The German Pantheon was the name for the group of Titans led by Odin that would take control of the Germanic People ruling over their lands until their destruction during the Fall of the German Pantheon. The German Pantheon would upon its creation become a member of a larger Pantheon created by Zeus known as the Human Pantheon, and while its time was relatively short the German Pantheon would become legend among the different Pantheons of the Human Race.

The German Pantheon would first come to rise following the events of the First Thunderlands Civil War and Tamfana would be sent to Germania where she built a powerbase there working alongside the rising power of the Kingdom of Middenland. Following the Fall of the German Pantheon the remaining mebers of the Pantheon would flee to the area of Valhalla where Odin planned to gather his strength and then move once more against Germania.


Odin: King of the Gods

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Odin—also known as the All-Father, the Eldest of the German Pantheon and the leader of the gods of Germania.

Freyja : Mother of the Gods

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Freyja—also known as the All-Mother, the Mother of the German Pantheon and the god of fertility, and motherhood.

Taal : God of Nature

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Taal - also known as the Lord of Beasts, Mountains and Forests.

Ulric : God of Winter and Wolves.

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Wodanz : God of War

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Tiewaz : God of the Hunt

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Fhor : God of the Seas

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Tamfana: God of Progress

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Tamfana-Also known as the god of progress is the German god of Progress and leadership becoming the second most influential member of the Pantheon following the departure of Odin.

Brihana : God of Jelously

Brihana - Also known as the Goddess of Jelousy is a the German God that the people of Germania wouold worship when they felt jelous and her role within the pantheon was not an influencial one but in the end her decision to switch sides would save the Teutons from destruction.

Status of the Pantheon at end of conflict

Member Status Location
Odin Active Thunderlands of Valhalla
Tamfana Active Grand Dutchy of Hachiville
Freyja Active Thunderlands of Valhalla
Wodanz Dead Austria
Tiewaz Dead Austria
Fhor Dead Kingdom of the Goths
Taal Alive Kingdom of Middenland
Ulric Alive Kingdom of Middenland
Jormungandr Imprisoned Kingdom of the Teutons
Halena Dead Kingdom of Middenland
Fahlena Dead Kingdom of the Vandals
Brihana Alive Thunderlands of Valhalla