House Tarnowski

Sylwia Tarnowski is the daughter of. Jakub, and Sylwia Tarnowski have four children in the form Adam, Jozefina, Bozimir, and Wioleta Tarnowski of which the eldest child in the form of Jozefina would marry Dawid Teague but following a failure to have children she became fanatical in her Christian belief and became a nun in Warsaw, the second eldest child in the form of Adam lies as the heir of House Tarnowski but has risen very high within the Kingdom of Poland through his friendship with the King of Poland in the form of Jakob Teague, while Bozimir lives within the Tarnowski seat of Krakow where he squires under his uncle for his eventual role as a major player in House Tarnowski, while finally Wioleta is a young child currently but is betrothed into the State of Kadowice.

Jakub Tarnowski became increasingly devout during the rise of the Polish Inquisition and due to this as the rebels formed they kept the Tarnowski's and the entire state of Krakow out of the loop leaving the Krakow forces and senators on the loyalist side and without knowledge of the coming betrayal.


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