Sophia Lovie
Sophia Lovie Cover
House Lovie
Vital statistics
Title Lord Assasin
Alias Sophia Lovie
Race Vandal German
Status Alive
Allegiance House Lovie Small Icon House Lovie

Order of the Violet Dragon

Father House Lovie Small Icon † Tavlian Lovie
Mother House Lovie Small Icon † Mertia Lovie
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None

Damma Rossan or "Sophia Lovie" is the secretive assassin daughter of Tavlian, and Mertia making her a member of House Lovie through her father, and House Mertia through her mother. She was born the only child of her parents and they died before they could have more children making her now an only child. Damma Rossan is holding onto a great secret that if revealed could change the course of the Kingdom of Lucerne. She is in fact the daughter of Tavlian Lovie who was the secret and only child of William Lovie II. making her a member of the Lovie Family. Niklas Cullen would come to marry Sophia Lovie of whom he impressed during the Capture of Orleans, and this was more politiccal as neither had great emotional feelings for the other but both wanted to stop the hassle of being married off.

Sophia Lovie was born in France to her parents Tavlian Lovie, and Mertia Rossan of which their excistence was known to none in Lucerne as Tavlian Lovie was the sole remaining of the bloodline of William Lovie II. and any trace of his excistence or Sophia's for that matter would lead to John Lovie turning over every rock to kill them. Growing up she was made to be very aware of her heritage in the Lovie family, and because of this heritage, and the constant fear the family had that they would be hunted and killed by John Lovie made her training in war a primary concern. She actually attempted to enter Lucerene early in her life with her parents, and the plan was to make herself, and her parents known but she and her parents were forced to stray from the main roads and were ambushed by bandits of which the bandits were driven off by Elves but her parents lay dead and she was badly injured. She would be saved the fate of her parents by the intervention of some elves from Quel'Thalas of which one would stay with her for nearly a month while she healed becoming close to Dama. When she was healed she didn't wish to leave but she had to, and because of this she would travel to Forks finally fufilling the generations long journey of her bloodline, but when she arrived there she discovered the land in tatters following the destruction of Tree Hill, and the ruler Bill Lovie was believed by many to be insane. Entering Forks she found House Lovie was hated at the moment, and and was unable to enter Lucerne due to Bill setting a blockade of people trying to enter the city. Leaving her ancestoral homeland she would eventually join with Ravenholdt where she became a member of the brotherhood of assasins there, and despite her longing to return home she never quite saw it as a real oppurtunity. Under Ravenholdt she would hate what she was becoming and like many there she grew close to the charismatic Ezio Ederiz, and thus when he abandoned the order she followed alongside him, and this was especially her goal as she would finally be able to return to Lucerne, and she would scout out William Lovie III. and if he proved a capable or honest man she would reveal herself. She would become one of the founding Lord Assasins in the Order of the Violet Dragon, and continued to secretly moving closer and closer to revealing her true identity as a member of the Lovie Family. She begin to build a relatinship with William Lovie III. and as this grew she came to understand that he was a good person of whom would not foraske her, and she decided that before she revealed herself to him she would help him first by finding his father. She would make sure that she was at the forefront of the search for Bill Lovie, and she would hunt him for several years, and finally caught him during Ruins. Following this she returned to Lucerne, where her identity as a Lovie was finally revealed, and she would spend time with her family getting to know them all. Despite William wishing for her to leave the Violet Dragons she would decide to stay inside the Order and set herself the command of the expedition being sent to Dresdan in order to assist the Dragonoph worshippers in the land. Sophia would arrive in the capital of Dresdan and she introduced herself to the leadership of the Dragonoph Temple, but kept her true identiy as a Lucernian Violet Dragon from them or else she risked making it clear how deeply Lucerne was pushing into the conflict.


Knotted-dragons-concho 2

Her Lovie Family Pendant she carries with her

Early History

"My family was eeverything to me when I was younger. My father spoke to me about everything that was my family, and as time went on I longed for nothing more then to learn about this long lost royal family I was apart of."

-Dama Rossan

Dama Rossan was born in France to her parents Tavlian Lovie, and Mertia Rossan. Growing up she was made to be very aware of her heritage in the Lovie family, and because of this heritage, and the constant fear the family had that they would be hunted and killed by John Lovie made her training in war a primary concern. As she learned more and more about the ways of war she demanded to know about the reason behind her constant training, and as time went on her father came to tell her mnore and more about the land that she was from in the Kingdom of Lucerne. Her father remebered little of the world he had left behind but he tried his best to teach his daughter everything that he knew that she would one day need to know. In the final days before she and her family left France her father gave her a book written by her grandfather William Lovie II. that told of the brief history of his life. The book obviously ended abrubtly due to William being killed while he was writing the book, and this along with the news in the book meant that she became obsessed with everything to do with her far off family.

Death of Tavlian and Mertia

"I learned early in my life that the world was a dark place. I learned early that everything I wanted was at the edge of a knife. My parents died broken. Alone. And hopeless searching for a truth in a world that didn't make any sence anymore."

-Dama Rossan

When Dama Rossan reached the age of 16 the family decided it was time to return to Lucerne so they packed up all their things and headed towards Lucerne.

While travelling on the road between Athel Loren, and Quel'Thalas they were ambushed by bandits who were trolling the road. After Tavlian refused to lower himself by giving them money the bandits killed him, and Mertia. A fight broke out, and after Dama killed two of the three bandits the third man knocked her on the head. As the man prepared to rape her, he was shot through the head with an arrow. When Dama Rossan woke up she was lying in a tree, and her wounds were cleaned. She looked around, and saw an Elf sitting beside her bed.

The two came to know eachother over the next month while she recovered, and he showed her around the forests of Quel'Thalas. When she was healed she no longer wanted to leave, but the Elf who she could never get to reveal his name said that she had more important things to do yet, and promised her that they would see eachother again.

The two bid eachother goodbye and he took her to the edge of the border of Lucerne and then left. Dama entered Lucerne, and found her way to Forks. During this time Bill Lovie had just caused the First Battle of Tree Hill, so the whole city was in chaos.

First Battle of Tree Hill


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Order of the Violet Dragon

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Lucerne discovers Orleans

Ashley escapes

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Ashley Lerman Wide1
"I looked through the bars of my home now, and I should have felt better. I should have been saved by him. But instead he was my captor. He was the one that was the cause of all my pain."
-Ashley Lerman

A few weeks after being captured and placed in the dungeons beneath the city. Her brother taunted her for weeks, and begin to bring other slaves from the dungeons and then he would torture and kill them. As this continued she came to speak with a cloaked man called Tobias of whom spoke to her with a kindness that she hadn't seen since her brother Logan had been with her. After talking with her she was released in secret by Tobias Henkel of whom was infiltrating Orleans on behalf of the Order of the Violet Dragon. Seeing young Ashley Lerman he overheard her conversations with her sadistic brother Faedra, and quickly released her when he had the chance. Released into the area around Orleans she wandered the plains west of the ruined city and finally collapsed of exhaustion.

The Camp

Luke Ellerdeen1
"It was a desperate life that we were living out here in the forest. If it wasn't the constant threat of the Orcs, it was the slave riders of Orleans that kept us from ever really knowing peace. But that kind of fear also breeds a hate in a person. I didn't dislike the Orcs. I wasn't mad at the slavers in Orleans. I hated them. I wanted them dead, and thats a powerful emotion for anyone to carry with them."
-Luke Ellerdeen

When she did leave the bed she would find a people demorilized beyond belief by the death and destruction they had seen over the past many years, and she immediatly felt a sence of connection to that kind of sadness based on what happened to her family. When she awoke she was in a tent, and she was told by the man that woke her that she was in a small human emcapment of refugees from the war in France, and she would rest for many days before moving about again. During her time in the camp she came to better understand what was happening in France, as in Lucerne it was basically believed that everyone in France had either retreated to England or was dead. Luke made her aware of the fact that large numbers of humans still remained in hiding in the forests and other hiding places, but were heavily targeted by Orleans in the south, and Paris in the north of whom were basically slaver towns that the Orcs left alone because they suited their purposes. She would become close with Luke Ellerdeen of whom was somewhat the leader of the camp, and she would convinse him that they needed to help the thousands that were in the pens beneath orleans awaiting being sent to the slave markets in Paris. With the help of Luke Everdeen she was able to infiltrate Orleans again, where she found her brother after a lot of searching, and she tried to get him to leave with her, but he said that he had to help Hermione escape the city before she could leave.

New Mission

Tobias Henkel1
"I returned to Berne with all haste knowing what I knew. We had went to Orleans in the feint belief that Bill might have been there but never for a moment did we actually think we would have found him."
-Tobias Henkel

Tobias Henkel after freeing Ashley Lerman from the prison would make his way to find Logan once again, and at the same time he would meet with Hermione. Telling them that he was returning to Berne where he would meet with his order in order to get reinforcements, and that while he was gone they should both remain vigiliant but to not do anything crazy. He would travel by griphon back to Berne alongside his apprentice of whom had been hiding out in a nearbye cave waiting for him. He sent a raven with a letter detailing what he had discovered to Lucerne where it would find Ezio of whom would seek clarification from William on how they would proceede. Returning to Berne he met briefly with Doma Rosson of whom told him that she was returning with him, and that they were to wait for more reinforcements before they struck. As they read the letter written by Ezio with William's orders in it in responce to his findings they realized that there main concern was the killing of Bill, and that anything and everything elce was secondary to his death. Returning to the Orleans area with Doma Rosson, the two could no know how much things had changed in the time they had been gone. When they returned they found that Ashley and Logan had disregarded their command, and were in fact marshaling forces from the nearbye camp and were planning to free the slaves beneath Orleans. Seeing oppurtunity in the distraction this might cause, Doma, and Tobias decided they would assist the siblings in their plans. 

Breaking Out


Ashley would support her brother, and together they would orchestrate a plan to break out the slaves from beneath the city. Ashley would be separated from her brother when on the day before the plan he went to help Hermione, and didn't return to her as he said that he would, and she would be forced to move forward with the plan anyway. They would receive more help when Tobias Henkel arrived back in the city with several more members of the Order of the Violet Dragon. Together with Tobias, and Dama Rossan they begin taking out many of the gaurds that would impede their plans, and worked side by side with Hermione of whom was going to get Myctisym while everyone was reacting to the chaos of the dungeons opened.

The Break Out

On the day of the escape everything would go according to plan, but as she entered one of the last dungeons she found her brother Faedra standing over a body that he was stabbing repeatedly. She would stop for a moment, and consider everything that Faedra had ever been, and in that moment she finally said goodbye to her brother and stabbed him through the back killing him. As she looked at the body Faedra had been stabbing she broke into hysterics when she discovered it was her brother Logan who lay dead. Tobias would come looking for her when she didn't arrive where she was supposed to and found her crying over the dead body of Logan. He was forced to carry her out of the room locking the door behind them so that she would finally leave the room, and with that she was forced to say goodbye to the brother who had given up basically everything for her. As they worked their way out of the dungeons they were knocked to the ground by a massive crash that shook the foundations all around them. After making sure the former slaves were escaping as was planned, Ashley followed Tobias as he made his way to the sound of the explosion, as she came to understand the Order of the Violet Dragon had other things in mind other then just saving slaves when Tobias told her they were there to kill Bill Lovie or at the very least destabilize his operations here.

Death of a King

Forced to fight there way through the fighting they finally arrived at the explosion where they found Dama Rossan fighting Bill Lovie, and saw the cause of the destruction as a massive hole had been blown in the side of the tower. Joining the fight the combined fighting of everyone against Bill finally broke him, and he collapsed to the ground defeated. In that moment he let everyone in the room know that Doma Rosson was actually Sophia Lovie the daughter of Tavlian Lovie and that he was sorry for everything he had ever done. As the life ebbed from his eyes Sophia moved towards him and held his hand as the dying former King of Lucerne finally died.

Marriage to Niklas Cullen

Lucernians in Dresdan

Ashley Lerman Cover2
I knew we had a mission to accomplish, but I knew that he was there as well. He had escaped the madness of Orleans, and was now leading a troop of mercenaries trying to push the Dragon out of Dresdan. My brother would finally have his revenge.
Ashley Lerman


William Lovie

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