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The Dark God Slanaash
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Loyalty Chaos
Vital statistics
Generation 1
Role God of Pleasure
Alias Known As:
  • Prince of Excess
  • Prince of Pleasure
  • Shornaal the Prideful
  • Loesh the Serpent
Race Elves
Status Alive in the Fade
Father Tranquility of Living World
Mother Tranquility of Living World
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Zarakynel
Children Second Generation

With Zarakynel

Third Generation

With Aphrodite

Fourth Generation

With V'Kari

Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, is a first generation Titan of whom once stood as the God of Pleasure but now stands as the Chaos God of Pleasure, Passion, and Decadence. Within the Realm of Chaos his domain is that of all mortal sin, especially those of the flesh. Lust, pride and self-indulgence are the hallmarks of all that follow him. He is commonly known in the Empire of Man as the Prince of Pleasure and even the Prince of Chaos. He is the youngest of the Chaos Gods. Slaanesh is the beguiling water, the Great Serpent who lives for pleasure and the experience of the sensations of life and death. All those who live in the pursuit of pleasure risk falling under this god's deceptive charms.

Slanaash was one of the first Titans created, and was created by the Old One Tranquily of Living World of whom created him and his siblings Cenarius, and Elune to fill more of the expanding ranks of the Titans with Slanaash originally created to become the God of Pleasure. As he grew in to his role one of his earliest works was the creation of the Elves of whom would come to dominate the continent of Ulthuan which he birthed from the ocean with the help of his fellow Titans. His creation would become very important to him, and he would split their worship between him and his beloved Artemis, but this would end when during the Titan Civil War he was corrupted. So strong was his love for the Elves at the time that unlike most of the other Chaos gods he did not use the Elves as his army and instead used demons thus making him significantly weaker but keeping the Elves strong. Following the corruption of Slanaash he hosted an event known as the Dance of Lirith where having already corrupted his grand daughter Lirith he would have her do a dance where she told the story that allowed the shield over the titans to be broken and with this event all those who were present were corrupted including half the Asurian pantheon.


Coming of the Old Ones

The Creation of the Elves

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He loved the Elves when we were young. To have seen him with the people he had birthed, was to witness love in it's most pure form. He spent years on making sure every inch of Ulthuan was perfect for his people...and to see this. His fall was all the more painful because I know now he cares for nothing anymore. The love he knew is gone...Its just gone.

Slanaash was one of the first Titans created, and among his earliest works was the creation of the Elves of whom would come to dominate the continent of Ulthuan which he birthed from the ocean with the help of his fellow Titans. In order to bring these Elves to Ulthuan he fashioned seventeen pairs of males and females forming the seventeen Elder Houses of whom would begin to populate the island of Ulthuan. Wanting to expand them quicker Slanaash would create hundreds of more pairs of whom came to Ulthuan and became known as the Great Houses of Ulthuan, and thus allowed the population to expand even quicker. During this time Slanaash walked Ulthuan constantly as he was obsessively in love with the Elves alongside his beloved Artemis of whom became the almost mother of the Elves, and during this early time Slanaash and Artemis would form the early foundations of the Elven Pantheon based around Slanaash's persona as Asuryan.

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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War on Earth

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The forces of Chaos miscalculated how powerful the mortals had become, and in a brazen act of defiance the servents of the Old Ones managed to push back Chaos. With their armies defeated the Noble Titans swooped in during the infighting amongst Chaos and began putting into place defences as best they could in order to assist the mortals.

Death of Yen Fang

N'Kari would take part in the killing of Yen Fang where she joined with her father in Slanaash in working alongside Malekor in destroying the first of the Man Gods.

Second Titan Civil War

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The Second Titan Civil War
We stood by and listened to you Zeus. We stood by and our fallen brothers and sisters took over the world. Refusing to assist those we were put on this earth to protect is its own brand of evil. I refuse to follow your evil for one second longer.

Ares Cover1.png

We stood by and listened to you Zeus. We stood by and our fallen brothers and sisters took over the world. Refusing to assist those we were put on this earth to protect is its own brand of evil. I refuse to follow your evil for one second longer.

Apollo would be summoned to Olympus alongside all the other Noble Titans that had joined Ares in creating Sigmar but unlike the other Titans it was Ares that actually responded to this request by travelling to Olympus where he hoped he could convince Zeus that what they had done was in the right. Apollo entered Olympus just as requested despite the rebels telling him not too, and arriving in the city he would be met by Zeus and to his shock Poseidon of whom had been a leading member of the rebels and taken by the two to the Tower of Sotek where he was given a chance to plead his case but despite laying out his point of view with great skill his efforts were for naught when Zeus ignored his words and imprisoned him. Following the discovery that his close friend Apollo had been imprisoned in Olympus by Zeus it was Ares who finally accepted that he had to return to Olympus to confront Zeus, and thus he would gather to him the elements of the rebel noble titans and prepare to reenter the Fade. Following the imprisonment of Apollo Woglinde would break away from the rebels and return to Olympus on the request of her father of whom she thought would punish her in the same manner he had the previous time they had uplifted Jesus, but instead in front of the Noble Titan Council Zeus would execute Woglinde for her part in the uplifting of Sigmar. The execution of Woglinde would spark a violence within Ares of whom trusted Woglinde above almost anyone else and her death he put completely at the fault of Zeus and thus following the killing of Woglinde it was Ares that for a moment planned to take over control of Olympus from Zeus himself. As a conflict looked to be on the horizon it was Odin, and his brother Vendriel that would respond immediatly to the call from Ares and gathered to them dozens of Titan supporters and travelled to the Fade where they attempted to enter Olympus. Odin and his forces would be stopped by Malekor, and Slanaash of whom had gathered to them dozens of Titan followers and thousands of troops and would resist the entry of Odin and his forces long enough that they were unable to join with the rebels at Olympus. A member of the rebel titans during the Second Titan Civil War Aphrodite would meet with Ares her lover during the lead up to the rebels arriving in Olympus and she was to prepare several back ways in for the rebels to allow their numbers to get inside the fortress that was Olympus but after she discovered the relationship of Ares with Woglinde during her execution it was Aphrodite that betrayed the rebels blocking their entry and bringing several titans to the loyalist side of things.

Noble Titan Involvement
Name Level of Involvement
Ares Ares would become the unquestioned leader of the rebels after the disappearance of Posiedan and led their forces into the Second Titan Civil War.
Posiedan Posiedan utterly hell bent on revenge for the destruction of the Numenorians would be the first to put the idea of intervention in the heads of Odin, and Ares making him the original creator of the idea of the Man Gods.
Odin Pushed into action by the expanding violence he saw in Northern Scandenavia among the Andals he would work alongside Posiedan and Ares forming the third member of the original planners of the Man Gods.
Hera Hera had lost hope in uplifting the mortals following the death of Yen Fang and thus when Ares asked for her asisstence with Sigmar she rejected him and then when Ares confronted Zeus during the Second Titan Civil War she supported her husband remaining on the loyalist side of the fight.
Apollo Apollo was a member of the rebels but answered the summons of Zues and was dishonored when he was placed in prison despite being under the protection of the guest right.
Astropos Hera had been very involved in the Rise of Atlantis and the Numenorians and thus after they were destroyed she was extremely bitter and Odin had little difficulty in convinsing her to join their attempt to uplift another human.
Nike Nike would join with her lover Poseidan in going to Olympus and it was at Olympus where she was betrayed by the disappearance of Poseidan and then during the fighting she was captured and placed in prison.
Tartarus Tartarus having been close friends with Woglinde would join with the army that planned to take control of Olympus, but when it all failed he would lead a vanguard responsible for the ability of the main Rebel forces to escape the city but was captured as a part of this.
Artemis, and Dyterion Zeus petitioned both to join the loyalist faction but Artemis was unwilling to leave Ulthuan and thus they both remained out of the fighting.


While generally referred to as a "he" by humans, Slaanesh is actually neither gender, combining characteristics of both and perfecting them. Slaanesh typically appears in an androgynous form in which it is a woman on the right side and a man on the left with two sets of devilish horns growing from its head. Slaanesh can assume any form; male, female, hermaphrodite or asexual, but it prefers male bodies. Its sacred number is six and the colours associated with Slaanesh are purple, pink and black. The name Slaanesh is a corruption of the Elven term Slaaneth (Slaa meaning "ecstasy" or "pleasure" and Neth meaning "lord" or "prince"; hence, the Prince of Pleasure). While Khorne is a frightful and terrible warrior, Tzeentch's magic forces his form to defy mortal logic, Malekor the master of plotting and decepetion, and Nurgle is the ultimate embodiment of his own decaying creations, Slaanesh alone is divinely beautiful. In physical form, Slaanesh is perfection. A long-limbed, elegant, androgynous figure with a haunting, almost frightening beauty. Slaanesh's appearance depends more on the observer than the observed, changing eagerly to please and seduce the eye of the beholder. Rumor amongst Slaaneshi cultists has it that to look upon Slaanesh is to forfeit your very soul to his every whim.

Followers of Slanaash

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Mortal Followers

Seductive in the way that only an immortal being can be, Slaanesh is the Chaos God of pleasure, passion, luxury, art and indulgence. He is the manifestation of all hidden vices, cruel passions, and secret temptations that men hide fearfully in their hearts. This abject lack of restraint, and pursuit of pleasures, lures many mortals to his side, often gathering in places of carnal pleasure to pay homage and praise to their depraved Lord. A notable Slaaneshi cult in the Warhammer World is the Elven Cult of Pleasure which partly caused the Sundering of Ulthuan and the birth of the Dark Elven culture, and it is still popular among the people of Naggaroth today. In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, a prominent cultist of Slaanesh is Lady Anhilda Kreuger in Talabecland. Slaanesh's followers seek pleasure in every experience, and quickly become inured to more mundane things, including sounds and colours; thus they frequently wear garish, brightly coloured armour, or clothing which is extravagantly decorated. Worshippers of Slaanesh are known for their complete lack of fear, as they see losing a battle as a new experience to be enjoyed. While not interested in the dirty warfare of Khorne's narrow-minded berserkers, Slaanesh does enjoy combat of the artistic sort, taking pleasure in watching extremely talented gladiator battles, where the act of fighting is transformed from a means to an end into an art form all its own. Slaanesh bestows his favour upon any who act on an interest for an art, whether the art is that of combat, of painting, of poetry or of passion. The favour of Slaanesh will aid the artist in creating, amplifying everything created to immeasurable levels, while at the same time corrupting them indescribably, such that any mortals who look on them are at once both entranced and terrified.

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Being the youngest of the Chaos Lords, the host of Slaanesh still pales in comparison to those of the others. But the numbers of Slaaneshi daemons grow with every passing moment and they are not to be taken lightly.

Daemonettes are feminine-looking creatures whose seductive bodies are a frightening contrast with their grotesque claws. They are lightning quick, and fearful foes in hand-to-hand combat.

Steeds of Slaanesh are bipedal smooth-skinned creatures with prehensile tongues, vaguely resembling seahorses. Their heads have long tubular snouts that contained their prehensile, poisonous tongue. These are the favored means of transportation for Slaanesh's chosen.

Fiend of Slaanesh is a bizarre daemon, a hybrid creature that combines reptilian, insectoid and anthropomorphic characteristics. It has a segmented body, a tail covered in fine scales and two pairs of humanoid legs that end in cloven hooves. Each Fiend also has a pair of claw-tipped and gangly arms that it commonly uses as front legs. A Fiend has not the necessary intelligence to apply these arms as grasping appendages, although it can employ them as weapons to deadly effect.

Keeper of Secrets, the Greater Daemons of Slaanesh, are huge and indescribable creatures whose very presence is capable of bringing the bravest warrior to his knees in anguish and ecstasy. They typically have four arms- two which end with human-like hands, and two which end with large crab-like claws. A Keeper of Secrets is a very powerful foe in close combat.

The Masque of Slaanesh, once the most favoured of the deamonettes, had an unfortunate case of misunderstanding with Slaanesh. It was in this very moment that her life was to change. She was cursed to forever dance unable to rest her weary limbs.

Family Members


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