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Taylor Swift
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Story Role
POV Role The Dragon's Game
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Born Placeholder
Title Official Titles
  • Aerelian Bishop of Brill
  • Princess of House Swift

Former Titles

  • Aerelian Abbess
  • Aerelian Robe Bearer
  • Aerelian Novice
Alias Placeholder
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Racial Statistics
Maternal Vandal German
Paternal Vandal German
Father Timone Swift
Mother Theresa Swift
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Betrothed

First Husband

Second Husband

Children Base Born

With William Lovie III.

  • Tolhmen Swift
  • Rhaella Swift
  • Tavlian Swift
Magi Information
Magi Level 2
Magi Family Dragonoph
Familiar None
In faith we find our salvation. In you I find my faith.
Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift is the daughter of Timone, and Theresa Swift making her a member of House Swift through her father and a member of House Crane through her mother. Taylor has three siblings in William, Hilary, and John Swift of which Hilary is a powerful Magi that is growing in influence in the Order of the Blue Dragon, her brother William is a member of the Order of the Red Dragon, and her other brother John is in control of the House Swift military forces and is extremely well known due to his completion of a Dragon's Dream. Taylor is engaged to Josh Hirsh at the end of the Rise of Lucerne but the engagement ends after it becomes clear which of the brothers the manipulative Lord of House Hirsh was actually marrying her off too. With Emile Hirsh she has one child in the form of Tolhmen Snow of whom is a young child at the time of Burning Dreams.

Taylor Swift is one of the two major POV characters in the short Story The Dragon's Game where the lives of the two rival nobles in Taylor Swift and Anna Kendrick are detailed.

Taylor Swift is a member of the Order of the Dragon, where she sits at the head of the table in terms of power in the town of Brill. Inducted into the Greybeards for her devotion to the Dragon she has found herself growing in influence and power ever since. Following her time with the Greybeards she was uplifted by the Dragons and given the ability of Dragonspeach which is a type of Magi, and in this she grew more powerful as the days went by.

Taylor Swift would be born the fourth child of Lord Timone Swift and thus at the time of her birth she stood fourth in the line of succession behind several siblings. Taylor would join the Brill academy at the age of ten and her early time there was spent in Theology and due to this she gained little of the social status that her other siblings had going through leaving her isolated within her own family. Taylor Swift would travel with her mentor Karolina Norstogo to High Hrothgar where she attempted to join the Greybeard Order but failed what she believed was a test and thus returned back to Brill where the now devastated Taylor would be introduced to Flroius Novellius. This kind behavior by Anna Kendrick would only last for a short time as her father demanded for her to embarrass Taylor which after being manipulated into believing that Taylor was sleeping with Orival Crane she would betray and embarrass House Swift and Taylor Swift brutally when she revealed that Florius Novellius had been secretly adopted by Timone Swift. Taylor Swift would be used by Vlarenix during the removal of James Lovie II. when she was given the Circlet of Arene and tricked into giving this to Michelle Trachtenburg, but unknown to Vlarenix it was Taylor that followed Michelle and watched what the real purpose of her mission was leading to her to begin to see the truth of who Vlarenix really was. Her first appearance in Westros comes when she is visited by Edward Cullen who is traveling eastward to deal with Arthas Menathil and he gives her orders from William that she is to come with him to Lorderon to help convert the natives. Knowing this is just to get her away from Emile she only reluctantly goes along with the command, but her duty to the King and Glaurung force her to go. In Lorderon she is caught in the madness that occurs when Arnor is assaulted by the forces of The Empire. She remains behind with Edward and joins him in his search for the answers behind the mysterious activities of Arthas Menathil, and she is with him when they discover the gigantic cathedral built under Lorderon where the cultists of Arthas have massed attempting to destroy the city. Captured by the cultists she is forced to endure captivity for hours before Edward is able to gather enough forces to destroy the cultist force. Following this she returns to Lucerne and comes to believe that life is too short and thus she can't be worried about the consequences of being with Emile, and at the end of her chapter she kisses Emile in front of a crowd full of people.




An extremely kind and loved girl, she is very well known for her talented singing and her devotion to the Dragon among the multitude of strong friendships she has made due to her kindness. This devotion and general kindness have led her to being manipulated several times by men in Brill, and also throughout her youth she was heavily bullied by the other girls of her school. Her bullying was the main reason that she became so involved in the Dragonoph religion in Brill, and also became so gullible to men tricking her. This number has included the nefarious Stephan De'Marco and most recently she has become involved in an affair with Emile Hirsh of House Hirsh.


Main Article : Timeline of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift would be born the fourth child of Lord Timone Swift and thus at the time of her birth she stood fourth in the line of succession behind several siblings.

Early History

"My loneliness was something I got used to as time went on. My parents on the other hand constantly attempted to fix what was so wrong in my life. Not that I didn't love them for it, but my life was exactly what it was, and I couldn't change it whether they wanted me to or not."
-Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was the youngest child of Timone, and Theresa Swift which made her extremely different in age from her siblings. For instance her oldest brother William Swift was aged 20 on the day she was born, and her other brother was nearly as old as he was at that time. By this point her one brother John Swift wasn't even living in Brill anymore and the two would meet only rarely during their early lives. This meant that she had little in common with her siblings though her relationship with her somewhat older sister Hilary Swift was close during their early days in Brill. But even this was a different kind of relationship then most siblings would have with their siblings, and for this it was as if Taylor was surrounded by a number of parents and no actual siblings. As a young girl she took the lack of siblings as a penalty to herself and her mother noticed early that she appeared sad, and quiet in comparison to their other children, and especially Hilary who had been the queen of the girls her age in Brill. They watched as Taylor didn't bring friends home in the same manner as Hilary, and for much of her youth had done, and through this she was constantly judged based on what her sister Hilary had accomplished.This worried her parents but Hilary and her became closer until she left, and this closeness meant that her parents noticed the change, and thus stopped worrying about Taylor as much. It didn't even matter to Taylor because all she knew was that her parents had once again not cared that something was going on in her life. So despite the fact that her parents believed silently that Taylor was a complete failure she was quite happy with the life that she was making for herself.

The Noble Girls

"I tried to get these girls to like me, but it didn't seem to matter what I did they didn't react the way I expected they would. I tried being nice and they reacted with harshness. I tried to learn things they seemed to enjoy and they suddenly ridiculed me as a follow. Time and time again my efforts were met with the most extreme, and harsh tormenting I could have imagined. Anna Kendrick may have led them to their goals but she just gave them direction towards what they all were clearly prepared to do anyway.I hold no more grudge against her then any of the other dozen girls that tormented me for years."
-Taylor Swift

In this lack of sibling relationships she attempted to find friends her age but as her parents made her to spend time with the other noble girls in Brill she quickly discovered that she didn't like them, and the way they went about their lives. Watching them from afar meant that at first she didn't know what to think of them, and silently she like every other girl her age just wanted friends so she would at first she attempt to be friends with them. In her attempt to make friends with them she was never willing to become the girls that they were and for this reason they begin to bully her. The bullying would escate and in fear of what they might do to her she begin secluding herself from them and on the days she was meant to spend time with these girls she came to enjoy visiting the Dragon's Temple in Brill. At first the Temple was simply the only place she thought she could visit without anyone finding out what she was doing, but after she witnessed a prayer meeting, and then subsequently watched a sermon by the Grand Priest of the Temple she became more and more interested by the Dragon. She asked her parents why they didn't go and they said that they worshiped the dragon in other ways, and after she asked the priest at the temple she came to understand that many of the nobles simply pretended to believe in the Dragon as a means of gaining closeness to House Lovie who were devout historically as believers in the Dragon.

Return of Edward Cullen

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The Florian Affair

Main Article : The Florian Affair

The Florian Affair
I trusted you Taylor. From here out this only ends when one of us is dead.
Father you cannot ask me to leave those people to their fate. You cannot ask that of me.
Orival Crane

Orival Crane during his attempts to understand why they had abandoned Tree Hill would decide that the only real thing to do was to travel to the north where he would attempt to meet with a member of the royal family in the form of Catherine Bell. Catherine would make this move in an attempt to find out whether or not there were truly survivors at Tree Hill, and saw Orival and his power base as the best opportunity to enter the Tree Hill Forbidden Zone. Catherine left Lucerne with Emma Bell telling James that she was going to visit there sister Katia at Castle Trachtenburg, but members of the Circle who were beginning to suspect Catherine as a major member of the Yellow Dragons would send spies after her when she left.

Anna's Turn

Anna Kendrick Large Great1.jpg

All my friends greeted my like a queen returning from some distant war. They chatted endlessly about how poor the Cranes must have been. How savage the people. Every word they said was rude, or cruel in someway and I couldn't help but immediately wonder if this is who I was seen as.
Anna Kendrick

Working her way back into the most powerful of the noble girls in Brill it was Anna that this time felt conflicted by everything. Her time with with Orival had changed her view of herself and this made her depressed seeing the kind of person she was without him. This depression would bring her into contact with Taylor Swift of whom she apologized to for all the things that she had done to her in their life and this apology succeeded in bringing them closer together.

The Swift Family is a den of liars dear Anna. Taylor might be their worst member.
David Kendrick

Anna returning from another day out with Taylor this time having spent the day with her friend at the Dragonoph Temple where Taylor is rising quite high, and entering her house she is confronted by her father, brother and her brothers wife. Resisting her fathers demands to turn against Taylor Swift she is is shown a letter by her father that he says he has intercepted from House Crane to House Swift. Reading the letter it details that everything Orival Crane felt had all been a big manipulation in order to get revenge for what had happened to Taylor earlier. Questioning the letter her father reveals that Taylor Swift's mother is in fact a member of House Crane and everything was just a trick played by House Swift on her.

Anna's Revenge

Faced with the consequences of what Anna had revealed to the city it was Timone that summoned his entire family to a meeting including Florius Novellius. At this meeting it was a shocked House Swift that at first wanted to fight against the rumors and perhaps say that it wasn't true, but Florius stopped this when he told them that he wanted to take the fall for them. While at first resistant to this idea it was Theresa who having always hated Florius as a memory of his mother that would lead the call to take his advise and let him take the fall for all of this.

Telling the Truth

With Florius having been exiled from Forks in order to try and protect House Swift as best they could he prepared to leave the city. Florius in this moment was emotionally devastated but for his part was genuinely still in love with Taylor and thus would decide to attempt to protect her as best he could before he left the city and her life for good. Unable to meet with Taylor as she had been sent to Swiftvale to shield her from the immediate aftermath of the reveal of his identity it was Florius that decided to instead meet with Anna Kendrick and set the record straight.

I promise you Taylor that all the times we spent together were true. I wasn't fake then. I'm sorry that I was too weak. I'm sorry I proved you right about me.
Anna Kendrick

Fall of Katia

The Journey

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The Rosten Crisis
I did what the king commanded me to do. I die now a loyal soldier for the king.

Rosten Bandit War

Main Article : Bandit War of Rosten

Aphasiel Venom Cover.jpg

The Italians were the problem you know. I killed them though. Don't worry, there gone now.
Mikael Therkildsen

The Rosten Bandit War would first begin with the events of the Rosten Crisis when the Circle of Magi intervened in the Grand Province to turn it into the kind of maelstrom of violence and chaos that they believed would allow them to gain more influence over the area. Hanzal Herbus would be sent to Rosten during the events of the Banditry Wars of Lucerne as James Lovie wanted Rosten to go up in flames as to make it more difficult for aid to be sent to any future attempt to relieve Tree Hill, and Hanzal Herbus would be accompanied by a troop of fifty men from the Circle of Magi and bags of coins for what he would come to spark in the form of the Bandit War of Rosten. Hanzal Herbus would enter the court of his brother Dominic Herbus who was a Landsgrave of Rosten and entering his brothers court accompanied by Circle of Magi men he was able to gain immediate recognition despite never having spent any time with his brother, and delivering letters from the king it was Dominic that was forced to obey the commands of Hanzal and his soldiers.

Fall of Jogelinn

Aphasial Venom would lead the forces of House Venom during the events of the Rosten Crisis when she moved against the town of Jogelinn alongside her husband and the forces of House Therkildsen and after they took control of the town from House Cresces the two houses took two very different paths with the forces of House Therkildsen under the direction of Mikael commiting atrocities on the Italian/Christian population of the town and this only stopped when Aphasiel ordered her forces to resist this causing street battles throughout the town which House Therkildsen retreated from due to Mikael's love for Aphasiel.

The Journey

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Accia Potenza Cover Front Amazing1.jpg

We have lost this province Hedrik. They control more ground then we do. This is not the easy task the rumors have told you it is.
Kavan Elric

As the army of Lucerne mobilizes for the Journey it is William that commands them to break up and do many things of which are of great importance, and of these tasks he wants completed he sends Hedrik Clegane III. southward to deal with the devolving situation in the Grand Province of Rosten. Hedrik Clegane moves his forces alongside the forces of House Swift led by Timone Swift, and his son William Swift, and leading a force of several hundred Swift men they are joined by the Dragonoph Priestess Taylor Swift as they make their way southward towards the town of Castle James where the forces of House Elric have been fighting a running battle against a bandit force which has grown out of control in the grand province. Arriving at Castle James they meet with the leadership of House James in the form of Ulrich, and Taylor James of whom has gathered several hundred troops to join with their army as they prepare to retake control of Kautila. Discussing the situation with Ulrich James they learn that the situation is far larger then originally known as this is not one force they are fighting but instead they are fighting against two rebellious houses in the form of House Verilim, and House Herbus who have taken control of large swathes of the Grand Province while alongside this there has also been the rise of three large bandit forces who have also taken control of large swathes of the grand province and to the shock of Hedrik he learns that these forces are all working together in coordinated moves against House Elric's control of the grand province.

The Sisterhood

Aphasiel Venom Cover Front Amazing.jpg

I'm here to protect these people. Say what you will Grand Lord but the truth is that we had major problems happening here. I do not reject that you wanted to help, but the simple truth is you failed in that attempt.
Aphasiel Venom

Gathering together his forces Hedrik leads them against the Sisterhood of Venom first of whom have captured the town of Jogelinn and are using it as the center of their small little fiefdom. While travelling from Kautila towards the lands of the Sisterhood they are met on the road by several hundred House Elric men led by Kaven Elric, and his son Alke Elric of whom are to join Hedrik in the movement to retake the grand province. Entering the lands of the Sisterhood of Venom they meet no resistance as their army marches up the road but travelling through the village of Ojelurun they find a christian church burned to the ground and meet the first member of the Sisterhood of Venom when they find a heavily armored female priest standing in the center of the village. Meeting with the girl they discover she is Oriphiel Venom the sister of Aphasiel Venom the leader of the Sisterhood of Venom and she had come to the village to meet the army of Hedrik and bring them to Jogelinn where Aphasiel wants to meet with them in peace. Following Oriphiel its Hedrik that discusses the situation with her learning that the Sisterhood of Venom had originally been known as the Army of Aerene but had broken apart after a disagreement between the two leaders of the army in the form of Aphasiel and Mikael Therkildsen over the direction of the army. Arriving at Jogelinn their forces are met at the edge of the town by the army of Venom who is nearly two thousand strong and to avoid a fight Hedrik meets under a white flag with Aphasiel alongside Kaven Elric, and Ulrich James. Meeting with Aphasiel it becomes clear that she simply wants to protect the people of the area of Jogelinn against the increasingly lawless nature of the Grand Province of Rosten and Kaven Elric agrees that if she would swear herself and her forces to his service then he would name her the Landsgard of Jogelinn, and while she accepts she heavily implies that she will be acting as little more then a figurehead as she sees the land as a theocracy.

The Pure of Aerene

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Taylor Swift Cover Amazing.jpg

I did what the king commanded me to do. I die now a loyal soldier for the king.
Mikael Therkildsen

With the forces of the Sisterhood of Venom added to their ranks they make there way towards the Pure of Aerene of whom are the group that broke away from the original Army of Aerene and have now been responsible for committing religious genocide against eastern Rosten. Arriving at the edge of the Pure of Aerene controlled lands they find the roads edge lined with crucified bodies and then marching along the road through these bodies they are met by the sight of a naked man with his eyes cut out and speaking with the man they learn he is Allectius Marinus the Landsgard of the area and he was left there to tell them to turn around and leave the forces of Mikael Therkildsen to their work. The army is forced to stop its march towards Castle Marinus after they discover that the bridge allowing them crossing to the city has been destroyed leaving the large army no real ability to cross in heavy numbers. Hedrik decides to split the army taking the Sisterhood of Venom forces and several hundred of his own men while the majority of the army is taken command by Kaven Elric and will make there way towards the Black Moon Brotherhood's lands. Swimming across the river Hedrik reaches the other side and taking command of the force they make there way towards Castle Marinus but passing through the country side they find burned out farms and dead bodies litter the land as the forces of the Pure of Aerene have devolved. Arriving at Castle Marinus they find the forces of the Pure of Aerene have marshaled outside the castle and despite attempts by Hedrik to meet under a white Flag the forces of the Pure of Aerene fire on the soldier Hedrik sends with the White Flag and this forces Hedrik to move into battle formations. The battle erupts into chaos, and as the lines charge at each other Hedrik is struck by an arrow to the chest, and then as he gets up is struck again in the arm, and in shock he passes out. Waking up the battle is still raging, and he sees Aphasiel and Mikael fighting and seeing Mikael is winning the fight Hedrik pushes through the pain and joins their fight where despite his injuries he is able to defeat Mikael and before passing out again he executes an unapologetic Mikael. The death of Mikael breaks the Pure of Aerene who begin surrendering on mass and the surrender is accepted by Aphasiel who wants the bloodshed to end, and with Hedrik out of commission she is able to control the loyalist forces. Meinolf Ostriger would take command of the Lole forces following Hedrik being horribly injured at the Skirmish at Castle Marinus, but despite being far above Aphosiel in terms of title it was Aphosiel who dominated the meetings following Hedrik's injury.

Arrival of Edward Cullen

Moving westward they learn that the situation in Rosten remains tenuous despite the fact that Hedrik Clegane III. was able to supress much of the rebels, but one remaining force led by a powerful magi has blocked their entrance into southern Rosten. With this in mind Edward departs the main group and gathers to him his people including Hilary Swift, and Gemma Cullen and then the three travel by portal to Rosten where they will assist in dealing with the magi alongside a gathering number of magi who are being sent there to assist with taking down the magi there. Arriving at Castle Elric he meets with a fellow Magi in the form of Josephine Aberbach of whom leads several Magi herself and together they join with Konstantin Gaimen who led a force of some eight hundred as they made there way towards Herbus where the last sighting of the Dark Magi was. In order to get to Herbus they are forced to cross the River Schwegler at Castle Schwegler where a large bridge is the only real means of crossing without taking a large detour eastward. Arriving at Castle Schwegler they are met on the bridge by Lord Fredrik Schwegler and his son Wilhelm Schwegler and with both sides aware of what entering the castle means they make arrangements with Fredrik requesting the marriage of his son Wilhelm to Ottilia Hofbauer one of the Magi with Josephine. Gaining the crossing as well as being joined by three hundred Schwegler troops led by Wilhelm they move southward towards Herbus, and the mood is good as there is no more blocking them from reaching Herbus.

Battle of Herbus

Lucernian Civil War

Main Article : Lucerne Civil War

Political Marriage

"It was a shock to me to meet the King of Lucerne. As he approached me I was awe struck by him, and in that moment I saw him for everything that everyone ever talked about him being."
-Taylor Swift

At the end of the Civil war Andrew was moving quickly to gain further control over the houses of Lucerne, and in this way he turned to his most loyal houses in order to create alliances with those with perhaps less interest in the rulings of a Kingdom that had failed them for so long. In House Swift Andrew saw a house that had always been loyal and for this reason he decided to pair up the unmarried son of the rebellious House Hirsh with the loyalist daughter of House Swift. This marriage after some back room dealings ended up being with the heir of House Hirsh in Josh Hirshe, and this caused a lot of problems as Josh was at the time involved in a rather serious relationship with Anna Kendrick of House Kendrick but she was engaged so noone knew about their relationship. So with the engagement decided on Taylor and Josh came to live together, and this living arrangement became uncomfortable as Taylor found that he had little interest in her, and the verbal abuse that he leveled her way made the situation go from bad to worse very quickly. During this dark time where Taylor attempted to gain the affection of Josh who was in love with Anna a new interest entered the frame in the form of Emile Hirsh who was the man that had saved her from being killed by Stephan.

The Greybeards

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Taylor Swift Large6.png

It was a strange period for me. On one hand I was meeting and becoming friends with the King of Lucerne of whom was granting me great power and influence. I was getting a chance to go to High Hrathgar where everyone who was a believer wanted to visit. But on the other hand I was falling in love with someone just out of my reach.
Taylor Swift

As she was involved in all these things she was also having a rather important thing happen to her as following her promotion to the leadership of the Brill Order of the Dragon she was invited to High Hrathgar where she would travel to almost immediatly after the invitation as she knew what the Temple meant. Arriving at Ivastead she was met by Iganian Prout of whom was the leader of sorts of Ivastead, and thus was going to take her to the staircase of the Throat of the Mountain. As they walked together he told her about the true scope of the staircase, and that it would take her many hours to reach the top, and that on top of this it would be through her faith alone that she would survive what was not a simple task. She asked if she would need her weapon, and Iganian Prout simply said that only her faith would keep her not any weapon of man. Taking this knowledge she travelled up the stair where she would stop at each of the Tablets that she found along the road, and it was on the third Tablet as she was meditating that she would feel a great fear overcome her, and when she looked around her she found herself staring at three very hungry looking wolves. In that moment gripped by fear she prepared to run, but remembered the words of Iganian Prout who said that only faith would keep her safe on the stairs. Believing her only chance was to ask for help from the Dragon she would pray to the Dragon for assistence and found that her hands begin to crackle with what appeared to be small lightning bolts, and she heard a small whisper in her mind telling her to speak to the wolves. Skeptical she did it anyway, and found that the wolves reacted to her voice, and did what she asked them too. The voice in her head finally disappeared and she was able to think clearly again, but as she relented her mind she found the wolves looked at her hungrily again, and she realized that she had to concentrate in order to keep them under her control. Putting her mind back to the act of controlling the Wolves she found it became easier as she moved up the stairs.

Taylor Swift Glamour3.jpg
"I had never been something special before walking up those stairs. I was just a regular girl that people trusted because I was devoted, but in the end there was nothing truly special about me. After letting the Dragon take control I found myself able to do many things over the course of the days that followed."
-Taylor Swift

Now in control of the Wolves she had them follow her up the stairs and she was able to control them as she read three more tablets, and meditated at each of them. At the ninth Tablet she would begin meditation when she heard a massive howl in the distance, and when she looked at her wolves she discovered they moved towards her in a sort of defensive position. The howl was far enough away that she attempted to read the tablet, and by the time she had sufficiantly meditated she and her wolves made their way up the remainder of the stairs where by this point she begin to see the outlines of the vast Temple, and the stairs themselves were in better condition, and flanked by black walls. As she walked through the walled pathway she was suddenly struck by a blow to her side that pushed her against the wall, and when she recovered from the blow she saw a gigantic Troll staring at her from a top the wall. In her mind she commanded the wolves to attack the Troll, and they did so suddenly but she watched as they were clearly no match for the Troll and the Troll picked one up and broke it nearly in half. Seeing this she heard the whisper in her voice again telling her to help them, and once again she saw her hands crackling with lightning and this time she aimed her hands at the Troll and thought of pushing it

Taylor Swift Glamour4.jpg

away from the Wolves. When she did this the Troll moved at her will, and flew against a nearbye pillar. Knocked to the ground the two remaining wolves were able to get at its throat and were able to kill the Troll. She would prepare to bury the fallen wolf when she heard a voice behind her and the growling of her wolves.

"You have passed the final test young Taylor Swift, and it is time for you to enter the Temple of High Hrathgar. Leave all attatchements at the door girl."

A man cloaked in grey robes told her to leave the wolves and follow her into the Temple, and knowing this was what she came for she followed behind the man into the Temple of High Hrathgar. As she walked up the last of the stairs with the man she was struck by the size of the Temple and when the man pulled on the gate and it opened she walked inside what was a massive open hall. In the center of the room stood several men all clad in the same grey robes, and she followed him to stand in front of the men. One man would step forward and introduce himself as Arngrier, and he would go about introducing her to the rest of the greyrobed people in front of her. Explaining that they were the Greybeards she fell to her knees in front of the men that were the spiritual center of the Dragonoph's and only when Arngrier helped her up did she look at them in the faces again. They explained to her that they knew of her devotion and wanted to teach her the ways of the Greybeards so that when the time was right she would be able to assist the Dragon in the way they knew she wanted to be able to.

Demons on the Loose

Main Article : Lorderon Civil War

Return to Lucerne

Following this she returns to Lucerne and comes to believe that life is too short and thus she can't be worried about the consequences of being with Emile, and at the end of her chapter she kisses Emile in front of a crowd full of people.

The Yairns

The Yairns
I came this way to find him. I finally came to realize that this wasn't living anymore.

Anna Kendrick Cover11.jpg

What is the point of living this life. I hate him. I actually hate everything about him. Would you honestly want me to stay here and ignore my heart. Is that what you want from me?
Anna Kendrick

After the dramatic showdown between herself and Josh Hirshe it would be Anna Kendrick that fled the keep leaving behind a bleeding Joshua Hirsh and lmpwong without question that she was leaving it didn't matter to her that Lorderon was under siege as arriving at the docks themselves she paid two lorderon men to take her to Westbridge. The two men took her to a merchant captain named Dol-Durothil Torzana of whom agreed to take her northward as he wanted to get his boat out of the city anyway lest risk it be damaged in anything that might happen to the city. While the captain prepared the boat for departure she finds her friends Amyra Spirre, and Katlyn Granes, of which as they got onto the ship they are joined at the last minute by Jeyne Urlonn, and her husband Mikal Shiphard of whom refuse to be left out and join with the group. Their journey north ends with the ship being attacked on the river by a Yairnish galley and boarded they surrender as they don't have the means of defense for themselves and seeing they are nobles the pirates led by a man who calls himself Sigsten Henjum of the Yairnish mercenary group called The Sanguine Hand Company. Sigsten Henjum had traveled north for the third time attempting to find a vulnerable Lucernian merchant ship that he could capture without having to fight a battle in his effort to complete the mission of himself and his sister and after two previous failures he finally noticed the Eye of Fornost and quickly moved to capture the inhabitants in his effort to gain Lucernian hostages. The Lucernian hostages are placed below deck and are guarded by a young member of the mercenary group named Dankrad of the Sanguine Hand and he is shown to be a kind young man but beneath the kindness he reveals a devotion to Sigsten that seems to border on worship.

A Hostage

Anna Kendrick Cover2.jpg

I need you to believe one thing Lady Kendrick. I have one rule. You do what I say. You listen to my commands. You do everything to the letter, and I promice you that no harm will come to any of you. You deviate from what I tell you to do. You try to escape. You do anything that undermines what we have been planning for years. I start killing people. I won't start with you. You will watch your friends die. Listen to me. Do as I say.
Sigsten Henjum

Following their journey southward she and the rest of her group arrive at the Yairns Furbivt Island where they are met on the docks of a small wooden castle by a large group of well armored and tough looking men as well as a tiny women clad in a red robe of whom are introduced as members of the Sanguin Hand and the women as the other general of the mercenary group his sister Alwine Henjum.

Taylor's Decision

Taylor Swift Cover11.jpg

She is your daughter. She has been gone for how many months and you havn't even looked into where she is? Who are you people?
Taylor Swift

Following her arrival back in Brill after the events of the Lorderon Civil War it would be Taylor Swift who inquired into where Anna Kendrick was and discovered to her horror that she was missing. Shocked that no one had ever looked into what had happened to her following the Lorderon Civil War she would immediatly confront Josh Hirsh of whom told her about the events at the dock and Anna's departure by boat northward in an attempt to get to Westbridge. Taylor feeling responsible as she had been the one that had told Anna to go to the docks would enlist the assistance of Emile Hirsh of whom would join her in travelling northward to follow the path of Anna Kendrick. Arriving at Lorderon they ask around at the dock and discover that Anna had taken the Eye of Fornost a large galley in her pursuit of going north, and finding this captain they are horrified to discover the boat captain had been attacked on the journey north and had Anna and her companions in order to protect his boat and crew. Confronting him why he did not report this he indicates that he had told Josh Hirsh of whom had told the captain that he would look into the matter and to worry on it no more, and with this Taylor discovered the true depths of Josh's cowardice and would return to their ship with Emile travelling southward towards the Yairns.

Anna Escapes the Yairns
Some people accept their chains. I never could. I spent every moment since you took me planning how to escape.

Escape of Anna Kendrick

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I've spent the last two years preparing for nothing else but this. Today was the day I have prepared for and I cannot fail.
Anna Kendrick

Anna's slavery aboard the military vessel of Sigsten Henjum had led to her having little opportunities to escape her slavery due to the large amount of soldiers on the boat, and thus she would spend nearly a year biding her time in slavery to Sigsten. After a year of this her opportunity arose when she discovered the hidden gold cache of Sigsten and wanting to create economic problems for Sigsten which she hoped would lead to her sale she would throw his gold in the Rhine. Discovering that his gold was gone Sigsten had his lands searched heavily but it could not be found, and thus he reacted as Anna expected when he begin selling some of his slaves including Anna of whom was sold to a small time merchant of Furbivt Island of whom had a much smaller guard and thus Anna's opportunity to escape had opened. Realizing that she was going to make her escape and whatever happened she would never return to Furbivt Island it was Anna Kendrick that entered the home of House Henjum and killed Sigsten while he slept leaving a tiny locket behind which would allow Alwine to know that it was Anna who had done the deed, and following the murder of Sigsten she went on the boat of Helferich Trojhim for what she knew was her escape.

Family Members


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