Taraban Civil War

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The Coup of Taraban
I killed my entire family daughter. Only you and your brothers were left when my vengeance was done.
Faw-Liazh Theirin Wide
What I did wasn't personal. My faith drove me.
Faw-Liazh Theirin

Following his return from Gondor his beloved Ol-Selise Theirin would die during childbirth and this emotionally devestated Loghair to the point that he was easy picking for his wife Liazh of whom by this point was a staunch believer in the One Eye of Sauron and this led to him joining the Mordor movement in Taraban as its figurehead and leader. Loghair would eventually discover that no matter what he did his father's culling of the Mordor influences in Taraban had led to the One Eye movement being severely weakened and thus he changed their plans and instead decided to simply remove his family of whom by this point his wife had convinced him had poisoned Selise while he had been away, and thus with his new plan in place he begin sneaking agents of Mordor into Taraban for what would become a very blood coup.


Fuh-Anora Theirin
You were tricked my neice. Your mother was beloved by my father. Look to my journal. That journal dictates my attempt under the order of my father to find out what happened to your mother. Do you know what I discovered. It was Liazh. All of this has been Liazh.
Har-Lohthan Theirin II.

While it was Rurzh-Loghair Theirin that had first suffered the manipulation of Liazh Theirin it would be Selise's daughter that would became the most important target, as Anora would alongside her father remain devastated by the death of her mother and in this depression she also became the target of Faw-Liazh Theirin of whom would come to treat Anora as a daughter for the first time. Using Anora's sadness she became the influence of the extremely dangerous Anora who was then tricked by her step mother into believing the death of her mother was the action of the royal family and she would support her father in his coup against their own family. During this time it was the Gondorian loyalists that were also attempting to discover who had murdered the dire hard Gondor loyalist in Selise, and in this action they would make a major mistake when they trusted Cailin Theirin. Rur-Cailin Theirin would take part in the Coup of Taraban when he was trusted by his half brother Deleyr and told important information about the movements of the loyalist forces, and despite loving his brother he betrayed him turning over this information to his mother leading to the massive speeding up of the Taraban Coup.

Your brother here is a part of the Gondor assasins that murdered your mother. Do you understand what that means? Your brother had betrayed you.
Faw-Liazh Theirin

As the coup reached the point where it was going to be launched certain elements within the family begin to catch on that something was afoot and most notable of these people was Rur-Deleyr Theirin of whom overheard his mother talking about the coming coup, and then made the mistake in confiding in Fuh-Anora Theirin about what he heard. Anora was so much in the throws of vengeance, and also knew about the coup so would lie to her brother and told him that she would tell their grandfather the king, but instead took this information and gave it over to Liazh of whom manipulated Anora into believing that Deleyr was a major conspirator in the Gondorian loyalist movement. Coming to believe this Anora would be ordered to kill Deleyrn but going to kill him she would be unable to kill the closest remaining member of her family and instead had her men drug him and then put him into the dungeon of Armenelos but told Liazh that he was dead.

Bloody Coup

Lohthan Theirin would be murdered by his son Lohgain of whom had been manipulated into believing that Lohthan had murdered his mistress, and despite attempting to talk his son down during their confrontation the emotionally shattered Lohgain would not listen to reason and killed Lohthan as well as much of House Theirin.

The Truth

During the coup of Taraban Anora would be sent with a force of twenty men to the fortress of Dur-Armentol where she was to assassinate her uncle Lohthan Theirin II. and his family and upon arriving she would fatally wound him but he revealed before his death the truth of what was going on and believing his story she assisted her aunt Delissa in keeping her cousin alive of whom she would sneak from the massacre and hide. Also realizing at this time that she had allowed her step mothers manipulation to allow her to betray her brother Deleyrn her hatred brimmed and she immediately begin plotting to also assist in getting Deleyrn out of his imprisonment.

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