Terokk is an ancient Arakhora one of the first of his species and the only non-corupted Arakhora member of the original Senate of Olympas, and alongside Anzu is one of the two remaining non-corupted progenitors of the Arakhora Race. Terokk is the progeninator alongside Sethe of whom gave birth to the main branch of the Arakhora, and his branch has become known as the Wingless while Sethe's branch became the Winged.


Early History

Arakhora Civil War
I can still remember the moment when my father turned his back on the light. I can still remember the feeling of Sethe stabbing me as the violent fall of our people begin.

When Tzeneech held a council meeting among his four children he would begin discussions with his belief that perhaps they should begin to isolate the use of Magi to only the Arakhora, and this would be resisted by Anzu of whom refused to believe that the once open sighted Tzeneech thought this was wise. Finally reaching the end of his patience Tzeenech would verbally attack Anzu, and Terokk of whom had jumped in supporting Anzu before making what would begin the Arakhora Civil War when he would curse both Anzu, and Terokk eliminating their wings and making them the first members of their respective Wingless factions of the Arakhora. 

He had loved the Arakhora. They were everything to him, and the fact that he watched them kill themselves should have been the only thing we needed to see to know he was falling to madness.

Following the Arakhora Civil War he would become completely enthralled by Sethe of whom he took on as a lover of sorts. Over time Tzeneech listening to the whispering of Sethe begin corrupting the other Titans, and over time he spent corupting them he was able to lure nearly half the Titans to the side of Chaos and away from the words of the Old Ones. Because Tzeneech had such a long time with these emotions he had already begin affecting change amongst the Titans long before any civil war, or attempted coruption took place, and the members of the Titans that he corupted were many of the more powerful members of the Titans leading to the distinct advantages of the forces of Chaos during the War of the Gods.



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We are the children of a great god. Our teachings tell us that he fell to darkness after our ancestors failed to protect him. Our teachings tell us that the only way to let him return to us is for us to remove darkness from the world. So you ask me how I remain so honorable despite the acts I commit. I do it because I want to see my god again.
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