Previous Conflict Founding of Anthor
The Grestife Affair
Candice Anthor Cover - HD1
Location Placeholder
Start of Conflict 5125
End of Conflict 5125
Result Loyalist Victory
  • Near destruction of House Grestife
  • Discovery of House Jestife Loyalties
True Sons of Lucerne Kingdom of Lucerne
True Sons of Lucerne Kingdom of Lucerne
True Sons of Lucerne Kingdom of Lucerne
True Sons of Lucerne Kingdom of Lucerne
The Grestife Affair was a violent event that occurred during the Lucernian Civil War when House Grestife would follow the command of House Jestife and capture Candice Anthor bringing her back to their castle but were thwarted when Robin Highport snuck inside the castle and with his small force sacked the castle taking control and then bringing the ringleaders to Brill sparking the Jestife assault on Lucerne.

Candice Anthor would following the founding of Anthor be sent to Castle Ongrill in order to marry her betrothed Morgon Ongrill of whom had finally relented to marry her despite knowing that she had cheated on him during thier betrothal and in this way she travelled westward escorted by Robin Highport of whom she attempted to sleep with on the road but he resisted her. After being embaressed by the refusal of Robin to sleep with her she ran away from the escort and was captured by a group of bandits that had been following them and the bandits would be revealed to be led by Thomas Grestife a bannermen of House Jestife and while they attempted to get her back to Brill and House Jestife they were stopped by Robin Highport of whom took the men prisoner bringing them to Brill.


Following the end of the dinner Robin attempts to find Vanessa Cleef and finds Vilhem Cleef of whom tells him that Vanessa was sent away back to Goldshire after her father had been enraged at her embarrassing moment of running out of the dining hall, and at this news Robin returns to his party and tells his friends that he will travel to Goldshire. As the party leaves to gather his things for the trip to Goldshire its Robin that finds himself face to face with Varian, and Candice Anthor of whom he had seen at the dinner but had not had a chance to speak to yet. One of Varian's knights had overheard that Robin was travelling to Goldshire and told Varian who asked that Robin escort Candice westward to meet with her betrothed Morgon Ongrill, and unwilling to say no to such a high ranking noble he agrees to take charge of her transport. As Robin has a force of nearly a hundred men its Saiden Cleef that only sends twenty men to accompany them and these men are led by Hanzel Ravyne a knight of House Cleef who Robin attempts to speak to but the man seems unwilling to speak with him, and stays constantly by the side of Candice.


The Kidnapping


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