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Stannis Strong
is the son of Deny, and Cassana Strong making him a member of House Strong of Harrenhall through his father and a member of House Estermont through his mother. Stannis has three siblings in the form of Renley, Katelyn and Robert Strong who he maintains close contact with due to their existence on the lords council of Harrenhall. His brother Renley was deemed a failure but he left the city and when he returned he appeared to have completely changed himself into someone talented and now the two are close, his brother Robert is the most popular and powerful man in Harrenhall and a brutal fighter, while his sister Katelyn was murdered along with much of her family during the Invasion of Harrenhall. Stannis is married to his long time wife Selsey Strong with whome he has one child with. The birth of his lone child was a painful birth and left his wife unable to give birth again, a fact that has caused a great amount of conflict between Selsey, and Stannis.

Stannis Strong was born the second son of Deny Strong and was born just a year following the birth of his older brother Robert Strong of whom during his youth he was not close with in any real emotional way. During his youth he would be sent to the Riverlands where during his time there squiring in Riverrun he would be betrothed to a noble lady back in Harenhall but would more importantly convert to the religion of R'hllor and gain several companions in the form of Vesendria, and Shelensia of whom were priestesses of R'hllor and came to be his slaves following a victory in a tournament. When the Invasion of Harrenhall came to pass there was a group of soldiers from House Seaworth that were meant to assasinate Stannis so that he couldn't take part in the campaign, but these soldiers were killed before they could kill Stannis. Following the assasination attempt Stannis would lead the House Strong forces and as he led them he would devise the defences of the Market, and several other areas. He took personal leadership over the Market Gate and would put many of his best commanders in this area, and he would personally defend the Opera House which was the largest opening in the Market Gate. His defence of the opera house would lead to the deaths of hundreds of his enemies in a series of massacres, as they were without any sort of siege machine and were cut down as the attempted to cross the streets. Following the initial invasion he has come to lead the forces of House Stong in their campaign to take back the docks, and despite the massive numerical superiority of the Seaworth, Greyjoy forces he has succeded in pushing them back several blocks.


Stannis has gained a reputation far and away worse then his slightly younger brother Robert. Where Robert is decorated as a hero of the war with Dole, Stannis is remembered for the terrible brutatility that he used in order to achieve his victories. Where a village needed getting by most generals simply raided through but Stannis left nothing alive in the areas he passed through. Where captives were normally taken, Stannis left whole armies with their heads on pikes. These acts of brutality eventually led to his command being reigned back, and he was only reinvolved when the Dolish started to turn the tide of war following his absence. Despite this fact everyone around him understands that he was an instrumental part of the Dolish campaign.


Early History


Priests of Stannis

Vesendria would join the older Priestess of R'hllor in Shelensia in becoming the Priestess of Stannis Strong as a wedding gift from the Riverrun R'hllor Temple, and this would be a blessed moment for the two of them as this was the calling they had spent their entire life preparing for.

The First Harrenhall-Dole War

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The Death of Heer Strong

The Death of Heer Strong
You don't have to die here cousin. Live your life. Choose to live. Don't choose death.
Kassidy Kenward Cover1`
I don't wish to fight you. You are my blood, and for that we should always be close. But look at me now Heer, and really listen to me. If you think because we are blood I will lay down and are wrong.
Renley Strong

It would be the victorious Renley Strong that would enter the gates of Harrenhall surrounded by Kassidy Kenward, and Darrius Kenward of whom were the two most important people to him, and at the gates he would be met by his immediate family alongside many other members of House Strong including Heer Strong of whom had been whispered to by many that Renley had returned to take his position in the house. This story would lead to Heer to act out during his return embarrassing Renley through several insults which only ended when Robert commanded the two separated and then took Renley away. Renley Strong would attempt to speak to Heer after the difficult first meeting following his return, but when they met at Heer's home the conversation didn't just go badly it nearly came to blows as Heer was completely unwilling to have peace between the two. As Renley turned to walk away Heer attempted to stab him from behind but the murder was stopped by Kassidy of whom saw the dagger and screamed out. Coming to the commotion was Stannis Strong and the second eldest of the generation would decide the two would duel, and following the duel there would be no more fighting between the two.

You two are blood. This duel will end the conflict. It will end the conflict or you two will find yourselves a new home to call your own.
Stannis Strong

Following Renley knocking the sword from the hand of Heer Strong the fight would be ended with the laughter of Robert Strong of whom cheered loudly for his brother, and following this Orys Strong would go to the side of Heer and whisper something to him which caused Heer to grab the sword from a guard and charge at Renley from behind. he would duel his cousin Heer Strong and during this duel his cousin Heer would be killed causing quite the uproar among the nobles of Harrenhall but also greatly increasing the scope of power within Renly's grip.

Siege of Harrenhall

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War in Harrenhall

Market Riots

"The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility."

-Stannis Strong

Family Members


Family Members

Shireen Strong - Daughter

Robert Strong - Brother

Renley Strong - Brother



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Selyse Strong

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No act done in the service of the Lord of Light can ever be a sin.
Selyse Strong
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