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Taken on the form of Jeane Lovie
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Stragnarax is the Dragon Aspect for the White Dovah and has led them since his creation.
Vital statistics
Spawned By Mesindia
Birth Nest Avicairn Pinnacle
Dovah White Dovah
Status Alive
Wing Span 215 Ft
Shape Shifting Forms
Human Forms Jeane Lovie
Other Forms None

Stragnarax is a great dragon aspect of the White Dragon Dovah, and this makes him a direct child of the Titan Mesindia. Stragnarax is known amongst the humans for once being the daragon rode by William Lovie, and in this way has an immense following in the Valley of Lucerne. Stragnarax was close to his sisbling in Nozdurmo of whom led the Bronze Dovah for centuries until she became one with the Caverns of Time.

Stragnarax was born one of the children of Mesindia and thus was born as the Aspect of the White Dovah of whom she built up within the mountains of Central Europe. In these early years she and her sister Nozdurmo were very close, and in this closeness they fought side by side during the Rise of Chaos and the desperate battles that followed this first conflict. Stragnarax watched as the Dragons were pushed back, and defeated all across the world, and when her sister Nozdurmo retreated into the Caverns of Time she would retreat into the Mountains of Lucerne with his Dovah in order to survive the new world. Finding herself increasingly isolated from the outside world, and no longer in contact with any of the other Dragon Dovah's she attempted to regrow his Dovah but discovered the humans were now dominant and dragons couldn't go and do whatever they wanted anymore. Finding and destroying a Dragonspawn cult west of Lucerne she would destroy it and on the return trip he would be drawn to a Dragonborn human who she saved and then fought alongside in the forests. Leaving France with the man he returned to Lucerne with him on his back, and this allowed William Lovie to gain immense power. Fighting beside William during the Driving Tide she would stay by William's side throughout his entire life, and was the main reason for the growth of House Lovie into the royal family it has become. Stragnarax lived inside of the city of Lucerne for the life of William Lovie, and during this time brought many of her children to stay in Lucerne as well forming what became known as the Lucernian Pinnacle. Following the death of Jeane Lovie it was Stragnarax that took on her persona standing at the side of William Lovie and during this time the depth of their relationship only increased as the two became soul mates deeply in love. Stragnarax spent the final years of William's life consolidating the holdings of her beloved but also she created the divice known as the Crown of Sovngarde which would allow William to enter the Golden Dream and thus allow the two to live out their lives together forever. Following the Bloody Supper, she returned to her ancient home in the Mountains of Lucerne emotionally destroyed by the death of her beloved William Lovie and her child alongside William Lovie II. of whom he had promised his late rider that she would protect. The Once gentle and kind dragon was changed dramatically by the death of William Lovie II., and his child Klaranax, and spent years after hunting down John Lovie but was nearly killed by Nazgul after he was lured into Mordor. He makes his first appearance during the last pages of the Rise of Lucerne, when he and William Lovie III. meet, and from the brief exchange it isn't clear how much of Stragnarax's sanity remains. Stragnarax is battled against by Larnax of whom rejects his commands when at the end of Westros she takes all of the eggs that she has hatched and takes them to Lucerne where she hands them over to William Lovie III. of whom she has gained a rider bond with.


Early History

Stragnarax was born during the great heyday of the dragons. During this time the skies were the land of the dragons, and the mountains were a safe area they could lay their eggs without fear of death. The peace of the dragons would come crashing down when the War of the Skies came and engulfed them into the war.

The Eternity War

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The Eternity War
I'm sure beasts had fought before we sparked the Eternity War, but it wasn't until we got into their heads that the mortals truly understood the level of depravity they were capable of. We caused all of it.
Trolloc Coruption.jpg
The Great Bloody One told them that they had once controlled the world until the other's took it from them. He created in them an anger, and a violence that the Trolloc would unfurl to the point that there was no going back to what they once were.

The start of the Eternity War would begin with the corruption of the Trolloc of whom changed from their industrious, and noble ways when they interacted with the now corrupted Chaos God Khorne. At this time in history the Noble Titans were being torn in half but they didn't yet know that this was happening so they watched unknown as the Trolloc were corrupted by the Chaos God Khorne . Khorne offered their leaders great power in return for their loyalty to his beliefs. The Trolloc leaders knew nothing of this kind of evil, so they accepted his offer as genuine, and this would lead to their downfall and the downfall of the peace in Europe. With Khorne now in their midst he changed their peaceful culture into one of utter decadence and violence. The strongest rose to the top, and of all of these the strongest was the legendary Trolloc Mazrak of whom fell from being a priest of Elune before the corruption to becoming a mindless creature of violence. Mazrak would embroil the Trolloc into a massive civil war which would eventually lead to the complete control of the Trolloc Empire into the hands of Mazrak and by extension Chaos.

It is said that once we were spread throughout even Ind. In those ancient days we were the most powerful army in all of Central Asia, and it is said that so strong were we that we frightened even the forces of Chaos. It is said that so frightened were they that they were forced to destroy our people in Ind with treachery. Poisoning the swamps themselves we were destroyed in Ind. Atleast thats what the legend says.
Huldul Andreesesh

During the early stages of the Eternity War the forces of Chaos would also target the loyalist Argonian forces of Ind which had spread quite rapidly across Ind and were a real threat to the Chaos forces of the Charr if the fighting got intense in Cathay against the Murloc, and Furbolg. Thus in order to defeat the forces of the Argonians and make sure that the Murlocs of Cathay, and Furbolg would be fighting alone against the Charr it would be Slanaash, and Malekor who would convince Nurgle to destroy the Argonians with his diseases. Crafting the disease he would unleash it into the swamps of Ind and the Argonians would be devastated by the disease throughout the entirety of the Eternity War and during this time despite the best efforts of Hist nothing could be done to stop the ravages of the disease which was being spread by Nurgle. Hist in his desperation to save his people went to Nurgle and found him during his conversations to be completely callous and devoid of the laughter and humor that Nurgle had once been known for, and thus unable to get assistance from Nurgle the once dominant population of Argonians in Ind was completely wiped out leaving them dominant on the islands around Argonia only.

The War Begins

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Eternity War2.jpg
The Eternity War was the first cast of the die. Before the Eternity War the world was at peace. The Trollocs, Murloc, and Woses had devided much of the world between themselves, and they continued to live in peace. This was ended with a single thought as Khorne corupted the Trolloc.

The Eternity war was the first true conflict of Chaos, and it single highhandedly destroyed the three largest empires in Europe, and left the land ripe for the colonization of the Dwarves, and Elves, and later the Human race. As the Trolloc had become corrupted by the Chaos God Khorne the other Empire's of the world along with the Titans became aware of this change but thought it a different matter then the betrayal of Khorne. The Murloc, and the Woses continued on their peaceful path but unknown to them the Trollocs had been corupted by the God that created them in Khorne. Khorne had turned them to his service and instead of trade the Trollocs begin fashioning massive cities for the construction of huge armies with which to conquer Europe. From these cities they silently built these armies and then prepared to launch a massive suprise invasion of the Woses, and the Murlocs. As the cities of the Trollocs grew to incredible size the Noble Titans became fully aware that something had changed but were duty bound to not interfere, and instead believed that they could assist the nobler races by creating more races into the world. During this time the last of the creations of the Titans would enter the world of which some were the Trolls, and the Draenie. All the Titans did not sit idle during this time as many felt they needed to intervene and several Titans including Aphrodite, and Motrin engaged in an arming of the Woses so that they would survive the Eternity War. Also Neperune of whom created the Murloc was unstoppable as he openly engaged in assistance for his creation. In the years directly preceding the Eternity War the Woses would be dealt a harsh blow when their benefactor in the form of Jupiter would be killed by Khorne, and Tzeenech after she resisted their words of Chaos, and without Jupiter the Woses religion somewhat collapsed for a time leading them astray at exactly the moment they needed faith the most.

Mazrak would fall during the final days of the Eternity War.

Malekor didn't care a thing about the Woses, or the Murloc. He didn't want to see the world survive indefinetly, but luckily for the world he wanted to destroy the world himself, and was inclined to help us.

The initial invasion was devastating to the Woses, and the Murlocs but the Murlocs were especially damaged by the conflict as they were less prepared then the Woses due to their being the weakest of the three races individually. During this initial onslaught with the corruption of the Titan Nurgle the forces of the Asura would also join the Trolloc and attack the forces of the Woses and Murlocs but were noticeably not putting forth their entire forces. City by city the Chaos honored forces of the Trolloc overran the world and left the Murloc and Woses devastated in their wake. Khaz'Kul would take part in the Massacre of Xaesa where the Trolloc in the guise of negotiations would break this truce and massacred the large city of Xaesa killing several of the leading political leaders of the Woses and shattering much of their war effort. Eventually after centuries of fighting the Woses had lost a significant portion of their empire and began to lose the war, and defeat was only a matter of time. Following this it is said that the Woses made a deal with a Tree Spirit of whom came to their leadership saying that he would help them win the war if they would swear themselves to do a debt for the spirit once the war was done. This Tree Spirit was in fact the spirit of Malekor hidden in plain sight, whom wanted to undermine the efforts of Tzeneech and Khorne and assisted the Woses in defeating the Trolloc. With the assistance of the spirit of Malekor and his forces helping the Woses began to turn the tide back in their favor. With the spirits help they finally managed to take the fight to the Trolloc's part of the forest, and in a titanic battle the Woses destroyed the remaining Trolloc in a massive battle at the edge of the Drueden Forest. During this battle the forces of the Asura would also turn against the Trolloc and their betrayal of the Trolloc would cause the routing of an entire flank of the battle leading to the disastrous defeat and eventually Khorne cursing the Asurans. Following this victory Malekor's forces were unstoppable as he alongside the Woses and remaining Murloc pushed the Trolloc all the way back to their massive cities. It was in the cities that Malekor would create massive spells that literally destroyed the area of the cities and left the Trolloc in a state of destruction. The surviving Trolloc would flee to the forests, where they became nomadic, and their inner soul filled with fear of creating cities by the design of Malekor.

Capture of Khairne

Following Jupiters death Khorne would become quite boisterous in his discussion of murdering Jupiter, and while this was something that angered many of the Titans it would be her two sons Ulric, and Taal that would become enraged by the death of Jupiter and under the leadership of Ulric they would begin a plan to target Khairne for revenge against Khorne. Ulric, and Taal against the wishes of Zeus who forbade any action following the death of Jupiter would enact their plan when they entered the Trolloc Empire in secret and would capture Khairne bringing her back to their holdings in central Germania where they hid there trails to such an extent that no one discovered their involvement and it was in this position that they imprisoned Khairne with Taal becoming her personal jailer.

Invasion of Albion

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Please Zeus. Khorne and his trolloc are razing towns all across Albion. I need you to believe me that he is involved.

During the fighting of the Eternity War it would be Khorne who personally led his Trolloc Empire onto the island of Albion where he targeted the island for destruction due to the relatively large number of Titans on the island and their loyal following there. The Trollocs would make their initial landing in Kent where they were resisted by Ugret of whom commanded a desperate defense of the shore hoping to hold them off long enough for the rest of the Albion Pantheon to gather their forces for the real battle to come. Despite Ugrets best attempts she would be defeated at the Battle of Kent and despite surrendering she would be brutally executed and all her forces killed by the insanity of Khorne who no longer truly existed as he once did. Following the initial invasion of the Trollocs into Albion it would be Ingri, alongside her Albion Pantheon that would lead the forces of Albion in resisting the invasion but despite stoic defenses and several large victories she was pushed back mile by mile northward towards Helms Deep. As Helms Deep came under siege by the forces of Khorne it was Nurgle that intervened in the fighting joining with Khorne to assist in destroying the city, and while Lahmfada held Helms Deep it was Ingri that traveled with Ailpean to Olympus where they traveled to beg Zeus for assistance. Ingri who was close friends with Metis the lover of Zeus believed that this relationship and bringing proof would be more then enough in order to gain the support of Zeus, and thus as she and Ailpean traveled to Olympus the two were filled with hope.

Plea for Help

Despite bringing proof of what was happening Zeus was unwilling to intervene and thus Ingri returned without any real assistance but led the Albion forces in the Battle of Helms Deep (Eternity War). After Zeus was unwilling to assist Ingri it was Zeus's lover Metis that secretly followed Ingri back to Albion and travelling to Helms Deep despite all titans being commanded to not do this she rejected this command and having seen demons and Trollocs fighting there she returned to Olympus with a captured Trolloc of whom she believed would prove to Zeus of the involvement of Khorne. Instead of proving the guilt of Khorne her actions would be seen by Zeus as a betrayal and thus with Poseidan in the room and after a long argument with Metis it was Zeus that would kill her and then lie about her death stating that she had fled Olympus and had no idea where she went and forbade any discussion on her again as she was labeled a traitor. While they had not gained the support of the loyalists of Zeus during their time in Olympus it was Ailpean that was approached by Tzeneech of whom remained in Olympus as no one had discovered him as the ringleader, instead believing that Khorne was the first of these chaos gods. Tzeneech would destroy the shield on Ailpean and corrupted him with fear and anger leading to Ailpean returning to Albion with his grandmother a completely changed man. While at first during the fighting the defenses held and Lahmfada even killed one of the children of Khorne the betrayal of Ailpean who had become disillusioned and easy pickings to Tzeneech led to the near collapse of the defenses of Helms Deep. Ingri would be killed by Khorne but before the final blow could fall on the fortress Khorne and Tzeenech abandoned the attack in order to deal with a massive Asura attack in central Europe leaving the traitors under Ailpean to fight alone at Helms Deep.

Albion Civil War

Following Khorne abandoning the fight it was Ailpean that took control, but the conflicted recently corupted Chaos Titan was unwilling to totally turn against his family in the Albion Pantheon, and his conflicted leadership would come to ahead following the arrival of the Khorne luietenant Khaz'Kul. Khaz'Kul would leave the fighting in the Fade to return to Albion at the behest of Khorne and returning to Helms Deep he joined Ailpean in continuing the assault on the fortress. After Khaz'Kul begin to summon demons to support the war it was Ailpean that had a break from his coruption and would lead his own forces in a massacre of the Trollocs at Helms Deep and during this massacre Khaz'Kul and Ailpean would fight with Ailpean killing Khaz'Kul. Now having turned on Chaos Ailpean would approach the defenders and realizing that his coruption had changed him permently he would convinse his family to kill him which his son Lylr would be the one to mercy kill him.

Burning of Ygdrassil

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Despite remaining neutral due to the words of their King Hircine it was the Treekin that would be attacked during the Eternity War by the forces of Chaos who seeing the threat they posed would launch a massive assault on Ygdrassil leading to the Burning of Ygdrassil and the all but end of the global Treekin nation.

Asurian Civil War

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Kyliss would following the Dance of Lirith find herself increasingly overcome by emotions and in this corruption she went to her beloved mathlann in an attempt to save herself, but by the time she got to him she had changed dramatically and Mathlann refused to help her instead banishing her from Ulthuan. Kyriss having been rejected by Mathlann fought during the Asurian Civil War but was extremely reluctant and this reluctance turned to outright resistance when the Chaos aligned forces begin summoning demons to join their side and she was able to use what little strength she had left to secretly betray her forces feeding information to her cousin Isha.

War in the Skies

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The War in the Skies
We used to be the protectors of this world. Now were nothing.
War in the Sky.jpg
The coming of Chaos wasn't something any of us were ready for. We had become complacent in our abilities so sure that any force that threatened the world we could destroy. We did not anticipate the fall of a brother was even possible.

The War in the Sky was a peripheral conflict in the middle of the First War against Chaos fought between he forces of the Dragons, and the Chaos Servants supported by the Black Dovah towards the end. As Chaos spread throughout the world, the reclusive dragons found their ancient homes overrun by demons, and in their desperation they took part in the conflict in order to save themselves as well as the creatures they had sworn to protect. While millions of demons smashed against the realms of the Elves, and Lizardmen amongst others the Dragons fought for control of the sky against an ever increasing amount of demons. At first the Dragons held themselves quite well, as the demons had no match to their skill in the sky thus meaning the only way to defeat the dragons was to battle them in their nests, and in this fight they were held off by the Draknoids defending the nests, long enough that the Dovah would arrive and defeat the demons.

Corruption of Nefarion

Nefarion before he was corupted by the forces of the Chaos Gods.

They whispered to me in the dark, and at first I didn't understand the words that they were speaking as if I was hearing it in a different language. Then the words got clearer and I wished I wasn't able to hear them but despite my best attempts I couldn't make them go away so I eventually opened my mind to the endless visions of the true gods.

At some point prior to the First War with Chaos, Nefarion and his Dovah, unknown to the others, fell prey to the whisperings of the fallen gods of Chaos. The other Aspects attributed Neltharion's oddness to his displeasure with the actions of the bold Murlocs and their growing misuse of Magi. When demons had first begun their invasion of the earth he Black Aspect Nefarion suggested creating a magical artifact to aid in the destruction of the demons. The other Aspects, had nothing but the upmost respect for wise Nefarion, and they gave much of their own essence toward the creation of this object, called the Dragon Soul. Neltharion and his flight however had secretly refrained from imparting any of their own power.

The Dragon Soul

Nefarion in his complete Coruption

We trusted that our brother was telling the truth because until that time we didn't even known it was possible for him to betray us. It was blind faith that led us to giving him nearly complete domination over the entire Dragon Race.

When each dragon had contributed a portion of his or her essence to the artifact, Neltharion deemed it complete. The Dragons had at this point realized that the Elves attempts to close the Chaos portals were the main option of defeating the forces of Chaos and in this way they had flown on mass to Ulthuan where they attempted to defend the island alongside the Elves. As they did this only a small amount of their forces remained behind to defend their nests thus leaving them very vulnerable. The blacks joined the other dragons in flight over the battle and the Black Aspect brought the Dragon Soul to bear against the demons of Chaos, with devastating effects on the demonic swarm — but only for a precious few moments. He then shocked his fellow aspects and turned the artifact against the terrified High Elves as well, and finally his own brethren. The shocked dragons were helpless to resist the power of the Dragon Soul, for it contained a fraction of the essence of each — with the exception of Nefarion himself. All the dragonflights, save Neltharion's own, were paralyzed in midair until the timely intervention of Korialstrasz, a mate of the red dragonqueen, who had been absent from the initial use of the artifact. While Korialstrasz was no match for the Aspect of Earth, he did manage to interrupt Neltharion's concentration for a moment, freeing the other dragons from their paralysis and allowing them to flee from the amazing powers of the Dragon Aspect.

Betrayal of the Black

Nefarion destroying the Bronze Dovah

Nefarion struck us where we were least capable of defending ourselves. His strikes at our nests left us vulnerable, and near destruction when the next wave of Chaos attacked us. Watching the demons reign down on our homes was one thing, but now they were supported by our former brethren in the Black Dovah. It took all our combined might in the end just to push him back. I hope to the Old Gods that the world never again knows a danger like the one we were forced to deal with on those dark days. I will try and remember my brother the way he was back when we were young, and not the brutal monster he was turned into.

In this fight the Dovah Aspect Nefarion showed himself to be a traitor and begin the next stage of his plans when he chased the fleeing Dragon Dovah's away from Ulthuan thus depriving the Elves of one of their greatest forces on the island. Some of the Dovah's were especially hard hit as the forces of Nefarion targeted the Bronze Dovah especially hard to the point that they were nearly destroyed in a series of massive ambushes of their usually heavily defended nests. As things turned deadly the forces of the Black Dovah moved against the caverns of Time of which was the capital of the Bronze Dovah.

Defeating the Soul

Alextrasza defeating Nefarion

The world will never see that amount of Dragons for the rest of time. We brought ever last Dragon we could find no matter what Dovah you were from you were coming. We fought brother against brother and the end goal had to be the destruction of our wayward former brother Nefarion.

As the Bronze Dovah held on to their final capital Nozdurmo called for assistance, and the other Dovah Aspects would be forced to choose between saving the Caverns of Time and thus the Bronze Dragons or continuing the fight against the demons on Ulthuan. Led by Stragnarax the Dovah determined that the High Elves needed help and thus they made the decision that the Green Dovah would travel to Ulthuan and assist the High Elves while the remaining Dovah moved against Nefarion. When they arrived at the Caverns of TIme they found Nozdurmo and Nefarion in battle against each other, and the other Dovah quickly entered the fight, and despite the massive power of the Demon Soul the Black Dovah were devestated by this attack. As the fight looked to be over for the Black Dovah Nefarion activated the Demon Soul and killed huge numbers of the arrayed Dovah including his own forces. As the Dragons assembled were threatened with destruction Alextrasza managed to get past his frenzied attacks and struck him through the chest, thus shattering the demons soul hidden behind his armor. The Demon Soul out of his grasp Nefarion looked around and saw his forces defeated and thus called for his Dovah to follow him, and they fled the fight moving eastward. The other Dovah chased them, and the Black Dovah were utterly devastated during their retreat before finally managing to survive by reaching the lands of the Charr of whom were extremely dangerous and the other Dovah knew he had surivved for now.

The End

Just when the fight seemed hopeless the Elves crushed the Warp gates and ended the First War against Chaos.


The White Dragons of the mountains of Central Europe were some of the worst hit Dragons, and because of this they reverted almost completely back to the old isolationist ways of the past. In this time of isolation, Stragnarax spawned the dragon that would grow closest to his heart in Klaranax.

Growth of Man

William Lovie

See Also : William Lovie

While walking west of Forks William would discover an opening in the mountains. He walked through this opening and unbeknownst to him he found himself in France . He would walk for awhile, and when darkness struck he found himself lost, and the darkness led him north into the forest. He had found himself in the forest of a powerful Trolloc force, and not a few minutes after arriving was he attacked by a few Trollocs .

Stragnarax happened to be flying through this area of the forest, and saw that the human was being attacked by the Trolloc, and for some reason he felt an attachement to the human. As he lowered himself to get close and help the young human he slowed himself as he saw that the young human was managing to kill all the Trolloc attacking him. Stragnarax watched amazed as William beat back dozens of Trolloc. Stragnarax only lowered himself when he sensed that a larger and more powerful group of Trolloc were incoming.

Realizing that he didn't have much time to explain, Stragnarax told William to get on his back and he would explain to him later. To Stragnarax's shock William told him that he could not leave until he had killed the leader of the Trolloc's that tried to kill him. Stragnarax told him that this would be certain death, but William told him his honor was at stake. Completely astounded by this young human's honor he told William that he would assist him in defeating the Trolloc leader.

The two were swiftly set upon by nearly a hundred Trolloc, and only the amazing power of the two were able to overcome the numbers. The two then made their way throught the forest with William calling out for the Trolloc leader to confront him. Eventually after a few hours of constant Trolloc attacks, the leader of the Trolloc's came out of hiding and he was discovered to be a Myrdil. The Myrdril put Stragnarax into a trance and then charged William. The two engaged in a titanic fight, but in the end the skill of William beat out the Magi, and evil of the Myrdrill. William then stayed

The Driving Tide

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The Mountain War
We can let the Dwarves fight on there own. There is no question that option will save the most of our children and family. For now. But what happens when we abandon the Dwarves and the Goblins take the Mountains...We lose everything.

House Tyrell was leading over the Realm of Forks at the time, and there had been a growing alliance among several other houses including House Swan, House Lovie and House Targaryan which would come to the front of issues during the negotiations in Forks.

Houses that had the slightest of differences turned on eachother as they all vied to be closest to House Tyrell.  That all ended the moment William returned on the back of that Dragon. Seeing that changed everything and whether or not the Tyrells wanted to accept it their time was done.
Aryes Targaryan

The Driving Tide burst onto the scene when William Lovie returned to Forks on the back of a dragon, and and to say it caused a stir would be a vast underestamet. He was greeted quickly by the members of his Companions along with the rest of their houses but overall the attitude was very anxious as the people didn't know what William planned to do with this unimaginable power. Following this a group of Dwarves entered Forks begging for assistance against the goblins. As the Dwarves left the council of Forks met, and their was fierce debate about what should be done with William Lovie leading the charge alongside House Tyrell, House Targaryan, and House Swan in assisting the Dwarves in exchange for the Dwarves assisting them. There support was countered by the opposition of House Cash, House Arryn, and House Clegane who believed it wasn't their problem so it should be ignored. With the Forks council at a complete stalemate, the auxiliary House Hale who was one of the richest houses in Forks became interested in gaining more influence and with William Lovie now having a dragon they decided that his wagon was the one they wanted to hitch themselves to. To show their support of William Lovie and his House Lovie they went to William and offered to supply him with all the armor, and weapons that his house as well as House Swan, and Targaryan. With this advantage to them it became clear that the Lovie alliance was going to choose the way Forks would go in the Driving Tide.

Never had someone so small changed so much. It was the slightest of choices that decided an entire land.
Unknown Scribe

With House Lovie, House Targaryan, and House Swan now militarily very strong it would be William that would come to the home of Mace Tyrell of whom was still for all intensive purposes still William's king, and would basically apologize to him for having to make him so much smaller then he had been. The two would eventually come to an understanding and in this understanding Mace Tyrell would join him on the battlefield where before he had planned to sit aside while House Lovie's alliance he now decided to move the entire strength of House Tyrell with him. In this way House Hale The decision of House Hale to assist the effort of William Lovie, and House Lovie meant that House Tyrell had no choice but to ignore the wishes of the House Arryn alliance and force their involvement in the Driving Tide. With no one left to resist the forces of Forks and the nearby regions begin massing north of the city for the campaign that would from this point on be called the Driving Tide.

The First Battle of the Gate

House Lovie

To the very last minute it was the Arryn's trying to stop us. I don't know how bitter their hatred ran that they could completely ignore the obvious situation.
William Lovie I.

The First Battle of the Gate was the battle fought as the Goblins attempted to defeat the Humans before they could gain enough strength to effectively assist the Dwarves. As the forces of Forks moved forward William Lovie on Stragnarax rode far ahead and scouted out the mountains. When William arrived at the mountains they could see the massive number of Goblins that were hiding amongst the stones of the mountain, and thus it was clear they were going to attempt to ambush the Forks army. He was told by Stranganarx that the Goblins of the mountains had been building their strength for many years and what he saw there was nothing more then a small fraction of their total force. Realizing that even a victory on that field wouldn't completely mean victory in the war he knew he would need to eventually meet with the forces of the Dwarves so that their combined armies could completely defeat the Goblins. Stragnarax would take him back to Forks and during the trip he asked Stragnarax whether any dragons could come to their aid, and while Stragnarax wanted to help the Lucernians and his friend in William Lovie he still did not trust the humans enough to intervene on that scale. Upon his return to Forks he called all the Nobles that were there to a meeting where he would make everyone understand how dire the situation was, and the consequences if they did not deal with the Goblins now. When he returned to the army William took the lead in planning and devised a strategy where they would set up camp in front of the mountain making it appear that they were going to sleep but when the Goblins charged forward they would be ready for them and would massacre them in the open.

Herd Mountain Valley Wallpaper mp1zf.jpg
I had second thoughts on my decision the moment I saw him standing at the table and everyone just listened to him. I wasn't ready for that kind of loss just yet.
Mace Tyrell I.

House Tyrell for the first time saw their power truly slipping away and attempted to argue against the plan but at this point even House Tyrell's allies were not supporting them and this led to William's plan being followed. In a huge coup the members of House Lovie gained the upper hand in the city of Forks in a way that had never occured before. Mace Tyrell would try and storm out of the meeting but he was stopped by his bannermen of whom warned him that the momentum had shifted and that he might be killed if they didn't side with the alliance of House Lovie. So everyone including House Arryn would join the massive army that was preparing to march to the valley beneath the mountains to ambush the goblin army.

The Prelude

The Night Goblins had sent scouts to follow all of the dwarf messengers, and were aware that the Forks army was on its way to assist. The moment they became aware, the Night Goblin leader sent his luitenant Greshak to ambush them at the gate. This ambush would have been completely disasterous for the entire war had it not been for the stupidity of the goblin liutenant Greshak. The Goblin commander decided that since the Lucernians camped at the outside of the gateway in then he would be able to attack them while they slept. This would mean even fewer casualties and a complete destruction of Lucernes army. The reason that he had been told to ambush the humans was that the Lucernians were waiting for the Dwarves to arrive, and had been warned that they should not sit idle while sitting out front the gate. For this reason the Lucernians had barricaded their camp completely, and were 100% ready for any attack.

To further complicate matters for the goblins the Humans now had the service of Stragnarax, and he was flying in the sky. While flying he noticed the goblins hiding in the hills of the entrance. With this knowledge he telepathically contacted William Lovie, and further warned him. With this warning the forces of Lucerne prepared for nightfall and the eventual attack that was coming.

The First Battle of the Gate
First Battle of the Gate.jpg

When darkness descended on the hills the Goblin army charged out of their hiding spots, and encircled the Human camp. The human defenders had been prepared for this so when the first goblin got near, the human archers begin unloading arrows on them. In their current position the goblins were completely exposed, and took huge casualties before they even reached the human camp. When they did reach the camp they found the entrances to the camp heavily barricaded, and the few entrances were extremely well gaurded. The Goblins found themselves completely under fire and unable to break through into the camp.

It was at this low point in the battle that a massacre was about to take place. Stragnarax and William Lovie rode to the center of the Goblin army, and engaged the goblin commander. The two fought very briefly before William killed him, and Stragnarax rained fire on the goblins. The center of the goblins was gone, and now they broke completely. When the goblins broke and ran, the humans chased behind, and fewer then 5% of the massive goblin army survived to make it back to the gate.

Goblin Counter Attack

While the loss of the army at the Gate wasn't good for the Goblins they had nearly unlimated forces at this point and thus they wanted to keep up the pressure so they hastily re-launched their attack on Karak Mulger which was still attempting to repair the damage to their defences. The Battle was a tough fight but again the Goblins were pushed back by the determined Dwarves who were at this point beggining to recieve reinforcements from Karak Izor as the situation out front the gate had somewhat stabalized the hole warzone.

Second Battle of Karak Izor
Karak Izor Thaig3.png
In our centuries long silence we had abandoned many mines as more prosperous ones were found. It was in this abandonement that our enemies flowed through behind our lines.
Dwarven Scribe

After the disasterous First battle of the Gate, and the following defeat they suffered during the Karak Mulger, the Night Goblins became even more aggressive in their attacks. The Goblins moved many of their forces to the far back of the conflict where they launched a series of raids against the unprepared Karak Izor who didn't think they could be hit. In this lack of preperation the Goblins had found a series of mines that were abandoned and through them they were able to sneak there way inside the Hold itself where once inside a series of desperate battles were fought which together are called the First Battle of Karak Izor. The Dwarves were able to keep the goblins out of the main hold itself but as they defeated the advances they found the goblins had hunkered down into the shadows and were now launching constant geurilla raids against Karak Izor. While these attacks were of little actual consequence they forced a large amount of their forces to move into the tunnels attempting to rid them of goblins instead of moving towards Karak Izor.

Fall of Karak Mulger
Night Goblins.jpg

As the Night Goblins attacked the Dwarf Hold of Karak Izor their main thrust came out when their huge forces attacked the recovering fortress of Karak Mulger. The Dwarves had still been working on the repairs to the Hold, and because of the swiftness of the attack the Goblins were able to mass themselves at all entrances to the Hold, and had it completely surrounded. As the Dwarves prepared to accept the charge of the endless Goblins they were all shocked as the Goblins burst through tunnels in the deepest core of Karak Mulger. With these breaches the Dwarves were forced to pull forces from their strong points, and this was exactly what the Goblins had wanted them to do. The moment the Dwarves moved from the fortress the Goblins begin overruning the defences at every entrance. The moment of the fall of the Hold was at hand, and everyone involved knew what was happening as the entrances, and the Dwarves were pushed back completely. The Dwarves that had went to react to the burrowing Goblins now discovered their fellow Dwarves retreating into the core of the Hold, and with this the thousands of Dwarves left prepared for their last stand. The Nigh Goblins massed their thousands and then charged the beligured Dwarves before the forces of Karak Izor could once again intervene and possibly save what little remained of the hold. The Dwarves held the gateways into the core for more then two hours before the last Gate Gaurd was pulled apart, and with this the Goblins were inside the walls, and they proceeded to massacre the remaining Dwarves inside the Hold.

The Final Battles

Final Battle of the Gate.jpg

With Karak Mulger overrun the goblins believed themselves to have the upper hand. In this high for the Night Goblins their scouts reported that the human army had regrouped and was now on its way to the gate with the obvious intentions of retaking Karak Mulgar. The Night Goblin leader knew he didn't have the hold neccessary to be able to maintain control of Karak Mulgar, and if the humans did enter the mountains and team up with the Dwarves, the Night Goblins could possbily lose the war. With this in mind the Goblin commander pulled his forces from the siege of Karak Izor, and left a large force their to hold the Dwarves in place. He then took the entire Night Goblin army and headed to the gates of Lucerne. When William Lovie, and the Lucernian army arrived at the gate they saw the massive Goblin Army arrayed in front of them. In this moment the two armies just stared eachother down. Each side wanting to be the ones with initative this caused the two armies to charge eachother.

Third Battle of Karak Izor

While the Goblin army was leaving to attack the humans at the gate, the Dwarven King of Karak Izor, and Karak Mulger gathered their entire army and launched a shock attack at the goblin army that had remained to hold them in place. So much hate was on the side of the Dwarves, and so sudden was the attack, the goblin army barely even got out of their beds before the Dwarves had completely wiped them out. With this victory the Dwarves moved themselves behind the army of the Nigh Goblins.

Second Battle at the Gates

The Goblins had been prepared to meet the forces of the Humans, and at the final days before the Battle they knew there would also be Dwarves from the more western Holds but what they did not understand was that in the days before the Second Battle of the Gates Stragnarax would travel into the Mountains and gather his entire White Dovah and command they following him into the Battle which would bring thousands of Draknoids, and hundreds of full Drakes into the Mountains just north of Lucerne awaiting the arrival of the Goblins.

Death of William Lovie II.

Everything was going so well for the Dragons of Clan Narax, and Stragnarax had found himself caring more and more about the affairs of the Kingdom Of Lucerne. This harmony would all come to a drastic end when the madness of John Lovie led to the deaths of William Lovie II. and Kragnarax. It was many days before Stragnarax learned of this event, and when he did hear of it, the story goes that he flew to Lucerne and attempted to kill John. It was when he got to Lucerne that he realized how much things had changed.

Where once the skies were clear and beautiful, they were now dark and evil. The city emonated with the fear of the people of Lucerne. And in the center of it all was Cloud Tower. When Stragnarax saw the tower he wept for skewered at the top of the tower on massives pikes were the bodies of Kragnarax and William II. Seeing this destroyed much of Stragnarax, and he flew from the city.

A Desperate Gamble

A Desperate Gamble
Something has to change here. Were dying a slow death unless we do something out of the box.
Alice Lovie4.jpg
Everything was looking up from what people saw. They saw us taking the Riverlands, overrunning the bridge. But all I saw was the goliath in the north. They sat destroying everything and anything they wanted seemingly at will. How long could we last in that conflict. How long could all of our strength hold out against the endless fanatasasim of the Teutons. I had to change things. I had to make it different.
William Lovie III.

Following the continueing growth in conflict with the Kingdom of Bolten William Lovie begin to come to the conclusion that he had to do something drastic or he risked watching all the good he'd done come crashing down around him. He had been constantly reading the diaries of his ancestors and from the writings of his great grandfater William Lovie I. he learned that the Dragon had changed everything. He came to believe that the success of House Lovie in the beggining was based on more then just the skill of William and that he needed the same trump card. William Lovie would summon from the Order of the Dragon Taylor Swift of whom he knew through Edward Cullen, and he grilled her for the truth on what the Dragons were really doing in the mountains. Taylor Swift would reveal to him that only the most senior of the Order had ever actually seen a dragon, and that she would summon a man of whom could tell him the truth of what they were. When he went to the shadow Council and told them that he planned on going to the Lucernian Mountains and attempting to meet with the Dragons, and from this he would bring them back into the fold. At first the others were so shocked by what he had said that they didn't take it seriously but when he didn't laugh along with them they begin to understand the truth that he in fact wasn't joking. At first noone spoke or even moved but after minutes of silence Jasper got up from the table and begin to become very angry that Andrew would even contimplate something so stupid.

Bella Swan would be unwilling to accept his decision as she believed this had to do with William missing Brooke.

What could possibly be gained with your suicide? I honestly want to know what frame of thought your going through that makes you think you can just check out on us.
Jasper Hale

After the argument of the Shadow Council Jasper went back to his room with Alice where he begin throwing things around the room which obviously brought about the attention of his fiance Alice Lovie. When Jasper told Alice about what was happening she immediatly knew that she was partly to blame for this as she had told him during the trip back that he was as great as William Lovie, and that anything he had done would pale in comparison to what he would eventually be remembered for. Realizing this she immediatly left the room with Jasper - who was shocked that Alice had just up and left - and went upstairs to Andrew's room where she walked in on Andrew and Bella in the middle of having sex. Seeing this was the first of what would become a growing problem for Alice as she begin to accept some simple truths in her life that she had never allowed herself to accept before.

Telling Alice the Truth

Alice Lovie7.jpg
What do I say to him. How do I make him see that he need not die. For longer then I could remember I had seen my brother do anything he ever put his mind to, and thus was this one of those impossible things that maybe he could accomplish. If he was succesful the postives were unending...but...but if he failed.
Alice Lovie

When Bella had removed herself from William and they were properly clothed she sat down on the edge of the bed and apoligized to William for telling him what she had, and she begged him not to go through with the Dragon plan. Bella stood beside him, but she to wanted to know why William would be so absolutely reckless. Bella went through the lists of things that gave them an advantage in any upcoming conflict, and by this point Alice was tearing up but still attempting to help Bella by also saying all the positives of a future conflict with the Empire. William explained to the two of them that the situation was hopeless in the long run unless they did something drastic and he could only think of doing this. He had taken out cities, and annexxed half of western Westros but he still was nothing more then a peanut in comparison to the power of the larger Empires in Europe. The three of them argued back and forth for some time and finally Ashley would appear at the door and she had a bad dream, and wanted them to get her a drink. Bella would leave to help Ashley with that, and when she did William reached for Alice and pulled her into a hug and whispered to her the words that force her to take his side of the coming debate.

I love you sister. I love you more then words could ever acurately state, and once upon a time I made a promise to you that I would keep you safe from everything in the world that could ever do you harm. For me this is the purpose. I can't keep you safe anymore without taking risks. The days are running short, and I can't fathom a world where I have to even contimplate your fall. I won't ever allow that to happen. So the next time you question my resolve or wonder whether you can talk me out of it remeber this. I go to the mountains not so that I can ride some dragon, or build a greater reputation. I ride to the mountains because this is how I keep you safe.
William Lovie III.

With the words said by William there was a sence of understanding between the siblings and she would help him to convinse Bella of the reasonings behind the decision, and despite wanting to believe that her husband could sucede where it seemed noone could Bella was not willing to accept his death and refused to agree but would support him. Bella would return carrying a sleeping Ashley of whom they laid in their bed, and then went out to the balcony. The three of them would talk, and this time Alice now supported him, and after basically being double teamed for many minutes William went inside to check on Ashley and Bella and Alice spoke, and Bella wondered what he could have said to her to make her agree to this. Alice refused to tell the truth, and instead simply made excuses for William and Bella left frustrated.

The Mountain

Keenclaw would be the only one of William's companions that followed him into the mountains.

I flew to the top of that peak with nothing but a prayer at my back and the hope that a legacy only written about was true.
William Lovie III.
With the decision made and everyone basically giving up on resisting him outside of Jasper who was following him night and day in an attempt to atleast join him, William knew that the time had come. He simply needed Taylor Swift to come through for him and bring the man of the Order of the Dragon to tell him where he needed to fly to in order to find the Dragons. Days after the arguements and of Jasper following him, and Taylor arrived back in the city this time bringing Valian Kone of whom would meet with William after he commanded Draco Highmore to create a brief task for Jasper that would give William a few moments to meet in secret with the man. Once Jasper was occupied he would make his way to the Sky Towers esates where he met with Valian, and Valian would reveal to him the truth of the mountains. Valian told him about how the Dragons were barely ever seen but they had several nesting areas, and Valian would tell the king the location of two of them of which would allow William to find them, but he did warn him not too. William would convince Levan to trick Jasper into believing that William was going somewhere else when in fact he was leaving. The moment that William watched Levan take Jasper away from the Sky Towers he left a letter behind with Hayden Percy for Alice, Bella and Levan along with the Shadow Council before he got on Keenclaw and begin his flight to the north. His letters had told him that William Lovie had once travelled to the home of Stragnarax on his back and had said that the markings for the home of the Dragons of the mountains was marked by a large monolith some sixty feet high and glowing black.

Brooke Scott returned under dark reasonings, but in her soul she and William's love allowed her to pass through the Magi defences erected against her kind.

There she was. She was just right there, and yet in that moment my mind still told me that I was seeing things. I had to be mad. Had to be crazed. She had fallen into darkness and now this was my mind creating what I believed she would be in this way.
William Lovie III.
As he flew he thought back over all the things that he had done, and contimplated the last minute decisions he had left in the letters and finally as he flew he saw a Black creature flying to him. In the distance he didn't know if perhaps this was one the dragons, but everything he had read and when Jacob had discussed them they were clearly white creatures. Seeing it coming closer he saw it to be a sort of horse with wings, and it carried a female rider clothed in robes. As they got closer he was horrified and shocked to see the rider to be Brooke Scott, he let go of the reigns in shock. Keenclaw kept steady as they flew upwards into the sky without William guiding Keenclaw, and the Griffin in an angry snarl trying to attack the Black pegasus that Brooke was riding on. Seeing Brooke nearly shattered all the control that William had been building up since her death, and as he reached out for her she calmed him with gesture. William nearly wept at the sound of her voice as they spoke, and she revealed to him that she wasn't just coming this one time but in fact he could find her again, and that all he had to do was think about where she might be in the mountains.

As Brooke flew away the world seemed to snap back into focus as instead of feeling sad that she was gone, he felt the hope from the fact that she had said that he would see her again, and even if he believed her an illusion of his mind he somehow was okay with that. What man or women wouldn't want to see their loved ones again even if they were gone he thought. By this point Jasper realized that the things Leven had sent him to do were completely trickery and William wasn't where she said he would be, and the two would come together and get on their Griffins and attempt to find William before he was too far out.

The Monolith

Leven Martell Cover.jpg
The collapsed Monolith would turn out to be quite the forshadowing for the Dragon culture that I would find at the end.
William Lovie III.

So caught into his own thinking was he that he only barely noticed the large black monolith the writings had spoken of. The Monolith was knocked down as if spit in half, and as he landed he sat for a moment on the ground before getting up. As he walked followed by Keenclaw he was alerted by Keenclaw to the arrival of Jasper and Levan who flew in behind him on their griffins. Wondering immediatly about whether his meeting with Brooke had been noticed this fear went away when Jasper responded that they had flew with all speed and only saw him finally when he was sitting on the ground. Realizing that he wasn't going to be able to convinse them to leave and silently happy to have his friends with him they walked forward towards very likely death. Jasper scouted ahead accompanied by Brightclaw the littermate of Keenclaw. While he scouted ahead Leven would try to get William to tell him what had happened, and despite his reservations about being thought to be insane he told Leven about seeing Brooke and despite the fact that she didn't think Brooke was actually there she held his hand as they walked to make him understand that she was there for him. He would give her a tender kiss as they walked and despite knowing why he had done it she couldn't help but wish it was for the romantic reasons that she wanted to kiss him

The Mad God

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William had truly from the very beggining believed that if he was able to find the Dragons then everything would be alright. He had not taken into account that for centuries they had been being targeted by humans, and their particular dragons had been brutally betrayed by John Lovie.

You never think that the thing that you have held so high in your praises will turn out wrong. A society. A culture. A Kingdom. An entire people spent their entire history worshipping at the feet of a memory. That memory turned out completely wrong when confronted with the reality.
William Lovie III.

As they walked forward holding hands they walked over the hill and saw Jasper flying towards them chased by an absolutely massive Dragon. Falling back over the hill they ran the other way only to find another dragon fly behind them and cut them off. The sides were then closed by more human sized creatures that were weaponized and didn't have wings but looked distinctly dragonoid. Falling back into a small circle they were joined by Jasper, and they watched the dragons approach them, and waited when the largest amongst them steps towards them and demands to know why they are here before they are killed. As Stragnarax nears them he visably recoils as he relizes that William Lovie's ancestor is amongst them and demands to know what kind of horrible taint William has since he is a decendent of the one that killed the honorable William Lovie I. William attempts to convinse him of his honor but Stragnarax throughout the conversation shows signs of madness and is unable to be convinsed and is unable to be persuaded to let them live and prepares to kill the group when Lornax arrives and stands between his father and the group. Not willing to kill his son he roars to the sky before flying away leaving Lornax, Flarnax and many Draknoids. 

I had spent my entire existence hearing about the humans madness and violence but in this young human I saw nothing but hope. He was what would bring us out of the darkness and back to the light.

Lornax and Flarnax would attempt to better understand the reasoning behind why William had risked everything to come here, and why they should listen. William was able to come to a sort of understanding with the curious Lornax of whom he convinced he was no harm too and he simply wanted to regain what had been lost between the Dragons and the humans of Lucerne. Flarnax would make the argument that the days of the dragon were sliding away and if nothing changed they would be wiped out. Lornax would agree and they both said that if the time came for trouble or they needed help then they would be able to count on the White Dovah by their side. William as they were leaving made Lornax and Flarnax aware that the Dragons were rising in the east under the Empire of Dragonstone, and that these dragons appeared to be of the Red Dovah but were not led by a very large dragon as the White were. Lornax was shocked that the Red Dovah were reintegrating with the humans and this would lead to even more discussion of the need for the White Dovah to join with Lucerne, but both Dragons made it sadly clear that it would take time for the relationship to return to what it was, but the two of them were with Lucerne.

I had known him for basically my entire life, and the ghost I had seen since she died was something different. Since Brooke Scott had died he had smiled just as much, but the smiles were not the true smiles of the love of my life. He smiled out of memory. He smiled because that's what he knew he was supposed to do, and not because he wanted to. But standing here holding his hand as he looked at me smiling I saw him again.

Present Day

At Present he makes his nest in the highest peak of the Mountains of Lucerne. It is here that he nurchers the eggs of his mates, and watches from afar the world he once cared so much about.

Family Members