The Timeline of Cathay are the events throughout the history of the Empire of Cathay.

Year Event
-300 Foundation of Cathay begins in the form of the Han Dynasty of which conquers much of eastern Cathay. During this time the Empire of Cathay is not formed simply the beggining of the eventual Empire through the creation of the many dynasties which will define the region upon the eventual arrival of Yen Fang.
360 Birth of Yen Fang : Yen Fang is born in the city of Shangii of which is at this time dominated by warlords.
404 Great Wall of Cathay : Following the incorperation of the Tang into the Empire of Cathay Yen Fang travels northward and uses his vast wealth and power to begin construction of the Great Wall of Cathy. Construction would continue for nearly eighty years before the major routes had been finished.
555 Battle of Beijing : Yen Fang with the strength of much of modern Cathay behind him leads his massive forces north to the Siege of Beijing where he defeats the Charr army there killing there leader and causing them to retreat out of northern Cathay.
982 Death of Yen Fang : Yen Fang is murdered by agents of Malekor of whom infiltrate his court burning much of the capital to the ground and killing the Man God.
983  First Cathay Civil War : Following the Death of Yen Fang several of the different dynasties within the Empire of Cathay begin attempts at independance sparked on by menipulations from agents of Malekor and this sparks nearly three generations of fighting in the form of the First Cathay Civil War.
1142 Battle of Beijing : Shin Fang II. leads the Empire of Cathay to victory against the final rebel holdout in Beijing and thus ends the First Cathay Civil War.
1412 Second Northern War : The forces of Charr in the north lead a massive assault on Cathay which breaks through the Great Wall of Cathay and is only stopped with the arrival of reinforcements from Kalimdor, and the Bengali which combine together at Beijing to destroy the Charr forces leading to them retreating out of northern Cathay leaving behind devestation.
5052 Reign of Dao-Sou Fang : Following the death of Tu-Sun Fang his younger brother Dao-Sou Fang is crowned as the new Emperor of Cathay.
5102 Reign of Cao-Sou Fang : Following the death of Dao-Sou Fang his son Cao-Sou Fang rises as the new Emperor of Cathay. Cao-Sou Fang becomes emperor at a young age rising at the age of fourteen becoming one of the youngest of the recent emperors of Cathay.
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