The Timeline of Dylan Steinmare is the most important events within the life of the POV Character Dylan Steinmare.

Pre-Downfall of Numeron

Date Event (s)
  • Birth : Dylan Steinmare is born the first child of his father of whom is the Lord and Patriarch of House Steinmare at the time of his birth leaving Dylan the heir to House Steinmare at the time of his birth.
  • The Journey : Dylan Steinmare joins William Lovie III. on all aspects of the Journey travelling with him to Forks and throughout the early parts of the Journey
  • Third Battle of Minus Ithil : The Lucernian-High Forest-Gondor alliance smashes the Orcish siege of Minus Ithil completely destroying the Mordor army and clearing eastern Gondor for the moment allowing Minus Ithil to be heavily fortified and the Gondor-High Forest-Lucernian army moves west to Tree Hill.
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
  • Crowning of William Lovie III. : William returns to Lucerne where loyalists to him open the gates and he forces Bill and Sean Lovie to retreat from the capital. He is crowned by Jacob Vorn of whom is named the Hand of the King.
  • Battle of Berne : William Lovie III. is given access to Berne by Ezio Ederiz of which allows the forces of Lucerne to bypass the defences and take the city.
  • Invasion of Westbridge : The Kingdom of Lucerne launches the massive Invasion of Westbridge of which ends with Lucerne conquering all of Westros on the west side of the Rhine.
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