The Timeline of Anna Kendrick is the history of the character of Anna Kendrick.

Year Event
5107 Birth of Anna Kendrick : Anna is born the first child of her father David Kendrick of whom is the Lord of House Kendrick at the time of her birth.
5121 Time with the Cranes : Following a series of deals between Lord Kendrick and Lord Crane it would be Anna Kendrick that would be sent to Castle Crane to become a ward of House Crane and eventually marry into the family if things worked out for her while she was there.
5125 Betrothal to Josh Hirshe : After being tricked into believing that Orival Crane had moved on from her she would accept the betrothal between herself and Josh Hirshe although during this acceptance with her father she discovered that she never really had a choice in this matter anyway.

Siege of Brill : House Jestife takes control of Brill swearing loyalty to the True Sons of Lucerne. A siege commences and the Jestife's are defeated. During the siege Anna Kendrick assists Stephan D'Marco a secret Bolten agent in his attempt to murder Taylor Swift and while noone finds out about her involvment Anna is horrified by what happens.

  • Marriage : Following a series of deals between Lord Kendrick and the Hirsh family the betrothal between Anna and Joshua is ended and Anna is married to Emile Hirsh of whom had become infatuated with Taylor Swift and with Anna's heart lying with Orival Crane she saw this as another chance to get back at Taylor.
  • Mother : Anna Kendrick would become pregnant several months into her relationship with Emile Hirsh and although they were happy about the child neither had any real affection for the other and they no longer slept together after the birth of Sara Hirsh.
  • Births : 
    • Sarah Hirsh
  • Invasion of Westbridge : Orival Crane comes to Brill attempting to win back Anna Kendrick but through a series of mishaps comes to believe that Anna and Emile Hirshe are romantically involved now and thus leaves for the Invasion of Westbridge while Anna is forced to remain with Emile.
  • Rape : Following an argument with Josh Hirsh he goes too far and despite her asking him not too he forces himself on her. The rape itself would lead to her pregnancy and despite attempting to abort the child she would be betrayed by Lesley Hirsh of whom failed to give her proper abortion tonic and then told Thalmes Hirsh what she was planning which led to her being sent to High Hrothgar to stay with the priests until the birth.
  • Motherhood : Giving birth to the child of her rape by Josh Hirsh would come alongside her rising faith in Glaurung and despite her initial fear she would hate the child she loves her son naming it Orival in a direct insult to her raper.
  • Births :
    • Orival Hirsh
5132 Going to Lorderon : Taylor Swift accompanies a mission by Edward Cullen where she is used as a shield in order to have a large Lucernian force of nobles sent into the city through her being a Priest of the Dragonoph
  • Lorderon Civil War : Stuck inside the city as it comes under siege by the Cultists of Arthas she hides at the docks with Josh Hirsh of whom as they hide in the docks keep attempts to rape her once again and following this she stabs him in the shoulder and slashes him across the face causing a massive argument which only ends when the Lorderon dock guards step in. 
  • Travelling to Yairns : Following her heart she attempts to travel to see Orival Crane her beloved in Westbridge but is captured by Yairns Pirates on the waters making her way northward.
5135 Escape : Having spent two years building up money, and strength to make her escape she uses a late night crew change to attack and kill three guards on her ship before crashing the boat and escaping into Rhunian where she almost escapes but is caught, but not before she revelealed what had happened to a farmer.
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