Tichondrius is a second generation titan created by Eywa, and Naaru and Tichondrius was created to become the God of the Lu'Vul Gate Gate which he remained as until his death during the Luna War of Conquest.

Tichondius would lead the Kingdom of Nazrethim into assisting the Chaos forces during the Luna War of Conquest by holding control of the Lu-Vul Gate and did this despite his senate refusing to do this, and thus without the assistance of the senate the Kingdom of Nazrethim was divided in sending support to Tichondrius at the Lu-Vul Gate. Ixpxie would lead a large army of the Na'vi to the Lu-Vul gate alongside her father Kaawno and together they put the gate under siege in an attempt to gain access to it so that they might gain the assistance of the Old Ones. Tichondrius would be forced to deal with mass desertions of his ranks after the arrival of Ixpxie and her father Kaawno who would give speeches on what Malekor had become and despite Tichondrius's loyalty to Malekor even he wavered in his support allowing the desertions but also not allowing the Na'Vi forces to gain control of the Lu-Vul Gate. After discovering his own growing corruption and realizing that it was caused by Malekor who he had great love for it was Tichondrius who pulled all his forces from the Lu-Vul gate and then went through the portal where after two minutes the gate portal closed and then the structure collapsed without any information as to what Tichondrius had found on the other side. Tichondrius traveling through the Lu-Vul gate should not have been possible as the portals were never meant to work, and had been built by the Old Ones as a means of providing hope for the Titans but following their departure Tek had made the gate operational allowing Tichondrius to travel to the Old One fleet where upon his arrival he attempted to beg his parents creators to help him but found a cold response and alongside his other Nathrezim who had gone through the gate was placed in suspended animation. Tichondrius would remain in this position while the Old Ones prepared to return to Earth but before they could the use of the gate allowed the Darkness to find their fleet and Tichondrius would be killed alongside most of of the Old Ones during the event known as the Death of the Old Ones.




Early History

Coming of the Old Ones

Luna War of Conquest

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The Luna War of Conquest
The Fall of Malekor led to the first war that the post Old One creation would come to know. The consequences of this war are almost unimagenable, and the truth is that some of them are beyond imagining for those who want peace. Gods fell. Two planets burned. Entire species were nearly wiped. All of this and yet who the hell on this planet would even believe me if I told them people lived on the moon?


I have seen the truth of what you say. You are lieing. You lead us not into paradise. You would lead us to hell.

Everything went according to plan for the Draenei, and in the days preceding the corruption of Malekor the moon of Luna was in a state of true peace as the different nations of Luna all worked to their purpose of living in harmony and defending the warp portals of Luna. When Malekor fell to the words of Tzeenech the Draenei leadership would be the first approached by him, and Draenei leadership on Luna would quickly fall into line behind him, but before Malekor could approach Valen the leader of the Draenei on the Exodar it was Valen that was visited by a vision which saw the world burn if he followed Malekor. This vision had been sent to him by Malekors wife Luna of whom having fled Luna following the corruption of Malekor had sent the message in an attempt to defeat Malekor as she was unwilling to yet turn against him by speaking of him to the Titan Council. Thus when Malekor approached Valen he resisted and Valen would use the powers of the Exodar to almost destroy the Chaos God but Malekor was able to escape his wrath and caused damage to the Exodar as he fled for his life. Following this fight on the Exodar it was Valen that made his way to see his two brothers who he did not know had already fallen to Malekor. Seeing the truth behind Malekor Valen attempted to sway his two brothers into resisting Malekor but he couldn't persuade them and in fact they attempted to capture him, but were unable to stop him from escaping Antorus and using Magi to escape to the Exodar.

The Resistence

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Malekor's fall had been first noticed by his wife Luna and she had failed in her first attempt to stop him when she let Valen learn the truth, and thus on her second attempt to stop him she would involve Malekor's only sibling in the form of Naaru of whom was a Titan created by the Old Ones in a different manner then everyone else. While most harbored some kind of humanoid appearance or at least along those lines the Titan Naaru and his race the Sha'Tar are made of a glass like substance and are completely different then everything else leaving Naaru completely unable to be corrupted. Naaru would visit Valen alongside Luna and together they discussed their best pathway forward with Naaru and Luna suggesting they immediately move to Charon to gain the support of Eywa, but for his part Valen by this point had not quite given up hope that his brothers would find reason among the madness they were invested in at the moment, and thus he refused at first, but silently prepared the ship to leave the orbit of the moon. While Naaru and Luna waited on the Exodar it was Valen that set up a meeting with Archimonde, and Kil'Jaeden where he hoped to try one last time to get them to turn away from the rigors of Malekor. Unknown to Valen was the fact that Malekor foresaw this and moved in on the two Eredar to make sure they were as loyal to him as they possibly could.

Attack on Charon

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Eywa would lead the defences of Charon when the forces of the Draenei led by Malekor attacked Charon and despite being horribly outnumbered she was able to effectively resist them and deny the forces of Malekor access to the towers leading to the Battle of World Tree.

The Exodar Flees

Naaru would lead the Draenei on the Exodar to the Earth where they would crash land on the island chain of Azuremyst Isles. On this island chain they would build an empire around the ruins of their ancient ship, and during this time they became heavily influenced by the world around them.

Failed Diplomacy

Ophiel would join the diplomatic group led by her brother Vongrith sent to Luna to meet with Malekor of whom had just finished his destruction of Charon and had been in response to this banished from the Fade, and arriving at Luna the group was unprepared for what they found when they discovered an utterly changed Malekor. During the meeting with malekor it was Vongrith who was left behind as the other Titans there escaped Luna and left behind it was Vongrith who became the prisoner of Malekor and remained imprisoned there for several months. Having fled from the wrath of Malekor it was Ophiel that returned to her peoples capital of Ditrisia where having seen what had happened there shook her to her core and it was said for the first time she could not find a reason to smile.

Fall of Tael'Vul Gate

Ishosith would refuse to allow the forces of Malekor to capture the Tael'Vul gate but having already lost so many forces he realized he could not hold the gate and thus got as many of his people onto the Exodar before he led a small group of his elite bodyguard in a last stand of the Tael'Vul gate holding it long enough for his engineers to overload the gate destroying it and shattering the land around it.

Anihilon Civil War

Mannoroth's control over the Republic of Anihilon would begin to crumble following Mannoroth leading the army of Anihilon into a massacre of defenseless Romulans and as his campaign of violence against them increased the Republic government would begin to mobilize against him. The military leadership of the Republic would join the rebellion against Mannoroth following the massacre of the city of Ragoth, and together the Anihilon Senate and House would begin planning a betrayal of Mannoroth.

Family Members


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