Snow Elves

The Snow Elves or "Asari" were once Sindar Elves and are an extremely small group of Elves located in only two places in the world both in extremely cold enviroments in Iceland and Nord America. Their kingdom in Iceland is called Snowy Vale, and was founded on the basis of just surviving but has grown.

These Elves are extremely different, and their are an extremely low amount of men in the society, with the few men born to the Snow Elves becoming high ranking members of the Kingdom basically on default. This has led to the few men born to have formed what is other then the Dark Elves the only dictatorial style of goverment amongst the Elves. The words of the Preacher of the old one has unimagineable power, and there is no question that his words must be followed. The main reason for this difference is the corupting influence of Tek of whom has his main site below their capital of Snowy Vale.



Early History

Snowy Vale was founded during the days of the War of Vengeance. A fleet of ships were sailing for France when they were attacked by a force of Dwarven ships. The Dwarven fleet was significantly larger, so the Elves pulled away and the two fleets engaged in a trailing action for days. After days of being hounded they finally found a piece of land and the Elves quickly landed. The Dwarves were not so forgiving and pulled up to the coast and burned the ships of the Elves.

With now no means of returning the Elves of the fleet quickly were set about by their fleet commander to fell trees and get working on rebuilding their fleet.

The Snow Elves were the first thing to change about Iceland since the fall of the Krillik and as such the Elves found the island to be in a state of peace. The Elves had at first hoped to simply forage for materials and rebuild their fleet so that they could return to Ulthuan. This changed when the leader of the expedition named Haress fell in love with the majrstic forest of Iceland. As this escalated Haress bid the Elves to move into the forests of Iceland.

Snowy Vale


As the Elves moved deeper they discovered a vast ruin in the forests of design so advanced they had no understanding. This was once one of the few Old Ones facilities and was constructed by a rogue Old One who still survived in the deepest depths of the ruins. The Elves came to live within these ruins, and over generations their culture, society, and everything about them came to resemble the structures they lived amongst. Over centuries the Elves came to appear almost nothing like an Elf, and as this change happened they found that men were born less and less until the birth of men settled in at 1 out of every ten births.

Noteable Members

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