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The Fire Sale
Location Dresdan
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Result House Bass Victory
  • Destruction of House Catridge
  • End of Dresdan Triumverate
Forces of Bartholomule House Catridge
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The Fire Sale was a political massacre that took place in the city of Dresdan directed by House Bass against their political rivals in House Catridge and would end in the near complete destruction of House Catridge.


The Fire Sale would first begin formulating in the mind of Bartholomule Bass during the days following his father reprimanding him for his violenet actions and wanting to prove to his father that the violence had a place in the politics of Dresdan. Originall Bart planned to move against House Munitz but following a confrontation with Benjamin Catridge he would change his target to House Catridge and begin forming his forces for the massacre that would become known as the Fire Sale.


The Events of the Fire Sale would begin with the event that Bart Bass saw as the necessary spark to gain power within the house and that was the killing of his father. Convinced by his tutor in Ingolf of Catridge that his father was leading the family into ruin it would be Bart that would finally agree to the words of Ingolf in killing his father, and in this he and Ingolf would conspire to have his father alone in the household and in this planning they would go their and confront Francis. Arriving at the house Bart would find his father reading in the study and confronting him his father would not agree to destroy House Catridge and because of this Bart would kill him, and as this happened his mother and sister of whom had been in secretly in the other room would come out shocked at what had happened and while at first Bart wanted to spare them Ingold convinced him that they needed to be dealt with and completely shattered morally by the killing of his father he would heed the words of Ingolf and killed his sister and mother. With these deaths it would be Ingolf that went to work staging their deaths as a work of House Catridge and thus the next day when the servants arrived everyone in the House Catridge sphere of influence came to believe the killings were the work of House Catridge and fully supported the ideas of Bart Bass.

The Massacre

As the killing reached its zenith it was Bartholume and Jack that found their mother Karie attempting to get the young Flavion Catridge III., and Delice Catridge out of a window to escape the carnage but were stopped by her two sons. Realizing they were responsible for the killing she attacked them attempting to by Flavion and Delice time to escape but both her sons stabbed her fatally wounding her and then they killed the two escaping children who were too frightened to jump from the window.



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