Stories are the bedrock of the New World series. Created by different authors they tie together into the overall scheme of the plotline. Devided between two main series in the form of the Lucernian Valley, and Rise of Chaos the Lucernian Valley has significantly more chapters, and a multitude of companion, and background stories.

Lucernian Valley Series

The Lucernian Valley Series is the main series of the storyline, and it is through this story that all the companion, background, and short stories have come from. The main character of the Rise of Chaos Series is also a character that came from the Lucernian Valley Series.

Main Books

Companion Books

Companion Books are the many stories that were created by writers outside the main story, and usually tie in by expanding the background, and role of a character important in the main story but not able to be fully flushed out.

Background Books

Background books are similar to the Companion books in that they are formed due to the need to further the information of certain historical events.

Short Stories

Rise of Chaos Series

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