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The Timeline of Brooke Scott is the history of the character of Brooke Scott.

Year Event
5107 Birth of Brooke Scott : Brooke Scott was born the youngest child of Karen, and Dan Scott and at the time of her birth she stood outside of the line of succession due to the Agnatic gender laws of her family and thus the plans for her were for an eventual marriage and little else.
5110 Return of Earl Scott : Brooke's Grandfather Earl Scott returns from Lyons where her uncle James Scott had perished leaving Dan Scott as the new heir of House Scott, but also causing great emotional trauma for her father of whom is never the same. For Brooke though this begins the very important relationship with her grandfather of whom takes her on as a daughter of sorts seeing his sons eyes in Brooke.
5117 Haley James Joins Malatine :
5118 Peyton Sawyer Joins Malatine :
  • Theodora Hackenholt Joins Malatine :
  • Feast of Tree Hill : Brooke becomes a major player in the Feast of Tree Hill as she discovers a letter detailing her grandfathers attempt to renounce her father as heir of House Scott and finding this she retains her loyalty to her grandfather turning against her father throughout the feast.
  • Time at Castle Hackenholt :
  • Rebellion of Arennis : Brooke would join with Matilda Lovie and the party from Tree Hill that travelled to the county of Arennis following its rebellion, and during this time it was Brooke that was amazed at the skill with which Matilda was able to push all the parties to stand down in their violence, and basically pause the rebellion until Peter or Marius arrived.
  • Pause at Meindl : While Matilda held the situation in Arennis under control it was Brooke that traveled with Ralph Guntbold to Meindl where they would work to end the conflict there and using what she had seen from Matilda it was Brooke despite her youth that would be able to cause a pause in the conflict between the two houses in Meindl.
  • Imprisonment of Brooke Scott : Brooke's pause in the conflict would be ended by her father Daniel who outmenueaver3ed her and had her imprisoned while he joined House Meindl in attacking the Stormland loyalists in House Torginthest leading to a series of very bloody confrontations and despite Brooke's attempts to mediate she discovered that things were not what she thought when she discovered the Chaos worship of Ophellia Lerman.
  • Escape of Brooke Scott : Somerhilda would help Brooke Scot escape her imprisonment at Castle Meindl in an attempt to get Brooke's help in warning her beloved Aedric Torginthest that the Meindl forces were about to betray them and attack.
  • Trial of Marius Scott :
  • Betrothal to Julian Baker : Brooke's father arranges for her to meet with Julian Baker in what is said to be from the Baker side of things just a formality and thus when Brooke meets him she is excited that this will be her future husband. The meeting goes very badly and Julian lies saying that Brooke described being sexually active and not a virgin thus causing the Bakers to end the betrothal to the embaressment of Brooke, and the anger of her father.
  • Fall of Tree Hill : Following a great betrayal by Bill Lovie it is the city of Tree Hill that is overrun by the Orcs of France and Brooke Scott survives but is devastated by the loss of life including her Grandfather of whom she does not know if he lives due to him not being in the city during its fall.
5123 Siege of Tree Hill :
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
  • Birth of Riley Scott : As a result of the affair with William Lovie III. she becomes pregnant with the child of William Lovie III. and in order conseal this it is said she got pregnant by a Gondor soldier although this is only a public story with most believing it the child of Julian Baker.
5126 Birth of Sigmund Scott : Sigmund Scott is born as the second child of William Lovie III. and Brooke Scott.
5128 Birth of Lana Scott : Lana Scott is born as the first daughter of William Lovie III. and Brooke Scott

Trial of Sunilda Scott : Sunilda Scott is caught attempting to lead a coup against Daniel Scott and put on trial alongside several other conspirators. Despite deals being struck to have Sunilda sent away from Tree Hill in exile as punishment it was Daniel Scott that had her executed leading to the Stormlands Civil War.

5131 Death of Brooke Scott : Brooke Scott after being hunted by the Dark Men for some time is finally convinsed by him that there is no escape leading to Brooke Scott comitting suicide. Her death is short lives as following dying she is turned into a "Daughter of Flemeth" and taken to the Korcani Wilds.