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The Tower of Dreams

The Sky towers are the main residence of the ruling families, and aristocrats of Lucerne. There are 4 built towers and two others that are under contruction. With the two finished constructing the six towers now represent the peak of the elite in Lucerne with only the most wealthy and powerful able to live in them. The Sky towers are some of the greatest feets of Lucernian architecture and as such they are proudly looked at by all Lucernians.

The Tower of Clouds was the first tower constructed and it was done during the reign of William Lovie in order to have a place to mount his dragon Stragnarax.

Tower of Clouds

The Tower of Clouds is by far the largest of the towers in Lucerne. Located in Lucerne Keep and the personal residence of House Lovie. The tower stands at 282 Ft and has 22 floors making it one of the largest towers in Europe. While the first five levels are all taken by stairs once past this point two sets of elevators exist that can bring you to the Council Chambers and then above

  • The tower goes 5 floors underground as well and this would make it 415 Ft with 24 floors.

Floor 1-4

These are the sections of the tower that are in the mountain cavern beneath. Floor 1 and 2 are very tight entry lounges. Then floor 2-4 are exposed steps meant to be killing zones for those wishing to assault.

Floor 5-6

These are the living spaces for the onsite Praetorian Gaurds while they are on duty in the tower. The eighth floor is the first floor that contains any sort of window, and it is lined by a series of balconies that are used by the Praetorian's residing inside them.

Floor 7

Floor 13 is the council meeting Hall. The room is over 60 Ft tall.

Floor 14-18

These floor contain the family living spaces, and lounging rooms. Also floor 18 is the House Lovie armory.

Floor 19-21

These floors contain the House Lovie libraries.

Floor 22-26

Contains the Family bedrooms.

Floor 27

This is the Kings floor. The Kings floor contains the Kings room, as well as access to the Kings Terrace. The Kings terrace has a view of the entire city, as well as being the only spot in the city able to see the Valley outside the mountains.

Floor 28 - Kings Roof

The Kings Roof contains the nest of the Kings dragon. Once there were dragons that lived in Lucerne, but they left when John Lovie betrayed the city and became a Nazgul.

Tower of Dreams

Tower of the Dragon

Tower of the Sky

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