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The Rise of Lucerne is the second book of the New World series, and the largest of the books so far. The Rise of Lucerne deals heavily with the growth of the Kingdom of Lucerne following the events of the Battle of Berne, and the effect this growth has on several of the characters in the Kingdom Of Lucerne.

The Rise of Lucerne is distinct in that it opens up the story to much of the outside world with significant chapters dealing with characters outside of the valley of Lucerne. The second largest chunk of the book from a POV point of view is a mixture of characters that have never entered the Valley of Lucerne or have any connection with the Kingdom Of Lucerne.

The Rise of Lucerne opens up into many different side stories of which Fires of Harrenhall, The Twilight, and Blood Lillies are the largest and the ones that open up the most areas of the plotline. The Twilight expands into the world of the Elves people with the POV Characters of many of the different Elven side groups featured throughout and explaining the motivations of these groups.

Many of the POV Characters are similar from the End of Darkness but on top of the members of that story come newcomers in the form of Karl Franz who takes the role of the Prologue and is the Emperor of the Imperium of Germania. Saiden Scarlet enters the POV role and details the increasingly powerful House Scarlet as well as the taking of Fairmarket, and the Riverlands. Lucie Lovie first starts off as a POV Character of the story during the Rise of Lucerne and she stands as the oldest child of William Lovie III. of whom she was born to Britney Hemsworth before she was sent away from Lucerne by his increasingly insane father.

The Rise of Lucerne deals with many conflicts including the Civil War in Alcase which is dealt with from the POV of Lesiana Orsinio. The Invasion of Westbridge is heavily the source of parts of the book and over the span of six chapters their are six characters that give a POV of the events of the Invasion of Westbridge.

The Rise of Lucerne begins with the aftermath of the Battle of Berne, and the dramatic end of the Lucernian Civil War which all but ended with the death of Sean Lovie. The expansion of the Kingdom of Lucerne into Westros begins following this as does the long foreshadowing of the eventual continent defining event in the form of the Invasion of Westbridge. The Invasion of Westbridge occurs and leads to Lucerne conquering basically all of Westros on the western side of the Rhine, and dramatically threatening many of the nations in the region and forcing both the Kingdom of Bolten, and The Empire into there own moves. The Rise of Lucerne ends with the dire conseuqences of the Bolten invasion of the Divine Lands which leads to a huge rise in the conflicts in Westros and the eventual Bolten-Lucerne War.

POV Characters

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Many of the POV Characters are similar from the End of Darkness but on top of the members of that story come newcomers in the form of Karl Franz who takes the role of the Prologue and is the Emperor of the Imperium of Germania. Saiden Scarlet enters the POV role and details the increasingly powerful House Scarlet as well as the taking of Fairmarket, and the Riverlands. Lucie Lovie first starts off as a POV Character of the story during the Rise of Lucerne and she stands as the oldest child of William Lovie III. of whom she was born to Britney Hemsworth before she was sent away from Lucerne by his increasingly insane father.

POV Characters Chapters
William Lovie III. 1, 3
Alice Lovie 6, 9
Hermione Granger 8
Edward Cullen 18
Jon Snow 2
Leven Martell 10
Saiden Scarlet 4

Tyrek Lannister

Brooke Scott
Lucie Lovie

Births and Deaths

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Plot Summary

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Lornax is the POV Character of the Epilogue and during this chapter he

Chapter One

William Lovie III.

Chapter Details

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter it starts with William walking out of the Berne Palace holding the body of Amber Heard of whom died to the madness of his brother in the previous story. As Faye, Jasper and Emmett tried to console him and help him with Amber he would refuse without words picking her body up and carrying her out of the throne room before collapsing outside of the inner keep where he would be helped up by Faye. He whispers to Faye that he needs to take her out of the fortress so he can bury her, and Faye goes ahead clearing the gatehouse, and letting the front gate open where William carries her all the way out of Berne and reaches the Valley of Berne where the large Lucernian army awaits and it is at this point that Alice meet him and he finally surrenders Ambers body to Jasper and breaks down in Alice's arms. Refusing to let go of Amber he finally releases her to Jasper when Alice pulls him into a hug, and he breaks down in her arms. With Thomas sleeping William gathers with the Lucernian army leadership and following a long discussion on their next steps he commands his friend Hanna Arryn be brought to him, and then the meeting breaks up and joined by Jasper, and Edward he returns to his tent where saying goodbye to them he goes into the tent and finds Alice sleeping on his bed holding a sleeping Thomas. Looking at the scene in front of him he starts crying as he thinks about the loss of Amber, and at the sound of his crying Alice wakes up and gets out of bed gently leaving Thomas in bed and the two siblings hug. Thomas eventually wakes up to the talking of Alice and William and Thomas at first only wants Alice, but William goes to him and talks to him about his love for Amber and when Thomas reveals that Amber had talked about William to him almost every night William tells him the story of how he met Amber of which was a story that Amber had told him a thousand times before. Meeting with Hanna Arryn the two old friends discuss a more personal view of what happened in Berne, and Hanna reveals to him the depths of some of the things that happened, but also refuses during their conversation to come with him back to Lucerne telling him that Aria needs her more. Discussing Aria, and her father Byron it becomes clear that he needs to speak with Aria and asks Hanna to bring her to him something she agrees to if William agrees to be lenient on her father of which William agrees to out of love for Hanna. Arriving at Lucerne he is met at the gates by Nicoli Machievelli of whom tells him that there is a serious situation in the south as it appears that leaders in the south have invaded the Kingdom of Righel.

Chapter 2

Leven Martell

Chapter Details

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is standing on board her ship as the Lucernian Fleet moves into the harbor of the Righel capital city of Calcaria, and joined on the deck by Quintus, and Desmera she can see the fear in the eyes of Quintus and wanting to understand why hes so afraid she takes him into her room leaving Desmera with her sister Dorea. Talking things over with Quintus she learns that he was physically abused by his father for years, and when Leven reveals that his sister Petillia has been given control of Righel he is even more conserned as it is implied that she sexually abused him during his youth and he will surely not survive long in a Righel controlled by Petillia. Meeting with Petillia, its Brooke who takes the lead, and Leven is overcome by indecision and watches as the whole meeting happens without her really becoming involved, but this changes when Petillia and Brooke discuss the return of Quintus. Leven storms into the discussion and interupting the discussion she implies knowledge of what Petillia did to Quintus and after argueing with both Brooke and Petillia for a time she forces them to name Quintus as her adopted son and a member of House Martell while she will guarantee to never come after Quintus or risk Leven coming after her. Having achieved what she wants Leven demands that no more negotiations be done and everything further to wait for William who will surely be coming soon, and despite clearly revealing that she wants to finish things now so that she can get credit for this Brooke is unable to convince Petillia who is now frightened of what damage Leven can do to her. The chapter ends with William arriving with a group of griffon in Calcaria, and as she walks up to William she sees Brooke standing off to the side and seeing the smile on Brooke's face she can't help but be angry at Brooke.

Chapter 3

Brooke Scott

Chapter Details

Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she watches as William lands in the city of Calcaria

Chapter 4

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 5

Jon Snow spends time with his siblings during Chapter Two, and his brother Robb is shown to be now preparing to ask Doran Martell for Obella Martell`s hand in marriage. As they talk they discuss how Jon Snow finally managed to leave the northern lands, and with a sadness he tells Robb how he was forced to leave Ygritte behind when he left the northern Lands. Jon Snow during the end of the chapter has a conversation with his uncle after he travels northward to Winterfell, and during this chapter his uncle is revealed as a depressed man that is lost in sadness. The two discuss returning north and Benjen tells Jon that when the day comes he will travel alongside him. As Jon Snow and Samwell are nearing Winterfell they are stopped on the road by Randyll Tarly his father and his brother Dickon Tarly, and after a short converstation they leave, and following this Samwell tells Jon that he thinks there both strangers in this land.

Chapter 6

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is forced to host a tournament at Forks in order to celebrate the great victory of his forces throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne but specifically at Berne, and travelling to Forks with the entire Shadow Council, his wife and heir William Lovie IV. he also has his cousin Kristen Trachtenburg with him of whom takes Thomas with them which pains him as seeing young Thomas makes him think of Amber. continues his changing of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and he begins to outline the capture of Fairmaket of which will become further fleshed out in chapter Four by the POV time of Saiden Scarlet of whom describes much of the annexation of the Riverlands throughout his chapter.  During the tournament Arthas Menathil arrives and William and Arthas spend a long time speaking to each other finally hashing out what they had been in long mail discussions and William is able to dissuade his fears and bring him into the Kingdom of Lucerne amassing a great victory for Lucerne without a sword swung. Following this victory William leaves the tournament for the night and sleeps with Bella Swan of whom he talks with even more about his plans for the Riverlands, and she is very supportive and is clearly extremely loving, but despite this throughout their entire conversation he cannot stop thinking about Brooke after seeing her during the tournament. Following sleeping with Brooke William goes to see Nicoli Machieveli and they are joined by Alice and the three of them discuss their potential choices when it comes to Brooke with many options coming up and William nearly pushing for a second wife before Nicoli manages to convince William to send Brooke south to Tuscany where she can feel that William is using but the reality is that he needs some separation from her. Following the departure of Arthas Menathil its William who must proceed over several criminal trials known collectively as the Trials of Forks.

  • During Chapter Three the expansion of the Order of the Dragons begins, and this changes dramatically the landscape of the land.

Chapter 7

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is leading a force of House Scarlet northward into Fairmarket where he is leading the attack on the left front of the campaign against House WIlde. As the fighting goes forth the forces of House Wilde basically fully retreat, but it isn't until the arrival of Catherine Lovie and a large force of House Lovie that they surround the Wilde fortress of Whellia with some of there forces while the remainder move north to besiege Fairmarket. Arriving at Fairmarket they find it on fire, but were greeted by Olivia WIlde, and Andrik Wilde of whom delivered them the bodies of the Lord of House Jennet, and his child heir as a show of their loyalty to Lucerne. Saiden was beyond angry over this act and wanted to arrest the members of House WIlde but Catherine pardoned them, and forced Saiden to take on Olivia in his personal forces as a sort of prisoner alongside Andrik Wilde. Following the capture of Fairmarket the LUcernians quickly moved northward for a massive meeting in RIverrun where the Riverlords had all but given up on resisting the Lucernians. The alliance of House Scarlet, and House Blackwood begins in this chapter, and the friendship between Saiden Scarlet, and Eddard Starke increased further during this time.

Chapter 8

Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 9

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she begins turning her attention to the inner workings of the royalty and nobles within the Kingdom of Lucerne, and during her chapter William and her relationship in background information is heavily featured. Alice Lovie on the surface attempts to make a romantic life with Jasper Hale, but it is revealed silently that she has love for William and that none can compare to that. Her romance with Jasper is shown during this time as she closes the door behind them as she seduces him, but nothing is shown of what transpires within. She greets diplomats from the Kingdom of Lothlorian of whom have come hoping to expand the relationship from non-excistent to something strong between the two groups, and she finds Teal'Vin Sunstrider a funny person who she gets along with well in there early time. Alice during this chapter also begins to hear rumors from her agents in Tree Hill that Brooke plans to kill Bella, and this horrifies her beyond belief. At the end of the chapter it is revealed that she has been dosing him with herbs that make him fall asleep and convinsing him that they were sleepig together when in fact they were not, but at the end of the chapter the dose doesn't work and she is forced to sleep with him. After sleeping with Jasper she goes to Maester Boestel of whom she asks for Moon Tea and she cries in her room while taking it in order to end any possible pregnancy between her and Jasper.

Chapter 10

Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is revealed in the beggining as an unknown little girl called Lucie by Natalie Portmane takes over control for a time as she describes an ever worsening situation in Arnor, and through letters she reads from Chris Hemsworth she tells much about the situation that threatens to unravel in the region. The girl goes with her mother Britney Hemsworth of whom meets with her brother and while there together she hides and listens as her mother tells him the full story of her and William Lovie III. and we learn for the first time that she had given birth to a child of which would be his oldest child in the form of Lucie Lovie. Following this conversation Lucie is sent to play in the gardens with several other noble children including the siblings Ol-Phellia, and Dol-Delian Desrivia of whom she is shown to be best friends with Ol-Phellia, while in her thoughts she has a crush on Dol-Delian but her mothers tight leash on her has led to her never having any chance to ever explore her feelings in this way. She also spends time in the gardens with a second pair in the form of the cousins Tar-Tarik Pharaz IV. and Morwen Beor of whom she is also shown to be close to with Tarik in love with Phellia, while Morwen is behind Phellia her closest friend. The children are interupted by the arrival of King Ilrin-Tarik-Pharaz is there to visit his great grand son Tarik and during this time Tarik and Lucie discuss the happenings in northern Arnor and the ancient Tarik is quite open with how dangerous northern Arnor is becoming due to the work of the Teutons who he shows a real hatred towards.

Chapter 11

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 12

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 13

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of Chapter Eight and during this chapter she is riding up to the walls of Haris where she spots her brother giving out orders to several men, and smiles at far her brother has come from what she remembers him as being. Thomas spots her and the two share a hug before Thomas leads her inside the town where she asks to stay the night, and Thomas clearly realizing that something serious is going on doesn't press her but agrees and takes her to the room that he had made up for her if she ever came to House Granger's new estate in Haris. The two sit and talk over whats been happening with him, but she refuses to reveal anything to Thomas for fear he will talk her out of leaving or worse yet go with him and risk himself and they end there conversation with Thomas kissing her on the forehead and leaving to sleep. Falling asleep she remembers back to her departure from Hogwarts and slips into dreams of this event of which starts with her talking with Harry about her feelings for him, and he wants to tell Ron, but she refuses saying too many will be hurt. As she falls deeper into love with Harry she uncovers evidence of the excistence of the Deathly Grails of which are a very old series of items which she learns Lord Voldermorte has used to obtain near immortality, but she is horrified when she discovers that Dumbledore linked the items to Harry meaning if Harry dies then Lord Voldermorte will die as well. Realizing that Dumbledore will kill Harry she tricks Dumbledore into revealing what is present on Harry that is linked and learning what it is she begins a plan to flee Hogwarts with the necklase around Harry's neck which links him to Lord Voldermorte. As the chapter continues and there affairs expands she becomes increasingly aware of the cost it will have with Ron of whom hints to her that hes been hearing things about Hermione and Harry and openly says that it if it was true he would kill Harry. The dream ends with Ron walking in on Hermione and Harry just after they have finished making love, and waking up sweating Hermione finds it is almost mid-day as she believes the dreams had got her stuck within the fade. Packing herself up she gets back onto her horse and seeing Thomas she smiles at him but he doesn't see her and she sneaks out of the town making her way westward towards Lorraine. Realizing that the ring is in Alcase through the mistake of Dumbledore she plans to travel to Lorraine to find Anna Gushina of whom she believes will use Magi to take her to Alcase and introduce her to the princess of Alcase as she knows without an in she will never meet Leliana Orsinio. After weeks of travelling she makes her way into the Lorrainian capital of Stockgarden where she is shocked to find a Dragonoph Priest preaching at the gatehouse surrounded by several heavily armored guards, and surrounded by a large flock. Listening to the Priest for a few minutes she eventually leaves for the Temple of Maal where the Magi Order of Lorraine would greet her arrival with mistrust until the arrival of Anna Gushina of whom she knew from the Euro Magi Cup years earlier vouches for Hermione and she is led into the Temple of Maal.

Chapter 14

Alice Lovie

Chapter Details

Alice Lovie is the POV Character of Chapter Nine and during her chapter she enters the Mountains of Lucerne alongside Leven Martell, and Nicoli Machiavelli where they plan to meet with the Dwarves of Karak Izor. The meeting goes well and the alliance continues between the two nations with an expansion of the Underway northward towards the Dwarven Holds. The Dwarven Lords tell Alice some of the horrors that lurk within the Mountains of Lucerne, and she wonders the rest of the chapter whether they are ignoring the real threat to the Kingdom while they battle in the Riverlands, and other places. Upset over her argument with Lanna Lannister Alice goes to her brothers room and she reveals to William that Brooke plans to kill Bella, and that he needs to step in and stop this. When William refuses to move against Brooke the two argue and eventually he agrees to look into and leaves to have a meeting on Alice's findings, while she goes to the room of Dylan Steinmare and sleeps with him in an attempt to get pregnant and then rub it in Jasper's face the way Larra did to her, and she does this despite knowing that he had married Laera Steinmare and she was pregnant with their child.

Chapter 15

Leven Martell is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she goes into the Lands of the Riverlands, and the conquest of Fairmarket the leadership of Lucerne decides to pressure first Kul Tiras into joining them, and long term the massive invasion of Westbridge is first planned. Leven helps Jasper Hale deal with the acceptance of his sister Rosalie into his family, and the betrayal of his mother happens during this chapter with William warning her never again to question Jasper. Following this Jasper needs an escape and thus she and Jasper travels with William to Tree Hill where they witness the love of William and Brooke when he tells her that he knows what she plans, and that she can`t do it because he`s going to be there for her.

Chapter 16

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he details the trip to Kul Tiras where he joins the king in welcoming them into the Kingdom of Lucerne. During this time he meets with Tandred Proudmoore and he is impressed with the noblemen and when he hears about him having a bastard child (Dustin Rivers) he offers to take him on as a squire to himself, with the promice that at the end of his squiring he will knight him. During the tail end of the chapter he alongside the King, Robb Starke, and several other nobles meets with representatives of Lorderon of whom come on behalf of Arthas Menathil and wish to arrange a union between the two kingdoms.

Chapter 17

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of Chapter 12 of the Rise of Lucerne, and during this chapter he deals with the declining situation in Tree Hill following the discovery for him that Dan has begun to threaten Brooke and her baby. Realizing this he travels to Highgarden where he plots with the Tyrells and his uncle Kieth to remove Dan, but when it comes to it he is unable to actually pull the trigger on the plan and leaves Highgarden with less then he went with. Returning to Tree Hill he spends time with Morrigan who tells him of her time in the Circle of Magi, and tells him of a series of dreams she has been having of which all fortell the death of her sister by a dark man that Lucas comes to believe is his father.

Chapter 18

Franklin Brent is the POV Character of Chapter 13 and during the beggining of the chapter he wakes up after making love to Karyl Reyne and feeling rejuvinated after finally being with her, he doesn't wake her when a knock at his door brings him to meeting with his father. His father has a long conversation with him where he tells Franklin that he cannot give the land to Franklin, and must officially name Thomas as his heir. Franklin is destroyed by this news, and only the consoling of Karyl Reyne is able to keep him from exploding. Now forced to deal with the consequences of his father choosing Thomas to lead the newly planned and under construction Castle Stragnarax, he plans to befriend Thomas but discovers his brother at his door and telling him that he doesn't hold a grudge against Franklin for the way he was treated all those years. Discussing the changing faces he sees around him he confronts his father who apologizes for the way he made him feel but he could no longer live in a dillusion where the younger brother would be lord, and Franklin had to accept this.

Chapter 19

Edward Cullen is the POV Character of Chapter 14 and he would join William at the gates of Lucerne as the delegation of Arthas Menathil and the Lorderon leadership arrives in order to discuss the annexation of Lorderon into the Kingdom of Lucerne. Eventually after much debate the Kingdom of Lorderon is made a state within the Kingdom of Lucerne and thus Arthas is made an Arch Lord. Edward Cullen during this chapter watches from afar as silently many are beggining to once again question the sanity of Arthas Menathil, but so eager for the control of Lorderon is Lucerne that they sidestep this issue and leave it for another day.

Chapter 20

William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter 15 and during this chapter he is approached by Bill Lovie of whom tells him about things. Among the things he discusses are the fact that he has another family living in Lorderon and that he is sorry that William never got to know them, but he knows that William will want to now. William and Alice discuss this, and it is quickly decided that they will make them members of House Lovie if they want, and if they do not then they will be made into members of their own cadet house. After their discussion Alice and William travel to the Kings Keep where they meet with Catherine Lovie and discussing with her what they have learned she is not shocked and William names her regent of Lucerne while he is away travelling to Lorderon. Leaving Alice in charge of gathering their troops and planning the trip to Lorderon he is vague about where he is going but leaves with Faye Skane and several guards travelling into Lower Lucerne where he enters a Travelling to Lorderon with the Shadow Council, his wife, the children and Alice the journey is long.

Chapter 21

Leven Martell is the POV Character of Chapter 16 and she is there when William meets with the Portmane side of his family. While in Lorderon she joins Edward in meeting with Medivh of whom begins to discuss with them that all is not well in Lorderon.

Chapter 22

Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character for this chapter and during this chapter he travels to the Divine Lands where he meets with the leadership of the region in Koenisburg. Hedrik would witness the building of the relationship alongside Nicholi Machieveli and then taking part in the meeting at Koenisburg he witnessed yet another fight between Robb Starke and the Freys after Hosteen Frey tried to pick a fight with him. Hedrik would chase after Hosteen and confronted him on the fight, and the two almost came to blows until it was broken up by one of Hosteen's brothers of whom took him back to the boat.

Chapter 23

Edward Cullen makes his appearance in Chapter 18 as the POV Character and during this chapter he details the growth in the Order of the Blue Dragon, and their rebirth as a real power within the Kingdom of Lucerne. Travelling to the Temple of Magi he is there as the Magi create the stone of communication, and this will have one of the largest effects on the Kingdom of Lucerne as basically many other things will. During this time he shares the days and nights with Hilary Swift of whom stays with him for some time but eventually leaves when she grows to miss Mike, and although Edward misses Taylor he is unwilling to go to her as he feels he will be seen as a failure if he does not become the great Magi they all need him to be.

Chapter 24

Jon Snow is the POV Character of Chapter 19 and during this chapter he travels to Seagard with several nobles in order to try and create an alliance between the two kingdoms. Unwilling to back down as Lorderon and others did he leaves there meeting his brother Robb Starke in Kul Tiras where they share stories with several amongst House Proudmoore including many that once again point to darkness within Lorderon and also forshadowing a darkness deep in the Kingdom of Bolten. Robb details with him how he has proposed to Obella after taking her to Riverrun on vacation, and she has accepted. The Kingdom of Bolten is described in heavy detail for the first time in this chapter, and the information given is not promicing to future relations. On the return trip they stop on Bear Island where Jon Snow spends time with his friend Alysanne Mormont and watches his brother get closer to Dacey Mormont.

Chapter 25

Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character for Chapter 20 and he travels into the Riverlands in order to deal with basically the only remaining holdout in the form of the Vale of Mallister. As he travels north he continues to be unable to stop thinking of Olivia Wilde of whom he had sent to Hearthglen when his attractions first begin following their time in Riverrun, and in a moment of weakness summons her north to assist him in the area, and forces her to lie about being knowledgeable on the Mallisters. Visiting the Vail he is able to gain their alliance only after promising marriages, and after agreeing that they would be independent in everything but sending men if the need desperately needed their assistance. As they spend time together building this agreement the attraction between Saiden, and Olivia is undeniable, and he kisses her passionately of which she returns and they nearly sleep together but they are stopped when he hears his son arriving outside their tent. During his time in the Vale of Mallister he would be able to convert several prominent nobles to Dragonoph including Tristifer Mudd II., and Tristen Mudd of which Tristifer would remain in the Vale as a major Lucernian supporter and Tristen would become Saiden's squire after he would swear him his sword and follow him from that point going forward. Sending Olivia away Saiden Scarlet would then travel further north where he met with scouts from the Order of the Red Dragon as well as men from House Scott. The city of Braedin was infiltrated and this would be the first steps of the incoming barrage of the Invasion of Westbridge.

Chapter 26

Lucas Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 27

Ezio Ederiz

Chapter Details

Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of Chapter 21 and during this chapter he alongside many other Order of the Violet Dragon members infiltrate Westbridge in large numbers including nearly the entire grouping of Lord Assassins and the Cloaks and Whelps beneath them. Ezio sets up the command post of the forces of the Order of the Violet Dragon in the estate of House Grondlin of whose Lord Petyr Grondlin would give himself and his forces completely to the cause of the Lucernians in exchange for his heir Tomas Grondlin gaining favorable wedding choices following the invasion. Following this Ezio and Liam where they begin to plot at the continuing of their actions in Westbridge. Meeting with the Lord Assassins it is decided that Thaleon Von Prover would take a force and travel to Westian in order to deal with the situation there while it was Robin Compere that was sent to Braedin to help at that town.

  • House Grondlin

  • Chapter 28

    Franklin Brent is the POV Character of Chapter 22 as he travels northward to Westbridge, and the further north to first Valeria and then Arnor. His time in Westbridge is brief after the Malfoys place a ban on Lucernian diplomats in the city, and he is forced to travel northward to Noveria where he meets with their leadership. He travels then the Kingdom of Arnor where he meets with the prince of Arnor in Chris Hemsworth and then the princess Natalie Portmane. Following this meeting he briefly goes to the Empire of Valeria in order to meet with The Empire in secret back channels. His meetin in Valeria is with Leighton Zegers who discloses silently to him the dark changes that are happening in Valeria and warns him not to return here again as she is losing influence with the Emperor. Finally he meets with a diplomat from The Empire of whom he gives one of the Magi stones of the Order of the Blue Dragon too and says that the King will contact him soon.

    Chapter 29

    Edward Cullen is the POV Character of Chapter 23 and during this chapter he visits the capital where he sees his friends for the first time in months after spending a long period of time at Tower of Magi doing his duty for the Order of the Blue Dragon. His wife and children now live in Tarnbooth the village near the tower, and he has abandoned the control of House Cullen to his father who is raising Niklas, Gemma, and Joshua who are the children of his brother who fell during the Plague. Arriving in Lucerne he is met at the gate by his father of whom presents him with the very young boy Brandon Yesten of whom will be his squire and while at first rejecting the need for a squire the boy is able to convinse him to take him into his service. Contineing on with Brandon and leaving his father following this he arrives at the Kings Keep where he is greeted with hostility by Jasper Hale of whom believes he has abandoned the Shadow Council and should be removed. After nearly fighting he is escorted the rest of the way by Leven Martell, and they finally arrive in the throne room. Going deeper into the mountain they arrive at the Order of the Blue Dragon tower which is built into the side of the mountain, and it is here that they enter a room shielded with runes that inside of sits a massive Stone device which allows them to communicate with the Stones they have created. They are able to communicate with Charles Toppenheim who is the Duke of the near Province of Toppenheim and he takes a very severe stand on their proposals almost being argumentitive. Demanding to speak with the Emperor Charles Toppenheim says he will pass that along and the emperor will respond with a raven first.

    Chapter 30

    Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of Chapter 24 and during this chapter he travels to the Riverlands where is forced to deal with problems with the Blackwoods. After spending time with the Blackwoods he travels further north to the lands of House Goodbrooke where he met with Padme Oakheart of whom told him of the problems that were going on in the Riverlands.

    Chapter 31

    Lucie Lovie is the POV Character for Chapter 25, and during this chapter she travels southward with her mother of whom plans to go southward in order to meet with the leadership of the Kingdom of Strom and then the Kingdom of Lolland, and Lucie is told by her mother to watch carefully the manner in which her mother will create connections in these lands, and when she asks why her mother reveals that she too believes that Arnor will fall and that she wants a place they can go to once everything fall apart. Lucie Lovie is accompanied by her best friend Ol-Phellia Desrivia of whom her mother has the ability to tolerate unlike anyone else Lucie has ever befriended. Arriving at the Dwarven fortress of Dun Garek they are taken through the fortress on the Dwarven Train system where they arrive at the other end to the Dun Garek port where they take a boat from there heading down the river towards the Lolland capital of Lolland. During this time travelling her mother reveals to her more of her relationship with William and Lucie following this writes another letter to her father of which she once again hands to her mother.

    Chapter 32

    Jon Snow is the POV Character of Chapter 26 and during this chapter he is named regent of Stormwind as his family leaves for the Riverlands where they are preparing to mobilize for the Invasion of Westbridge weeks from that point. During this chapter he is watching from a balcony as Robb Starke and Dacey Mormont speak together and during this conversation an attraction is in place of which Robb is torn between. Jon would later in the chapter recieve a letter from Jeorh Mormont delivered by his niece Dacey Mormont, and in the letter it would detail the declining situation in the Frostfangs. He would be crying when Catelyn Starke came in and in one of their few moments of positivity she would give him advise on how to to balance life as a lord and love.

    Chapter 33

    Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she departs Stockgarden alongside Anna Gushina, Alexandra Genin, and Gilbert Genin making their way towards Strasburg the capital of the Kingdom of Alcase where they will meet with the Alcase Children of Harnene of which is the Magi Order of Alcase. Upon their arrival at Strasburg they meet with Fleur Delacour of whom takes them to the Academy where they meet with the leadership of the Children of Harnene of whom Hermione tells them what she is after, and they initially state that they don`t know where the item she is looking for is, but she sees that Olympe Maxime is lying and begins getting upset which almost starts a fight but is stopped when the Children Council leaves the room to discuss. Returning from their discussion they reveal to Hermione that they will help her find the necklase if she allows two of their number to go with her in order to make sure that nothing hostile happens to the one who has the necklase, and she agrees despite not wanting so many people with her. Departing Strasburg with Fleur Delacour, and now six strong they head westward where she is still not told who has the necklace but is told that she will be introduced to the one who does and that person will decide. While on the road they begin to come across bodies and the signs of battle and at this Fleur Delacour reveals that the holder of the necklace was Leliana Orsinio of whom had left for the west with most of the Strasburg army in order to battle John Orsinio. Realizing she had to act quickly before Leliana Orsinio possibly was killed and lost the ring to the forces of evil that she might not be able to get the ring back from. Hermione, and the group would travel by horse for days, running their horses ragged until they discovered a large battlefield, and the camped army of Alcase. As the group waded through the thousands of bodies she wondered sadly whether she was too late, but when the group was taken in by several Alcase gaurds her hope rose. The chapter ends with Hermione and the rest of the group are preparing to leave following Hermione getting the necklace. As she got on her horse to leave and everyone said goodbye the sound of trumpets went off, and as she peered towards the sound she saw a massive dark cloud on the horizon.

    Chapter 34

    Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she 

    Chapter 35

    William Lovie III. is the POV Character of Chapter 29 and during this chapter he meets with all of the Arch Lords in the capital, and during this they discuss the plans for the Invasion of Westbridge. The plans are extensive and involve massive espionage. As the talks continue the leadership of each of the Orders of the Dragon that are needed (Blue, Green, Violet, and Red) are brought into the conversation and their roles made clear. 

    Chapter 36

    Lucas Scott is the POV Character of Chapter 30 and he travels alongside his father and brother along with all of their vassals basically towards Braedin. Camping in secret near the town they meet with several Lords and commanders travelling east of Braedin sneaking past it during the night including Lucas having a long conversation with Jack Shephard of whom was moving north to besiege Westian. Lucas and Morrigan of whom has joined the House Scott forces know that they are days away from having to take the city, and thus scouting is the main persuit but during the nights he and Morrigan become intimate.

    Chapter 37

    Franklin Brent is the POV Character of Chapter 31 and during this chapter they return from the meeting in Lucerne to the knowledge that they are tasked with defending the west alongside Ordos, and Greymane. Hearing reports from the scouts at the eyes that a very large Orcish force is making its way through the gap forces are mobilized and the first hints of true danger begin to shine through. During this chapter Karyl learns that she is pregnent with his child, and the two share a deep kiss that seals their marriage.

    Chapter 38

    Ezio Ederiz

    Chapter Details

    Ezio Ederiz is the POV Character of Chapter 32 and during this chapter the complete infiltration of the city of Westbridge is completed, and then they continue to watch the major players in the city while waiting for the direction from William that the Lucernian army is in position. When they receive the message from the Magi stone Ezio, Benjamin Bradfoot, and Dama Rossom move towards the Labouef keep and infiltrate the keep capturing the leadership of the family before escorting them by boat to a rebel controlled keep of House Decencourt. Ezio stays briefly and for the first openly talks to Shia Labouef without having to hide who he truly is, and while he is worried clearly Ezio makes him understand this is for the best. Ezio from there moves southward while directing the rest of the Order outside of Benjamin to leave the keep and move about the city causing as much chaos as they possibly can. 

    Chapter 39

    Leven Martell is the POV Character of Chapter 33 and during this chapter she greets her uncle Oberyn Martell II. of whom has returned to Sunspear in order to begin saying goodbye to his brother and Levens father of whom they all realize will not survive for her return. Leven joins Wilheim Martell in leading the forces of House Martell and their vassals northward into the area south of Westbridge itself. As she travels northward she meets with Evin Scorpian and Sawyer Shepard of whom tell her about the fact that they are to besiege Westian and the fact that the main army is going to remaing at Westian but elements including House Scorpians and the more elite sections of the other houses were coming northward to join for the main battle.

    Chapter 40

    Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of Chapter 34 and during this chapter he travels alongside the army of House Lannister and House Starke as they make their way by ship to Kul Tiras. Forced to travel through the Frey's fortress of the Trident rumors are spread by the Order of the Green Dragon before hand that the Riverlands is in open rebellion and they are going their to assist in the fighting. The Frey's force them to pay a very large duty but they are able to pass through. As they are about to leave Walder Frey stops them flanked by several of his children and forces the Starkes to marry off Brann Starke to his daughter Roslin Frey, while promicing that they will get first choice in terms of Arya Starke.

    After this they make it to Kul Tiras with little issue and land in the main city of Boralus. During the landing he spends time with his cousin Addam Marbrand of whom is told by his father to stay with Tyrek not return to the ships of House Marband. Fighting between Jamie Lannister and Robb Starke begins after this and the two armies are forced to port in two different cities on Kul Tiras.

    Chapter 41

    Lucie Lovie is the POV Character of Chapter 35 and during her chapter she has returned to Arnor, and she remains in Fornost as her mother travels around Arnor continueing to grow her Order of the Black Numenorians. During her time alone she spends time with her aunt Natalie Portmane of whom has given birth to her first child Tyse Hemsworth. She wants to reveal to her aunt who she is as Natalie has been kept out of the loop even by Chris for fear of what this would do to Arnor, Lucerne relations. Lucie spends a lot of time trying to find out information from Natalie about her new family in House Lovie and Natalie reveals that William writes her letters and they have grown to know eachother better through these letters.

    Towards the end of the chapter she finds a chest of which she cannot open, but when her mother returns she hands her mother her next letter to her father, and gets the return letter from her father that her mother gives her. She reads the letter and becomes shocked when something written in the letter is wrong, and she knows its wrong due to the stories her aunt had just told her about William. Going to find her mother she is prepared to confront her mother but sees her mother place the letter she had given her and putting it inside the chest before locking it behind her.

    Chapter 42

    Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter she watches as the army of Alcase mobilizes to make battle with John Orsinio, and she has a long discussion with her party as Fleur Delecour and Fleurs companion both say they are leaving as they need to help their nation against Chaos, and while the other three are supportive either way they all agree they need to help Alcase here or else whats the point in pretending their doing this to fight against Chaos. The chapter ends with the the victorious forces of Alcase moving forward with the clean up of the remaining Chaos forces, and with this Hermione, and Leliana say goodbye to each other, and leaving behind the Alcase part of their group the three remaining members of the Party move southwest towards the ruins of Lyons where was the last recording sighting of the book Mysticism which is the next element of the Deathly Hollows.

    Chapter 43

    Hedrik Clegane III. is the POV Character of Chapter 36 and during this chapter he joins the Swan forces for the prepared attack on the Port of Yerness.

    Chapter 44

    Brooke Scott is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

    Chapter 45

    Edward Cullen is the POV Character of Chapter 38 and during this chapter he goes through a portal conjured in the Kingdom of Heathfall of which is led by a Lucernian noble who was exiled under Bill Lovie but loyal to William. Edward spends some time discussing things with Dran Arryn and he tells him how the attacks from Westbridge against Heathfall have gotten to such a point that they can't deal with them anymore, and they will go all in on the attack because if nothing changes then Heathfall will fall. Horrified of the threat of Lord Voldermorte and needed to take control of the northern gatehouse the army of Heathfall and their other ally in the Kingdom of Dowenshire are mobilized for the coming attack on the northern gate. A number of Magi would arrive from Hogwarts in order to assist in the capture of the city as allies of Lucerne including Snape of whom by this point was known as the destroyer.

    Chapter 46

    William Lovie III. is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and the main army of Lucerne arrives just south of Margrove, and find the defences of the city are far more then they had been led to believe. Coming to understand from the rebels of the area and the Order of the Violet Dragon that they cannot simply go by this fortress without trouble from Westbridge William summons his council to him and they discuss the best strategy for dealing with Margrove. While waiting here it is brother Jamie Portmane that arrives with a force of a thousand men from Lorderon and when Jamie arrives at his command tent he greets him with great happiness alongside Jasper Hale, and his cousin Marcel Lovie II. the three talk about the plans going forward in regards to the Invasion of Westbridge and after William must sense some sadness in Jamie he asks the others to leave and the two talk together about Tamsin and William tells him very clearly that he wont ever be whole until he finds her. After talking for some time William is forced to deal with other things and Jamie returns to his forces with the words of his brother ringing in his ear, and William could not know just how much of history he was going to change by pushing Jamie down the road of going after Tamsin. Following the bypassing of Margrove and leaving behind the Scarlet forces to besiege the city the main army makes its way northward stopping one last time just south of Westbridge in the final meeting point for the main army of Lucerne, and he spends the day and night preparing for the coming days battle. 

    Chapter 47

    Franklin Brent arrives at Castle Stragnarax with his large forces to find the castle surroundings infested with Orcs, and seeing this they prepare to assault the Orcs and relieve Castle Stragnarax. but the reinforcements he brings alongside the defenders are able to smash the Orcish attack and route their army. Chasing after them he runs most of them down, while the remainder are targeted by House Mountain skirmishers coming southward as well as the scouts of the western banks and destroyed. Entering Castle Stragnarax his brother tells him how he was victorious in the battle, and further jelously rises between the two brothers.

    Chapter 48

    Jon Snow is the POV Character of this chapter and he is forced to travel eastward to deal with the madness of Joffrey Lannister of whom has sacked Castle Beyne and is sieging Adrahil. Commanding forces to rally from around Stormwind they wait two days for them to marshall including late arrivals from Drinlin in the form of two hundred men led by Aleyn Estermont, and Cara Vune. Arriving at the scene with some seven hundred Starke men and his brother Brann, he is shocked when Arya has also accompanied the boat despite being commanded to remain behind. Joining six hundred more troops from the Port of Stormwind, and two hundred from Hentwood they arrive at Adrahil and stop the storming of the castle by Joffrey's forces. As the acting Arch Duke of Winterfell he commands Joffrey to retreat, and Joffrey is forced by fear to retreat back to Castle Beyne. Staying in Castle Beyne he has his forces repair much of the damage and then deciding they need to return to Stormwind to deal with the issues he leaves behind some four hundred men at Adrahil under the command of Cara Vune, and Aleyn Estermont, and then he returns to Stormwind to meet with the Lannisters about what to do with this situation. 

    Chapter 49

    Tyrek Lannister is the POV Character of this chapter and he narrates the inital assault on Westbridge of which is launched by House Lannister, and House Starke's forces against the main Westbridge island. The fighting is intense, but the defenders are fighting on all fronts, as they discover as they see fires all across the banks of the rivers, and during the fighting retreating forces across the northern and southern bridge indicate those two strongpoints have fallen to Lucernian attack.

    Chapter 50

    Saiden Scarlet is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he leaves the tent of William Lovie III. following his volunteering to lead the forces that would besiege the fortress of Margrove, and leaving the tent for his own he returns to tell his family what he has gotten them into. Following telling his family and during thier discussion on how best to surround the city they are interupted by Marcel Lovie II. of whom is accompanied by the Lords of House Keath, and House Justman of whom will be joining with the House Scarlet siege of Margrove.

    Chapter 51

    Leven Martell is the POV CHaracter of this chapter and during this chapter she joins William in clearing out the dust of the occupation of not only the city of Westbridge but the massive region of Westbridge as well. Meeting with House Labeouf they name the Labeoufs the new Lords of the city and make Westbridge a Grand State and in the position of Arch Lord of Lucerne. House Starke, House Scarlet, and some of the more loyal Riverlands, and Westbridge are to remain in the area to assist in the fortifications. The allied northern states arrive near the end of the chapter and tell William that the forces of Lord Voldermorte have fallen back north of Westbridge and are nowhere to be found.

    Chapter 52

    Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she reaches Paris alongside Anna Gushina, and Gilbert Genin and entering the city they are all shocked at its existence which they had expected to be a destroyed rubble but instead discover a bustling city, and stopping a passing merchant they discover that Paris is a slave city now, and see the true extent of it when a group of Orcs walk by them without a second thought. Forced to leave Paris after the arrival of the Deatheater persuaders the group flees south trying to make there way to Lyons and travelling for days and nearing exhaustion they stop at a small farm where the farmer allows the three to stay at his farm. Leaving south from the farmers home they reach the outskirts of the destroyed ruins of Lyons where she finds remnants of human survivors eking out a terrible existence within the city, and from these humans she learns of the location of Bill Lovie being in the ruins of Orleans and not the ruins of Lyons as she had assumed. Spending a brief amount of time with the survivors she learns also that they believed the world had been destroyed by the Orcs as this was the news that had become common place among the survivors of France as the Orcs had begun to incorporate human collaborators of whom brought in more slaves and also spread rumors among the humans remaining that there was nothing outside of the ruins. After assisting the survivors with some Magi supplies she would bid them goodbye before making her way to Orleans where she encounters nothing but ruins and Orc parties of which she is only able to evade through her groups constant use of Magi to conceal their movements. Arriving at the ruins of Orleans she plans to enter the city alone and allow herself to be captured under the knowledge she is going to trick Bill Lovie into believing she is on his side and thus joining him. As the plan takes shape they move into the forests near the ruins of Orleans finding a small community of humans led by Luke Ellerdeen of whom would hide the other members of the party while Hermione went to Orleans. Walking directly at the main entrance she would be met at the gates by Logan Lerman of whom showed himself to a be surprisingly kind person for the environment he was in, and she demanded to see Bill Lovie and Logan would agree with the premise that no one could possibly hurt Bill with the power he now held. The chapter ends with her being escorted into the new throne room of Bill Lovie which is adorned with flags of the Valley of Lucerne and pictures of his son all seemingly the same image but side by side by side.