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The Timeline of Alice Lovie is the history of the character of Alice Lovie.

Year Event
5107 Birth of Alice Lovie : Alice is born the third child of her father with her having two older brothers of whom her brother William was  older then she was.
  • Summer at Bell Hold : Alice travels with much of House Lovie and their friends to Bell Hold for the summer, and during this time she begins to repair her relationship with Tristan but also becomes much closer with William who she begins to feel a very deep connection with.
  • Gulltown Tournament : Alice travels to the Gulltown tournament where she is there for the wedding of Matilda and Marius standing as a member of her Wostellian Family in the wedding ceremony.
  • Going to Pomeria : Alice is sent to Pomeria where she to be introduced to her betrothed Paulus Yernese and on this journey she falls under the control of the prominent Viscount Mildred Gleckhourd.
  • Betrothal to Paulus Yernese : Alice is betrothed to Paulus Yernese in an attempt to further the work of Lothar Guntbold in gaining control of large swathes of Forks from Charles Swan, and as a part of this she is sent to Pomelia with a retinue to get to know her betrothed.
5120 Nortburg Tournament : Alice returns to Nortburg alongside her betrothed for the tournament and meeting back with her brother she begins to accept her feelings for Paulus who continues treating her with great care.
5122 Fall of Alice Lovie : James Lovie creates a spell that removes Alice Lovie from the memory of anyone who knew her, and then ships her away to Forks with no memory of anything she was or people who knew her.
5123 Relationship with Florius Novellius : An emotionally unstable Alice is seduced by the charismatic Florius and the two begin a relationship but with Florius having devolved even worse then during his time with Taylor there relationship eventually leads to him nearly facing arrest by House Swan for assaulting Alice, but he is protected by his father Timone who recalls him to Brill.
5124 The Journey : William Lovie III. leaves Lucerne to travel the land, and arriving at Forks he meets with many people but notably his sister Alice Lovie which breaks the final seals of the spell keeping him from remembering her and this brings Alice back into the fold.
5125 Lucerne Civil War : After retreating to Berne Sean Lovie organizes the True Sons of Lucerne and rebels against the rule of William Lovie III. There is basically no support for this movement outside of those he governs with a iron fist in Berne and those who hate William due to his moral changes.
  • Jestife Assault on Lucerne : House Jestife infiltrates Lucerne and attacks the Cloud Tower, and Kings Keep where they are defeated quite badly losing many family members. 
  • Invasion of Berne : Intending to end the Civil War its William Lovie III. who sends heavy forces through the Harnene River where they bypass several Circle of Magi held islands and land in Tristfall where the invasion begins.
  • Battle of Berne : William Lovie III. is given access to Berne by Ezio Ederiz of which allows the forces of Lucerne to bypass the defences and take the city.
  • Deaths :
    • Sean Lovie
  • The Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon : The meeting was a diplomatic meeting between William Lovie III. and Karl Franz which started well but collapsed as it became clear that Karl Franz planned on dealing with Arnor violently which led to the breakdown of their relationship and the plotting of William to expand dramatically.
5133 Meeting with the Dragons : William goes into the mountains and meets with the White Dragons of Lucerne. The meeting goes somewhat well with Lornax now believing in his cause, and this spirits devision between the Dovah.