move that would shock the region as they were relatively low level in terms of available houses.



The War


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