As the training continued Harry would continue to see signs of darkness in Draco Malfoy, and finally with time to deal with this he would confront the Malfoy heir and the two engaged in a fight which almost led to Harry killing Draco. Leaving Draco broken and wounded on the ground of the bathroom he erased his memory and told noone of the event, while also not getting information from Draco this was a terrible moment for Harry.

The Final Task
Tri Wizard Tournament Gif

The spirits of the Hogwarts crowd were very high before the final event, with most believing Edward had an easy win ahead

Who could have known how much would happen inside one maze.
Edward Cullen

On 24 June, the Third Task was to navigate a maze grown on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch. The maze was populated by various obstacles and dangers that each Champion had to overcome. Crouch Jr, as Professor Moody, was entrusted with placing the Triwizard Cup at the centre of the maze. While doing this, he enchanted the Cup to be a Portkey that would be activated by touch, and thus sealed the fate of Harry of whom they planned to win this event. Edward and Harry, tying for first place after two tasks, were to enter the maze first, followed by Viktor, and then Cerin, then Clary, then Alara Kandake, before Fleur entered last. The first Champion to successfully navigate the maze and reach the Cup would be declared the winner.

I felt a change in the air as I moved. It felt as if I was being watched the entire time I was there by some all seeing eye.
Harry Potter

During the task, Edward encountered a Blast-Ended Skrewt, which he barely escaped from, but was able to use his Magi to deflect the fire bolts it sent at him before he finally killed it. Harry had to deal with a Boggart in the form of a Dementor, and overcame an odd golden mist which turned things upside-down. Crouch Jr, however, was leaving nothing to chance. Using Moody's magical eye, he watched events unfold in the maze, keeping the more dangerous obstacles out of Harry's path, while making sure to severly target Cerin and Edward of whom he knew to be the greater targets of getting to the end first. He also Stunned Fleur by ambushing her with thousands of weeds of which surrounded her and pulled her inside the bushes where she was knocked out for the remainder of the final task. As Viktor accidentally neared the end of the maze Crouch Jr would place the Imperius Curse on Viktor, and begin to use him as his personal force. He used Viktor to attack Edward with the Cruciatus Curse in order to clear Harry's path to the Cup, but Viktor couldn't defeat him and only managed to push him back away from the maze entrance and towards another way in. Clary Folwyn took a silent path to the end of the maze and she would nearly reach the trophy but once again Barty Crouch II. would intervene and portal his ally Alara Kandake to the trophy and it was at the foor of the trophy that Clary and Alara fought a duel. The two were evenly matched but Clary would gain the upper hand when Alara tripped on a rock and fell down, and while down Clary struck her with a blow to her shoulder disabling her and leaving her to the mind of Clary unconscious. As Clary went to touch the trophy she would be struck by a magi blase from the hidden Barty Crouch II. and knocked down, and then Barty used Magi to wake up Alara who then went to kill Clary and realizing that Alara was not going to stop Clary used the killing curse on her killing Alara before dropping into unconsciousness due to the wound from Barty Crouch II. Hamilcar would pass the first two tests but finished at the lower levels and thus when the final task started he entered near the last spots but having sided with the Deatheaters on the orders of his leadership team he would enter the final task with the goal of stopping everyone outside of Harry Potter, and he helped this when he fought Ukita Hidemune in a duel after she begin making progress towards the end of the maze and after ambushing her she made the mistake of misjudging his intention and while letting down his guard Hamilcar would kill him with a killing curse, but after releasing the killing curse it was Cerin Menathil that came upon him and watched this happen and Cerin would in return kill Hamilcar.

Viktor's eyes were the thing I will remember most. Nothing remained of the somber eyes I remembered all the months before, and what had replaced them was dark in a way that was horrifying.
Edward Cullen

Cerin would come across Viktor next, and when Cerin begin to soundly beat up on Viktor Crouch Jr would intervene by sending dozens of Giant Spiders at her which distracted her long enough for Viktor to begin targeting her. Harry encountered the Blast-Ended Skrewt that had attacked Edward, then heard Cerin being tortured, and rescued her by Stunning Viktor. Cerin and Harry parted company, and Harry had to answer a riddle from a sphinx to continue on into the maze, while Cerin had been poisoned by the spider and fell into a coma before being pulled into the bushes and losing the match but becoming safe. Edward and Harry joined forces to defeat another Giant Spider of whom was so large it tore down pieces of the maze ironically making it easier for them to reach the end of the maze, and after defeating the spider they both arrived at the Cup together. After an argument over who deserved to win more, they decided to take the Cup together, since it would still be a Hogwarts victory. Touching the Cup at the same moment, they activated it as a Portkey, and were transported out of the maze and into the graveyard. Following closely behind them was Viktor of whom touched the Porkey minutes later also entering into graveyard where he would be released from the Imperius Curse once touching it.

The Graveyard
Harry Potter graveyard

Harry Potter in the Malfoy graveyard

I didn't know what had happened. One minute I was arguing Edward about who was the deserving winner, and then the next minute I was in some dark and depressing graveyard surrounded by sinister looking men.
Harry Potter

The two had been transported to the graveyard in Little Hangleton, the Malfoy's family's final resting place, where Lord Voldemort was waiting. The two boys who had been on such a high from their success were now suddently in a graveyard surrounded by a series of robed men with clearly hostile intentions towards them. As the two wandered about the graveyard they were met with a loud shriek as Viktor would come through as well after following the residue left by the Porkey. As the three talked and learned that Viktor had been bewitched they became unsure if this was part of the tournament and this ws proven to them when Harry discovered the grave of a Malfoy. Tom Malfoy would appear alongside nearly a dozen of his deatheaters including Peter Petingrew, and would begin to berate Harry Potter for his stupidity. Edward of whome was the older of the two attempted to understand what was heppening but Tom Malfoy had no intention of entertaining Edward Cullen so he simply ignored him, and when he moved closer Viktor stood between them and Voldermorte struck him down with the killing curse. As Harry and Edward raised their wands Lord Voldermore would strike their wands away with Magi and then on his order, his servant Gragorix stunned Edward Cullen, and grabbed Harry.

Lord Voldermorte
Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember the truth.
Ghost to Harry

When Harry saw Tom Malfoy at first he was shocked because he knew of this man, and he knew of the influence that Tom held. After watching them knock Edward Cullen uncontious he became horrified that someone of his power would be after Harry, and this led him to beg to understand what was happening. At this point Tom believed he had won and thus he took time to explain to Harry what his plans were, and told him of why he was being ambushed. Following this angry exchange Lord Voldermorte attacked Harry emotionally and the two had a heated argument before finally Tom raised his wand. Harry and Voldemort engaged in a brief duel, but their wand cores connected and created the effect known as Priori Incantatem, and the "echoes" of Voldemort's past victims emerged from Voldemort's wand. They helped Harry to escape from Voldemort by distracting the Dark Lord, giving him enough time to reach Edward Cullen's knocked out body and the diseased Viktor, then Summon the Portkey to him and return them to Hogwarts.

Edward Cullen Graveyard

Edward Cullen understood true power after his brush in the graveyard.

Viktor was dead. The world changed in that moment as I saw the scope of what evil could do. It mattered little what kind of person Viktor had been, he was struck down all the same.
Edward Cullen

Returning to Hogwarts with Edward Cullen, and the corpse of Viktor, Harry was promptly whisked away from the crowds by Crouch Jr, still in the disguise of Professor Moody. While the assembled crowd learned what happened in the graveyard from the waking form of Edward Cullen, Hermione realised that something was amiss with Moody, since she believed that Moody would never have taken Harry away from the tragic scene. In his office, Crouch Jr started to question Harry on what had happened, and how it felt to stand in the Dark Lord's presence. Unnerved by Moody's seeming adoration of Voldemort - something that went against everything he knew about Moody - Harry was rescued by Hermione who in her panic at seeing Harry in any kind of danger had convinsed Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape to follow her, and from the outside of the door they listened to the argument so that they knew for a fact that their was bad things going on. The effects of Crouch Jr's Polyjuice Potion wore off, since, in the excitement, he had neglected to take it at the proper time to maintain his cover. Crouch Jr was questioned under the effects of Veritaserum, and he revealed Lord Voldemort's plan to resurrect himself, and Crouch Jr's involvement in getting Harry to the graveyard.

Hermione Granger5
"Viktor was murdered by Lord Voldemort... The Ministry of Magic does not wish me to tell you this.. It is my belief, however, that the truth is generally preferable to lies, and that any attempt to pretend that Viktor died as the result of an accident, or some sort of blunder of his own, is an insult to his memory."
—Dumbledore speaking to all of the students of Hogwarts, and the students who went there for the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Following his near death the entire order of Hogwarts decided that no longer could Harry Potter be exposed as publically as he was until the time came that Lord Voldermorte was truly defeated. In this way he along with his parents went into hiding in a farm that was known to only James, and Lilly Potter along with their most trusted friends which unfortunatly also included unknown to Harry the traitor Peter Pettigrew. |}

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