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The Timeline of Edward Cullen is the history of the character of Edward Cullen.

Year Event
5104 Birth of Edward Cullen : Edward Cullen is born the first child of Carlisle Cullen the first in the line of succession to House Cullen behind his father Carlisle Cullen.
5112 Squire to Draco Highmore : William becomes the squire of Draco Highmore alongside Jasper Hale, and Edward Cullen forming the start of the friendship between the three.
5119 Summer at Bell Hold : Edward would travel with most of House Lovie to Bell Hold for the summer and during this time he continues using his Magi abilities despite his fathers demand that he stop using them, and only the members of the Shadow Council are aware of this continued use of Magi.
  • Trouble in the Forest of Cullen : Trollocs from the Forest of Cullen attack several villages outside the forest causing House Cullen to react against it with Carlisle Cullen placing Edward in command of the operation.
  • Nortburg Tournament : Fresh from his victory during the Trouble in the Forest of Cullen its Edward that returns to William Lovie during the tournament of Nortburg and during this he
  • Second Crisis of Turnendorf :
  • Turnendorf Feast of 5120 : Edward Cullen is present at the feast and unknowingly to him his rise to prominence as the main advisor to William Lovie III. has led to Ar-Brentey, Byron Arryn, and Aelfwynn Turnidlon conspiring against him during the feast and while he is heavily celebrated and has a good time he becomes a major target.
  • Edward Cullen's exile from Lucerne : In response to Aelfwynn becoming afraid of his influence over William she betrays him by blackmailing his father into sending him to Hogwarts a Magi Academy far away from Lucerne, and while Edward attempts to stop this he is unable and is thus sent north to Hogwarts.
  • Birth of Camillia Cullen II. : Camillia Cullen the second is born the first child of Edward Cullen and Tanya Denali and this happens following his departure to Hogwarts and while his father reveals the birth to Edward in a letter its Blake that destroys this letter leading to Edward not realizing.
  • Edward Leaves Hogwarts : Edward and Hilary Swift leave Hogwarts following the violence of the Tri-wizard tournament and traveling to Kirin Tor with there friend Cerin Menathil they then leave from there for Lucerne.
  • Return of Edward Cullen : Edward Cullen returns from Hogwarts and find that nothing is as he left it with most of the Shadow Council either bitter towards him or indifferent due to lies having been told about him.
  • Death of Hostella Hale : Hostella Hale is killed in a bitter accident
  • Third Battle of Minus Ithil : The Lucernian-High Forest-Gondor alliance smashes the Orcish siege of Minus Ithil completely destroying the Mordor army and clearing eastern Gondor for the moment allowing Minus Ithil to be heavily fortified and the Gondor-High Forest-Lucernian army moves west to Tree Hill.
  • Bandit War of Rosten : Edward enters the conflict in Rosten battling against the remnents of the rebellion as well as chasing down the rogue Circle of Magi Hanzal Herbus of whom he takes part in the death of at the Battle of Lake Baker.
  • Crowning of William Lovie III. : William returns to Lucerne where loyalists to him open the gates and he forces Bill and Sean Lovie to retreat from the capital. He is crowned by Jacob Vorn of whom is named the Hand of the King.
  • Engagement to Tanya Cullen : During the Tournament of Nortburg its Edward that proposes to Tanya Cullen and despite that a lot has changed between the two they both attempt to make it work.
  • Wedding to Tanya Cullen : Edward and Tanya are married in a small ceremony that is attented by his and her families but only William, Alice, Marcel, and Leven attend from the Shadow Council which breaks his heart.
  • The Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon : The meeting was a diplomatic meeting between William Lovie III. and Karl Franz which started well but collapsed as it became clear that Karl Franz planned on dealing with Arnor violently which led to the breakdown of their relationship and the plotting of William to expand dramatically.
  • Invasion of Westbridge : The Kingdom of Lucerne launches the massive Invasion of Westbridge of which ends with Lucerne conquering all of Westros on the west side of the Rhine.

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