Previous Conflict Coup of Solland
Siege of Hurlach
Sunnhilda Villumsen Cover Amazing
Location Hurlach
Start of Conflict 5134
End of Conflict 5136
Result Loyalist Victory
Rebels Loyalists
Church of the Eternal Flame Dutchy of Hurlach
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The Siege of Hurlach was a group of sieges that took place against the city of Hurlach during the events of the Solland Civil War between the loyalist and rebels forces.



The First Siege

Sunnhilda Villumsen Cover Amazing1
We are here to save your souls. Allow the Eternal Flame into your heart.
Sunnhilda Villumsen

Following the Coup of Solland it was Sunnhilda Villumsen who would travel to the town of Hurlach alongside one of the First Sisters of the Sisters of the Eternal Flame in the form of Reinhilde Gobel, and with the support of several hundred Austrian soldiers they would take control of the village of Hurlinchia just outside of Hurlach. Duke Heimrad Reiten would send his son Deitrik Reiten II. to deal with the occupation, but Deitrik would fall into an ambush at the village and his entire force surrendered to the forces of Sunnhilda, and Reinhilde. With his sons forces defeated and the levies not having been called up by Heimrad the city was open for assault and despite the small size of the Eternal Flame forces they broke through what little garrison was left and took control of the keep of Hurlach during the brief Siege of Hurlach, and with this victory they took control of the city of Hurlach and put Heimrad Reiten and his family under house arrest while they instigated a military occupation of the city.

Second Siege

Konrad Aldrech would lead the loyalist army to Hurlach where he would fight against the Eternal Flame occupation of the city and with the assistance of the forces of House Reiten the city was retaken and they captured Sunnhilda Villumsen.


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